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Test drive Volvo XC90 – acclimatization

Test drive Volvo XC90 - acclimatization

The safest in class, new-technology engines, and that it is important for Volvo, a very charismatic – XC90 became popular in the world market even before it came out: to mid-March, the Swedes have already received about 16,000 pre-orders. Almost simultaneously with the start of sales, we tested it in Spain. Crossover left an impression of the adult, very stylish and high-quality car that is ready to compete with the premium standards in its segment. Now came the test in Russian conditions with vanishing markings (urgently required for adaptive cruise control) and uncompromising suspension for a gentle way. North Caucasus – not your refined Gothenburg.

As the XC90 is focused on the road when there is none?

One of the main features of the new Volvo – set of driver assistance systems. In particular, the adaptive cruise control, which is able for some time to take it over. On the bumpy road in the vicinity of Stavropol, where the markup appears and disappears suddenly in deep potholes, Volvo behaves very calmly, displaying dashboard sensitive messages like: “I do not want to take it over?” Even in places where the asphalt is not repaired since the last century, XC90 properly taxis in turns, accelerates, brakes and mirrors to monitor traffic signs. Not enough except that the pair of drones crossover that would be prompted to oncoming cars: overtake on the winding road is not easy.

Test drive Volvo XC90 - acclimatization

Roads in the southern regions – is a lottery. If in the Stavropol and Gelendzhik situation is normal, then leave on country roads without spare wheel in the trunk of a very ill-advised. For the new XC90, this component is optional: thick rubber profile is difficult to break. More important for the crossover mark. Engineers Volvo, develops security certainly did not test the system somewhere near the Hot Key, where the markup – it is generally rare.

Electronics using scanners and sensors constantly monitors the position of the car on the road and taxis if necessary. Now Volvo is focused only on the layout, but in the future, engineers promise to teach the system to see the side of the road – so the car can travel on their own, even in the most difficult conditions. Now adaptive cruise control – it is rather a demonstration of capabilities of the brand, rather than a full-fledged substitute for the driver. Hands on the steering wheel can not remove (the system is quick to notice and warn about the subsequent trip), electronics and taxis only in very shallow arcs.

“80”, “60”, “40”. On the dashboard, one by one appear signs, then they are repeated and begin to blink. As we approach the crossover juggernaut starts to brake. I would accelerate: no front counter and began marking dotted line, but then obsessively electronics intervene. Moreover, it does not accelerate, so also vibrates the steering wheel at the intersection marking. Oh yes, I forgot to include “turn signal”. If even 5 years ago, Volvo taught us to drive safely, but now they are forced to do it.

Test drive Volvo XC90 - acclimatization

Where in the XC90 is better not to call?

Where there is no asphalt, XC90 feels confident predecessor crossover appeared at air suspension. You can use it to increase the ground clearance to 267 mm (with conventional spring suspension clearance XC90 is 238 millimeters). But in contrast to the highway, it is not worth waiting for that crossover will do everything yourself. Moreover, the air suspension is very afraid of the rear wheels hanging. It is necessary to prevent the awkward movement as electronics immediately alert the error and asks you to stop by the smooth coating to calibrate pressure gasspring. So on off-road trails in the XC90 is better not to leave.

On the dirt road suspension XC90 easy to break. Especially when it comes to top-end configuration with disks R21. Versions with smaller wheels appeared more balanced, but less nice: after all, the main advantage XC90 – is its appearance and appeared in Volvo charisma and not the possibility to drive on the dirt road at the same speed with the Lada 4×4.

Test drive Volvo XC90 - acclimatization

Air suspension – it is the prerogative of top modifications XC90. Those who decided to save 120 thousand. Rubles, offering a crossover with spring suspension. In the standard version of the design on the front axle McPherson-type in which most of the parts made of aluminum. Suspension great work out minor irregularities, but the concept of a small and a large hole in it, seems too close. Sometimes it seems that the same irregularities suspension work out differently. Rear base crossover use the old but reliable solution: instead of springs is worth transverse composite springs.

Where to refuel XC90?

