• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Volkswagen showed the parking lot of the future

Volkswagen showed the parking lot of the future


While all around busy improvement automatic parking systems (for example, teach them to work without the presence of the driver’s cabin), Volkswagen is closely involved in the future of entire parking. With the concept of megaprodvinutyh sites, where there is no place for people who can meet now.

This project is called V-Charge and actually does not involve participation in all the drivers themselves. All that is required of car owners – is a stop at the entrance to the parking lot, get out from behind the wheel and poke at the screen of the smartphone, ordered the car to go to his place.

Smart VW, equipped with a set of stereo cameras and spetssensorov to leave at the same clever V-Charge with the appropriate equipment that will help him get to the free space . By the way, electric cars or plug-in hybrids in the parking lot there are places with induction charging. Once again, the driver will only need to command the car to go back and meet him in the area of embarkation / disembarkation (here There’s even a deferred team – back to the car at a certain time).

Well, and there is nothing to add.