• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Germans created a seat with gesture control

The Germans created a seat with gesture control

The specialists of the German Fraunhofer Society, and the company Isringhausen GmbH developed a prototype car seat whose settings can be controlled by gestures. The technology will be officially presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The seat sides established a number of piezo-sensors that respond to human touch. The system is activated when you touch a certain point cover to avoid accidental startup function.

The electric field reads the slightest touch, and then starts to adjust to the chair person, depending on the direction of his fingers. The position of a member’s seat is fixed after a few taps on the same point.

According to the engineers, this function will be useful for professional drivers and people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel as reduce the risk of diseases back and waist. The creators of the chair expect their car manufacturers interested in developing medium and high-price segment.

Earlier we talked about Lincoln’s seat with 30 regulation, which is set in the concept car Continental. The chair, which is used in the construction of a special plastic foam and has from two to six settings for the legs, hips, waist, neck and head.