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Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach – “New Chapter”

Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach - "New Chapter"

Before we talk about the new Mercedes-Maybach, make a little excursion into history. Quite far deeper will not, except to say that the designer Wilhelm Maybach was the very first car with a three-beam star on a poster. Since then, the brand owned by the company Maybach Mercedes-Benz, which in 2002 tried to revive him. In that year the world were presented two models – Maybach 57 and Maybach 62. The numbers in their name means rounded length of the car in meters multiplied by 10. At that time, these huge sedans were the height of luxury and technological thought, and the prices in the area 400 000 EUR speak for themselves. Even the main (and only) competitor Rolls-Royce Phantom, which was released a year later, was cheaper.

All was good car. Especially Maybach 62 with a huge rear legroom of passengers, electrochromic (change opacity) roof, elegant finish and a powerful turbocharged V12, developing (depending on the model and year of release) from 550 to 630 hp But the trouble is much less technically sophisticated Rolls-Royce Phantom sold every year more successful, and sales fell Maybach. As a result, after living for ten years, in 2012 the brand Maybach again plunged into the abyss of nothingness. It seemed forever.

Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach - "New Chapter"

However, the court in 2015, and again we hear the name «Maybach», although not as an independent brand, but as a prefix to the name Mercedes. From now on cars with three-beam star divided into three categories. Conventional models are still called «Mercedes-Benz», their racing versions were called «Mercedes-AMG», a luxury modification will now be called «Mercedes-Maybach». And then the first, of course, it turned out to be a representative S-Class. Over time, the appearance of promise versions Maybach and other models.

All this means that the new Mercedes-Maybach now is not an independent model – it is an elongated version of the sedan S-Class. Its wheelbase (as well as the total length) is increased by 200 mm compared to the long wheelbase modification of the S-Class. From the nose to the “stern» Mercedes-Maybach stretched almost 5.5 m. This is less than 5.7 m from the previous model, the Maybach 57, but, according to the company, the legroom for rear riders have a new car more. And an alternative version of the Maybach 62 will now Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, which reached a length of 6.5 m. On it we will tell another time.

In addition to increasing the length of the Mercedes-Maybach it is different from the conventional S-Class primarily improved sound insulation in the rear. Refined joints between the rear uprights and doors that got a new profile instead of a flat tube and glued triangular windows have been carefully sealed. On the floor there are additional noise insulating mats. The creators of the model and take into account is the fact that when tilting the backrest noise pattern changes. Improvements touched even the seat belt retractor to, God forbid, they do not ring or beep and squeaks. In short, according to the manufacturer, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is the quietest car in the world to ride in the rear seat.

Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach - "New Chapter"

And, Mercedes-Maybach can now not only be a 12-cylinder, but also the 8- and 6-cylinder even. Yes, if in the past it relied only the most powerful powerplant, the new model has become much more democratic.

Surprisingly, the elongated body 20 cm to get even more elegant than the usual long-wheelbase version. That’s because the rear door of the novelty has become shorter, and behind it there was an additional window. The only thing that bothers me personally in the design, this chrome-hour average, in my opinion, it looks too provocatively. I would have painted it in black as a standard S-Class. Among other features include dual chrome strips in the front and rear bumpers, while conventional sedans are single. A grille has three double horizontal jumpers instead of four single. True, the same grill is available for the S 600 base … In short, there are differences, but they cannot be named cardinal.

In front of the cabin different from standard sedans there, except for the inscription «Maybach» on the cover box of the central tunnel. Finishing materials and build quality luxury interior panels highest. The fully electronic instrument panel has excellent graphics and a great read. This is the same screen, and the second in charge of setting the onboard interface. Enjoy all this economy is quite comfortable, but the instruction manual to familiarize not interfere, because a lot of functions. This instruction is the same – in one of the menu items.

Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach - "New Chapter"

Before we move to the second row of seats, I will say just two words on the landing at the wheel – it’s perfect. And the seat has a huge number of adjustments, stunningly comfortable. But even more comfortable in the rear seats. There may be a passenger reclining, besides putting forward a footrest. And legroom so that people see an increase of about 180 is able to stretch almost to his full height, and even pushing the front seat. Even in the softest seats have cushions that are attached to the headrest.