The crossover has received a new line of motors Drive-E. The main characteristic of the new power units – a big powerful at a relatively Skoromniy volume. For example, with the 2.0-liter petrol “four” Swedes have managed to remove 320 hp and 470 nm, and with the same volume of a turbodiesel – 224 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Of course, new engines, as well as any other modern turbo units are sensitive to the quality of fuel. But not enough to always refuel at the same gas station network are recognized experts Volvo.
A small motor for big machine – an important attribute if the Swedes have decided to conquer the geeks. On the first XC90 generation the most popular engine was a 2.9-liter petrol “Six” power of 272 horsepower. It is this crossover spent in my family for a year. Old T6 remembered his insatiable: urban average consumption could easily pass for 20 liters, and the track was a challenge to meet at least 13. In the new XC90 all very different: 10-12 liters in the city and 8-9 – on the road. But the thrill of riding other – computer.

Test drive Volvo XC90 - acclimatization

With new engines XC90 accelerates too linear, with no noticeable “kick”. In urban fervor still missing, but on the road when overtaking lack of traction is already palpable. The difference between petrol and diesel engines can be seen just by looking at the tachometer or trip computer. There’s electronics on a diesel car is sure to write at least “700 kilometers to empty tank” after a full tank filling. No vibration in the car on heavy fuel there, and operates quietly D5 many gasoline engines.

How to turn XC90 interior into a concert hall?

While the multi-link suspension regularly fulfills all the bumps along the way from Stavropol to Mike, we listen to Maria Callas in the concert hall of Gothenburg. To activate this effect, you can literally two clicks. To do this, by the way, is much easier than to expose the desired equalizer settings. Hoping to deal with acoustics, press Volvo on Call. Around the forest, there is a network, and the car somehow calls. Within 5 minutes of being moved experts call each other, but ultimately did not help needed: we all figured out themselves, causing almost hidden menu.
People who have never held gadgets harder iPhone, is first to examine in detail the menu and take notes important notes advisor in the showroom. Set in a Volvo can be almost everything here is the level of personalization that Smart with his two-color body will seem very strange car in the galaxy. The seats are raised, spooled, blown, are leaving, and even expanded, on-screen dashboard can display absolutely any information and multimedia system, if desired, can be converted into a huge mobile phone. Calculating the only one: Krasnodar scenery outside the window Volvo engineers to configure and have not learned.

If the XC90 will be very sad, the machine can even talk. Volvo patiently listen to the wishes of the temperature in the cabin, rewind the track and find the right place on the map and pave the path before him. And will not even interrupt, if you hesitated with the decision. However, to comfort after losing his job in “Gazprom” the system does not – it is still very limited functionality.

Shop crossover replete with original solutions. Take, for example, start the engine lever. Where have you ever seen such a thing? To start the XC90, you have to turn right a small washer with an engraving. Steeper only recoil starter in the front bumper. But the driver of the car and close no more than Capello and RFU: all handmade on the lever begins and ends with him. The parking brake (which, of course, are electric) system draws on their own, to the fifth door is not necessary to touch, to open it, and there is nothing at all under the hood look – a tiny pen afraid to break whenever you need to top up the washer fluid.

After the debut of the new generation XC90 there is less doubt about the premium accessories brand Volvo. Shop crossover – one of the highest quality in a modern car industry: the minimum clearances, the complete absence of backlash even in plastic panels and flat as a horizon line on the seats.

At 10 kilometers from the Lago-Naki, when the road was finally petered out, near the rear strut something began to rattle heavily. Stop and start looking in panic problem areas: interior really lost its solidity, has moved down to the crossover just very bad Russian roads? But no – the cause of thunder in the cabin was a bottle of cola, treacherously fell out cupholders.

Test drive Volvo XC90 - acclimatization

Why XC90 is not like any other Volvo?

The effect abroad when presenting any news triggered always: come to Moscow – and exactly the same model on the background of our landscape does not seem as bright as in any of Spain or Italy. Case XC90 – an exception. Never before has Volvo did not do these charismatic cars – a cunning squint head optics, a massive grille, straight lines of the body and branded lights. At the same time the Swedes kept the Volvo family traits like “sill” in the area of window frames.

XC90 – the most expensive model in the lineup of the Swedish brand.

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