• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class can be opened using a smartphone

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class can be opened using a smartphone

The company Mercedes opened a number of technical details of the new – generation E-Class . The car will be available in five versions: a standard sedan, the sedan with a long wheelbase, station wagon, coupe and convertible. Most likely, the public premiere of the car to be held at the Auto Show in Detroit in January 2016.

The novelty will equip the system NFC. Thanks to new technology the car owner will be able to use your smartphone as a key to the car. Also, the novelty will be equipped with an automatic parking function. Put the car into the parking lot will be using a smartphone. Is within three meters of the E-Class, the driver can control the car with the help of a gadget with a special application installed. Contact smartphone with the machine will be carried out via Bluetooth. In addition, using the gadget can open the doors and start the engine of the car. The connection will work through the protocol Near Field Communication.

The new E-Class will complement the upgraded system warning of a possible collision. The technology is different to anticipate the possibility of a greater number of accidents. For example, in the case of a pedestrian on the road system adds steering torque.

If you will not succeed to avoid a collision special system PRE-SAFE Sound prepare for the expected hearing the sound of the collision, and thus protect them. According to the company, this function is used for the first time a natural reflex.

In addition, the Mercedes engineers have learned a novelty to share traffic information with other members of the movement. To do this, the driver must press a button on the screen to provide information about the accident or damage to the road.

The new generation E-Class will receive the autonomous control system. This technology has already been applied to the S-Class, but engineers have subjected her to serious modification. The system includes a plurality of detectors and sensors that analyze the situation around the new items. Technology alone can drive the car at speeds up to 96 km / h. The system can manage the E-Class on the road with no markings. The technology allows you to record the cars in front, as well as directional signs and buildings near the road. Mercedes calls the new technology of “semi-automatic driver assistance systems, in which a car owner you need to keep your hands on the steering wheel».

The design is made in the same style as the latest generation of C-Class. The novelty will receive a new grille and a modified optics. The machine is built on a new platform MRA. With this new product will be more, but lighter than its predecessor.

Each of headlights of head light is made up of 84 separate high power LEDs controlled. Through precise control of light distribution optics automatically illuminate the roadway, while not blinding other road users.

The range of engines for the new E-Class will include engine capacity from 2.2 to 3.5 liters. Version E63 AMG, is likely to get the 4.0-liter V8, which is installed on the model AMG GT. All vehicles will have nine-transmission 9G-TRONIC, which is already offered in the model E350 BlueTEC.

In addition, the new E-Class is to get a hybrid version of the technology Plug-in Hybrid. As previously reported, the version with rechargeable hybrids will have at least 10 models of Mercedes-Benz. It is also planned to develop a special modification of the E-Class sedan under the brand Maybach.