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Test drive the Infiniti QX80 – “Good. Great. And not very angry”

Test drive the Infiniti QX80 - "Good. Great. And not very angry"

Company Infiniti offered journalists an unusual test-drive their SUVs. We were able to test their control on an asphalt road at first and then on a dirt – rally.

First we went with a colleague giant QX80. Long time I wanted to explore the center of this luxury four wheel chassis! Luxury? This definition is not sufficiently expressive, but not pick up another. The interior is not enough, perhaps, gilding. Here, the kingdom of leather and wood, the minimum number of plastic parts, and they are pleasant to the touch texture. Unfortunately, the metal elements – a clever imitation. But they did not spoil the overall feel of the interior.

Plenty of room inside – the envy of competitors. The feeling of “air” is further enhanced by the bright finish. How long it will remain clean if the car will have to use on the roads? Only now do we? Perhaps, QX80 – one of those models, whose all-terrain potential is used most often. And in vain … but now it’s not about that. Salon, by the way, may be dark, but no less luxurious.

Recently the car has been updated, changes were made mainly by its appearance. There are new front and rear bumpers, front, in particular, acquired in the bottom of the “lip” of the original forms and new fog lights. The head and feed LED lighting devices are installed. At the top of the rear bumper is now mounted aluminum plate, which is designed to protect the paintwork from scratches during loading luggage. What else to ship in this space that the trunk and is not called – there is almost a living room with cream damask wallpaper.

Test drive the Infiniti QX80 - "Good. Great. And not very angry"

A giant rear door, of course, is equipped with an electric drive. Also with the help of electric motors from the floor raised the third row seat backrest. However, even in the case of seven-and in some embodiments, a vehicle number and eight-trunk volume is 470 liters. Fold the seat – the volume increases to almost one and a half cubic meters, and by folding the second row is increased more than a cube. Yes, it is no longer living, and the hotel, here you can without any tricks to arrange sleeping space for two, and even three very tall passengers. And if the man-bodies to measure the width of the cabin, then the second row of seats unreservedly accept the three riders, and the third – two or three, depending on the version of the QX80. Those who will be on the second row will be able to use the “services” of a two-band (especially for them, ahead of two separate areas), climate control and multimedia system, which monitors mounted in the front headrests.

As to the front seats themselves – they are drowning, as in the feather. Just pay attention to the fact that the cushion a bit too short, and then forget about it. Adjustable driver and passenger seats electrically, and the difference between them is only in the fact that the left seat, you can change the height of the front edge of the cushion, and we cannot be right.

Huge massive door, but slammed shut with a soft, pleasant sound. You will immediately find yourself in isolation from the outside world, and not only the speaker. There, inside, different atmosphere, different climate. As expected, in a richly furnished living room sound quality music, in the case of Infiniti QX80 – by upscale American auto combine Bose Cabin Surround 5.1 with 15 speakers. On the touch screen multimedia control can display data from the on-board computer, pictures of sky cameras, map navigation system. With the task of the route, however, will have to tinker, navigation grouped not the most optimal way. However, a couple of days to communicate with the car we have, as they say, is similar to the process used to manage and listen to the familiar funny warning: “Caution ahead of a string of cars.” In the language of Infiniti it means that soon we will once again get stuck in a traffic jam.

Test drive the Infiniti QX80 - "Good. Great. And not very angry"

One of the few drawbacks of compact model Infiniti QX50 – very much “compact” trunk: just 309 liters. But the handle is covered with a sliding shutter shiny chrome and in the spare wheel recess mounted subwoofer premium audio system Bose.

We several times a day, found themselves on the same street, a very long, abundant traffic lights and junctions with the possibility of turning to the left at no additional arrows. There turned out to be very handy huge “TV” exterior mirrors, helped to rebuild our giant safe. True, these mirrors seem small, to my colleague, slightly dislike bulky vehicles. He look these mirrors “blind” zone, and somehow I do not. In addition, the mirrors are constantly flickering signals control these “blind” zones (to me personally in most cases they only hinder). From the very first meters on the QX80 way it seemed to me that I drove this car has at least a few weeks. And not just drove and enjoyed the process. I liked the arrogant indifference with which he belonged to the less than ideal the Yekaterinburg asphalt, like how hot, almost sportsmanlike, he responds to the steering. We almost slipped right turn? It does not matter, push the steering wheel in the desired direction, and a massive, over a five-meter SUV smoothly fits into the correct lane. At the same time we will not frightened or trimmed: I was perfectly visible in the right mirror that our maneuver would not want.

