• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Volvo and Geely will be engaged in the creation of inexpensive cars

Volvo and Geely will be engaged in the creation of inexpensive cars

At Volvo and Geely will be engaged in the joint creation of compact cars, according to Autocar. The budget model will be developed in a special technical center of China Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT), which is located in Sweden. One of the first new products will be a direct competitor to Ford Focus. It is planned that the line of compact models will be sold in Europe.

Director General CEVT appointed Mats Fagerhag engineer, who previously participated in the development of the platform Saab Phoenix. According to him, the new technical center will be created cars completely. Experts CEVT will be engaged in work on powertrains, chassis, transmissions and design elements. The first models developed in the Swedish center will be available no earlier than two and a half years.

All compact models Volvo, produced at the new plant will use a completely new modular platform, which was developed jointly with Geely. Through the use of a new chassis the company will spend on the development of their cars no more than 20 months. In addition, the modular platform will be used to create a successor to the V40.

Another novelty was built on a new chassis will be a compact crossover Volvo XC40. The debut of the car will take place no earlier than 2018. Note that the output of the car for a long time remained in doubt because of the lack of a suitable platform. However, thanks to the joint development by Volvo and Geely, creating crossover will still be continued. Most likely, XC40 will use hybrid propulsion system, which borrow from the V40.

Earlier it was reported that the Swedish automaker Volvo has acquired 100% stake in the company Polestar. The latter specializes in the development of the “charged” modification of the model Volvo. The cooperation of companies began in 1996. All the financial details of the deal are kept secret.

Volvo plans in 2015 to sell 750 modifications based on Polestar V60 and S60. In the future, the automaker plans to increase this figure to 1000-1500 model year.