• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

The company Lexus introduced the flying skateboard

The company Lexus introduced the flying skateboard

The company Lexus unveiled a prototype of the first working hoverboard. The device is a board for a skateboard that can hover above the ground by the action of a magnetic field. A similar vehicle was first shown in the sci-fi movie “Back to the Future 2”. The tests took place in a special hoverboard park, which was built in Barcelona.

«This project gives us the opportunity to test innovative technologies, discover new facets of design, make the impossible possible. Development hoverboard proved difficult, even taking into account our technology and expertise. We’ve been through ups and downs and overcome a number of difficulties, but common efforts to create a living embodiment of our philosophy of design and technology, “- said Executive Vice President Mark Templin Lexus International.

According to the press service of the company based working hoverboard Lexus is magnetic levitation. Through the use of liquid nitrogen, which cools the superconducting materials and permanent magnets hoverboard can soar above the ground. For this board is placed on the track, which are located under the surface of the permanent magnets. This coating allows you to show the tricks that are not available to perform on a skateboard, such as motion over the surface of the water.

«The design hoverboard discern the line of branded spindle grille Lexus, and its construction materials are used, which can be found in the premium models brand: from high-tech to natural bamboo, “- noted in the company.

Development hoverboard It took engineers 18 months. Participation in the creation of a flying skateboard and take the scientists from the Institute of IFW (Dresden, Germany) and the firm evico GmbH, specializing in the technology of magnetic levitation. The device is only as a concept, the production version is not planned hoverboard.