Test drive the Infiniti QX80 - "Good. Great. And not very angry"

Perhaps someone will grin, having learned about it. “Kindle” on the QX80, throwing it in the turns and “stud”? Yes, it is, I suppose, role like an elephant, heavy and unwieldy. No – agile, and even what! No one expected him to such “mobility”, because the standard journalistic urban, and suburban tests do not always involve checks for extreme maneuvers. And here – the track that you can pass more than once or twice in a row, feeling run on asphalt active safety systems, including the stabilization system.

But first – the dynamics. Petrol engine configuration V8, which has a working volume of 5.6 liters and develops 405 l. a. allows QX80 accelerate from standstill to “hundreds” in just 6.5 seconds. This is not just impressive – it is striking. As well as the fact that this acceleration occurs once organic, natural, neither the driver nor the passenger does not perceive any “tension”, as if the car does what it should, and the rider gets put to them by status. Almost three tons of the total mass – and this acceleration! Is not it impressive? Not everyone is a sedan or hatchback, even in semi-wing capable of such.

However, from the starting point to the first “stud” we certainly do not have time to collect “hundreds.” Rotation is marked so that from a distance it is difficult to estimate its slope, it is necessary slow down. Naturally, you should peck nose, but relatively harmless: the car in the “state” is equipped with 275/50 low-profile tires on 22-inch wheels. And do not look huge wheel “bicycle”, they are perfectly in tune with the massive body.

Test drive the Infiniti QX80 - "Good. Great. And not very angry"

But banks in the turns are not so great for our giant. The fact is that here has a special hydraulic system limits the bodywork (HBMC), through which the car safely and refers to the sharp turn to the road surface flaws. Huge SUV accurately responds to the driver’s commands, and we really enjoyed colleague, replacing each other at the wheel. Number of rounds is not limited, it is important not only to cross the road with the other participants of the test, and do not miss the opportunity to track the end of the day to try out the other all-wheel drive model Infiniti.

As we learned later, the previous group of journalists was “lucky” more: the Yekaterinburg rained and the track was slippery desperately. We also got a dry asphalt with only one single pool of relatively deep, if it held at the center, but making it possible to catch only the edge and avoid a million turbid splashing on the windshield. Following this water barrier car I had to go through almost 90-degree rotation, and visibility needed, oh as needed. Push steering wheel stall wet – and then hear the characteristic “chatter” triggered stabilization system. That’s a long time reminded him of himself, this system did not miss a really dangerous moment, and, as they say, saved the day.

Subsequently, after going on the road QX80 not just once or twice, we noticed that this system is also keenly following the “moose”. Moreover, it held a powerful, reliable. Everyone wanted to do the same this maneuver as soon as possible. In fact, it was a tactical error, since followed a straight stretch to the finish, and you can start overclocking Depress the pedal “gas” in the floor, but the engine is throttled, it turns … My answer is this: the excitement was such that, sitting in the passenger seat, I did not guess to look at the speedometer when the exercise is carried out by my colleague. When realized, I found that this rate was approximately 70 km / h.

Test drive the Infiniti QX80 - "Good. Great. And not very angry"

Upon returning to the center of Yekaterinburg pay attention to fuel consumption QX80. He was not so great: after races on the track board computer showed 23 liters per “hundred” in the rhythm of the city, this figure dropped to 20 liters. Later, on the road, at speeds up to 120 km / h, the flow rate was approximately 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

Mid-size crossover Infiniti, initially received index EX35, appeared in 2007. In 2013, he, like all models of the company, received a new designation – QX50.

Two and a half years, engineers, technologists and designers worked on this car, turning it into a real little perfection. If bulkiness QX80 and brutality “caps» QX70 may confuse, the exterior QX50 is, above all, emotion. Neat room, delineated, rounded lines, as well as that of the “older” models may be trimmed with light-colored materials, and similarly there is a darker version.

Menu navigation in the Infiniti QX80 are grouped not the most optimal way. However, a couple of days to communicate with the car we have learned to control it, and used to listen to a funny warning: “Caution ahead of a string of cars.” In the language of Infiniti means that soon we are waiting for the plug.

