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The Dutch proposed to build a road from plastic

The Dutch proposed to build a road from plastic

No kidding. They promise a comfortable design and high quality.

Based in the Netherlands construction firm VolkerWessels and its special unit KWS Infra, it seems, found a recipe roads of the future. In the full sense of the word – the Dutch have offered to do better … the road from recycled plastic.

No, this is not no joke and not even a fantasy – the arguments and reasons, the company is more than enough. Firstly, it is very convenient in terms of resources and in terms of the correct environmental material. In other words, there is the use of all those billions of tons of plastic trash that litter our planet (also noted that the future of the road, as opposed to the present, will not emit carbon dioxide). And VolkerWessels offers to extract material from the oceans, where the landfill is already constitute the entire island.

The on the second, especially the manufacture of these roads virtually eliminate questions the quality – it is assumed that they will be prepared in the form of specialty units on and then laid on the type constructor (ie layers bulk-by, as is the traditional way). However, it is much easier maintenance – only need to replace the fuck up element.

The Dutch proposed to build a road from plastic

Third, the plastic blocks are hollow inside, seriously help with the laying of pipes, cables and other communications. Finally, the fourth Dutch promise to high structural strength. So, the future of the road will be able to withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius, despite the fact that styling will fit on almost any type of soil.

Of course, the authors of the idea is still much to learn. For example, the resistance of the coating to ultraviolet and Chemicals, traffic safety in rain, and so on. But the groundwork already, and the first testing ground to become the Dutch Rotterdam. We wish good luck!


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