• Today is: Friday, May 26, 2017

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid removed from the US market

Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid removed from the US market

The US division of Volkswagen announced the end of sales of hybrid versions SUV Touareg . This version, in contrast to the “Tuareg” with other power plants, has not been updated 2016 model year.

Update affected only a list of equipment provided by the US market of complete sets. So for Lex and Executive versions now available ventilated front seats with adjustable in 14 directions and 21-inch wheels.

Complete set of Sport, Tech and Executive received an optional package of electronic assistance systems, which include, for example, active cruise control system and warning of involuntary crossing of a solid line road markings.

In the US, the motor line includes units Touareg V6 – Gasoline “aspirated” 3.6-liter capacity of 280 horsepower and three-liter turbodiesel, issuing 240 forces. The deduced from the market equipped with a hybrid power-plant modification capacity of 333 horsepower, which comprises a three-liter “six” with a mechanical supercharger, electric motor and nickel battery.

On all the “Tuareg” model year 2016, “Volkswagen” made offer two thousand dollars. Excluding the discount price of the machine is between 44 to 62 thousand dollars, depending on the power plant, and equipment level. The hybrid version cost 67 thousand dollars. Despite the fact that VW announced the termination of the sales, it still appears on the official website.