When landing behind the wheel once you pay attention to much piled back A pillars. The model has an enviably low aerodynamic drag, its coefficient is only 0.32. It’s nice to be in the interior, trimmed in leather, metal and soft plastic parts. The front seats, electric adjustable in eight directions, are equipped with heating and ventilation, as well as the memory of user settings. On a hot day, the test creates a pleasant atmosphere system is dual-zone climate control.

Back row looks cramped, as the windows are narrowed, but checked – and it is easy to accommodate three passengers, and, and the average will not close, as the central tunnel, thick wall separates the front seats, rear disappears. Is that knee rear seat passengers may not be very much. Parts of the back of a rear sofa can serve or not to lift by hand, and pressing a button on the center console.

And this can be useful! One of the few drawbacks of compact model Infiniti QX50 – very much “compact” trunk: just 309 liters. But the handle is covered with a sliding shutter shiny chrome and in the spare wheel recess mounted subwoofer premium audio system Bose.

The multimedia system with touch screen, on-board computer and navigation with the ability to voice control, high-quality sound system, adaptive cruise control, interior light invisible light sources, stylish analog clock Infiniti – all these wonderful accessories midsize luxury crossover recede into the background, it is necessary to let the engine – Naturally, click Start / Stop Engine. QX50 can be equipped with a 2.5-liter engine capacity of 222 liters. with/or a 3.7-liter 330-strong unit. But both transmission versions alone – seven “machine” with possibility of manual gear selection.

Despite the cancellation of noise isolation, yet sporty sound enters the cabin and provokes “exploits”. However, on this track 222-strong QX50 demonstrates the most gentle nature. During acceleration felt considerable mass of crossover. On the one hand, there is that the car a low center of gravity, this I always like it, but, on the other hand, the move is not gambling, “spark.” From zero to 100 km / h 222 hp QX50 accelerates in 9.4 seconds and a top speed of 210 km / h. However, a special “light” and it is not needed, its main advantage – soft and very reliable, safe driving. Like a cat, which fall under any lands on four paws. Worth porezche throw this car into a turn, as here, earlier than kindred, “wakes up” Stability and pulls overly aggressive driver. In our exercise, this model has demonstrated the most predictable behavior. The steering wheel equipped with electric power, poured a nice effort and seems to predict the driver’s actions, turning in the right direction, and strictly to the desired angle. The brakes are also seeking to stop the car exactly where required. On such a car with our track it seems to cope and inexperienced girl.

Suspension QX 50 masterful “swallows” irregularities Ural roads. But what is more difficult to deal with is the fuel consumption. 20-gallon “appetite” big for a small car. However, I must say, our race superior to the intensity of the most extreme urban conditions. A rural route expecting us until the next day, but, unfortunately, at this stage, get acquainted with the QX50 I could not. But in his new capacity brought crossover QX70.

Plenty clocked on the track at all-wheel drive crossover Infiniti, we took part in the races at the same time on the QX70 cars with 333-horsepower 3.7-liter petrol engines and “automatic”. The spread between the minimum and the maximum time was only about 20 seconds for a two-minute round. My result was roughly in the middle of the standings.

This car is truly evil character. With it I was able to meet on snowy roads near Moscow, and I must say, to cope with this “beast” was not easy. Four-wheel drive rear-wheel drive car is often demonstrated habits, readily responding to drifts too intense pedal “gas”. This stabilization system was in no hurry to intervene in the process. The car seemed to check on my ability to find a way out of emergency situations. On the other hand, this passion is presented very rare “civilian” model. I am sure that this Infiniti QX70 conquers its admirers.

He violently broke from the starting line and the steering wheel because of a sharp dive in the corners marked by cones with each round faster and faster – as long as the system of stabilization, driven only one she knows the algorithm did not intervene in the process and not tamed car. At what points did this happen? At what speed? These questions remained unanswered because the difference in the rates is likely to be minimal, maybe one kilometer per hour, and perhaps half a kilometer. Here are just a masterful crossover “screwed” in the next turn – and suddenly, during the next pass, it would seem, at a similar speed, reminded of his fear of electronics, and the driver lost precious seconds. No, in order to safely manage this “evil” cars, it is necessary to specifically study.

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