Between the seats is a silver box with wine glasses. They are fixed with special tabs on the center console so that the bumps on the liquid is spilled. And, of course, there is a separate climate control, a mirror in the ceiling, heated and cooled cup holders, as well as many types of massage, including massage want to highlight the effect of hot stones. In addition to the heated seats and central armrests side. It warms the way, so that the bare hand really hot. In general, you can live in your car! No wonder that this test I decided to start from the back seat, so a team of colleagues, is located behind the wheel to get a move on.

Since the beginning of the movement, I almost do not feel. And not just because my colleague is well serves as a driver, but also thanks to the damped reactions to the accelerator pedal. However, this will explain later – when he will sit behind the wheel. And while all the attention soundproofing. The car is really very quiet – as promised. But a little noise from the tires I still feel. On the other hand, heard the tires just because no more no extraneous noise.

But most importantly, with the growth rate in the salon almost does not become louder. This aerodynamic component is particularly striking: the sound of air flow can be heard, only the straining ears and only prohibited by the rules of speed. In short, if in city traffic noise insulation, in principle, comparable to other representation sedans, the motorway Mercedes-Maybach reasonably claim to be the quietest car in the world.

Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach - "New Chapter"

But the suspension of mixed feelings. Wines in this, I think, for the most part lies with the optional 20-inch wheels with low profile tires. If you drive very slowly, up to 20 km / h, the car is very soft “rolls over” through the bumps, pimples asphalt but I feel itchy. A manholes and joints on bridges respond to the body rigid shocks. The fact is that the “magic” suspension Magic Body Control, equipped stereo camera and designed to prepare the car for the passage of the irregularities can not keep track of the short hurdles. It smoothes fine wavy coat but normal potholes, cracks and “speed bumps” hydraulics does not have time to work. And small changes in the profile of the coating, I feel distinctly.

But when the speed passes for “hundred”, the behavior of the suspension changes for the better. Now I really feel the sensation of flying, as if moved to the flying carpet, as promised in a press release. Potholes and cracks the machine is not disturbed, and the chassis does not allow the body to sway. In general, if you have the optional 20-inch wheels Mercedes-Maybach perfectly suited for “lumbago” on motorways and highways, although harsh urban speeds. If installed on a base 18-inch wheels, and a low-speed smoothness should be better. And, you can replace “bezprokolnye” tires with reinforced sidewalls to normal, while the sedan will go even softer. It will not hurt to buy a spare wheel, parking in the trunk … which is not provided.

Now let’s see how Mercedes-Maybach felt behind the wheel. Great, I must say there. Almost better than the back seat. And here the harsh smoothness only a plus. The lack of banks, fast and accurate response to donut twists and incredible directional stability! This car can actually make driver on the winding road. And by the way, bumps on the front seats felt smaller than the rear.

And the ease with which this limousine is gathering pace. Just push a little harder perfectly tuned accelerator pedal – and surrounding cars like stop! And all this happens almost imperceptibly to the driver and passengers, and response to the fuel supply such that the speed is always set afloat and at the same time nezamedlitelen. Shine! On the 9-band “machine” I say almost nothing – so it melts and the engine thrust so inexhaustible that of the gearbox just do not remember.

For comparison, we additionally tested the standard S-Class. It differs from the Mercedes-Maybach presence of all-wheel drive, air suspension in place of “magic” and the 19-inch wheels instead of 20-inch. And this is the car I really feel the magic without the quotes. Air suspension is much softer, and 19-inch wheels with tires of a higher profile contribute to better ride. This car is literally hovering over irregularities, as befits the executive sedan.

Test drive the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Maybach - "New Chapter"

By handling machines are similar, but the version on the fly Maybach behaves a little more stable due to the greater mass and an increased wheelbase. Plus, with the “magic” suspension roll and less buildup, as well as quicker steering response. That is, the driver chassis Magic Body Control, will certainly enjoy, but to pay for it will have to decrease the comfort of rear passengers, which, actually, and this car is designed.

But there is good news: Mercedes-Maybach is also possible to buy with air suspension and a smaller diameter wheels and all-wheel drive. And I think this option is much more balanced in terms of the combination of comfort and handling. However, it will have to give up the most “advanced” versions S 600, since it is available only to Magic Body Control suspension and a rear-wheel drive. Such is the ambiguous alternative.