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Test-drive Suzuki Jimny: Way of the Samurai

Test-drive Suzuki Jimny: Way of the Samurai

Suzuki Jimny is a pioneer in the history of the brand-wheel drive Suzuki. Serial production of the first generation of this car was held back in 1970. Over the past 45 years it was replaced by only three generation models, the latter of which experienced another restyling.

Third, the current generation Suzuki Jimny – a true survivor, as produced for 18 years. Over the years, the small samurai experienced several restyling – however insignificant. We have to test the latest version of the tiny adventurer.

Recent changes affected the exterior and interior, but did not affect the equipment. So, in the exterior car slightly changed front. Hood received intake – though it is closed flap. The radiator grille is now larger. Another was the front bumper, front fog which moved higher.

The interior changes too little, but they are not just aesthetic. Suzuki Jimny has a new, more modern and informative instrument panel, although it is still without a trip computer. Other innovations – three-spoke steering wheel and rear headrests that drop down almost on a par with the backs of seats, without restricting the view out. Now to the visibility generally no complaints. As for aesthetics, this new colors and upholstery materials which, according to the manufacturer, are more durable.

The instrument panel is completely new. It looks modern and more informative, but the trip computer is still missing.

Test-drive Suzuki Jimny: Way of the Samurai

Enable / disable Suzuki Jimny four-wheel drive can be up to 100 km / h.

Radio in the Suzuki Jimny, and no alternative reading only format CD. Not here and connectors AUX, or USB. And the sound is poor.

The spirit of the past and in the buttons protivotumanok. For a rear light of two on and off.

Regardless of the trim level Suzuki Jimny is equipped with air conditioning.

Heated front seats included a single button.

However, the cabin you have the feeling that you are not in the modern car, and some options of widespread child would not have prevented. For example, here it is quite old CD-player, who reads only one format CD. I do not listen to anything, but the sound of a pair of speakers mounted under the dashboard, frankly not happy. A radio is no alternative to this – it is set to all sold in our Suzuki Jimny.

On the site there is a feeling navigator some deprivation. Thus, the heating is switched on only one chair and button covers just a couple of seats, ie without the driver does not get warm. It has no co-driver and the mirror in the sun visor, but it is the driver.

Suzuki Jimny is always supplied with an atmospheric petrol engine of 1.3 liters, while in Japan the car was available with a 0.7 liter turbo engine. In Europe, it sold even with the 1.5-liter turbodiesel from the Renault, but this cost-effective and high-torque version of the laid off for more than five years ago.

In the maximum configuration Mode 3 Suzuki Jimny differs only leatherette upholstery and steering wheel wrapped in leather.

The trunk of 113 liters surprised its practicality. It is easy to fit a large suitcase and medium-size backpack. Folded back, the volume grows to 816 liters – together you can safely go on an expedition.

Test-drive Suzuki Jimny: Way of the Samurai

Under the hood of the above-mentioned test car gasoline engine with 85 hp with a pulling force of 110 Nm. We have it available in a pair with a mechanical 5-speed manual and 4-band automatic. If you pick up a car for frequent visits to off-road, it is best to stay at the “mechanics”. The city comfortable with automatic transmission, although still not enough traction. This is especially noticeable on the climbs where Suzuki Jimny hard to stay in the flow.

A tall and fuel consumption: during the test, he did not fall below 10 liters per 100 kilometers of city run, but our Suzuki Jimny was new and neobkatannym.

Despite several cartoon appearance, Suzuki Jimny more than a serious contender on the road. To begin with a look at its power-to. Suzuki Jimny – one of the Mohicans car, it is still equipped with a beam axle at the front and rear as well as front axle rigidly connected. That is all-wheel drive can be activated only on the roads or on slippery surfaces, in all other cases, the car should be rear-wheel drive. In areas of heavy useful transfer case with reduction gear, which compensates for the lack of traction gasoline engine. Commands respect and parameters geometric cross. So, thanks to the short base of the ramp angle here is 31 degrees, entering – 34 degrees, and the Congress and all 46 degrees.

Of course, there are downsides. The first – a ground clearance of 190 mm, “Zaruba” off-road use it a little. Another – free differential in the rear axle. Therefore diagonal display for Suzuki Jimny is a serious problem, although with such a short base and large suspension moves to get into such a situation is very difficult. But if there are plans to Travel on a serious off-road travel expeditions, can not do without tuning – limited slip or Diffie these units with forced locking.

Test-drive Suzuki Jimny: Way of the Samurai

Despite its compact size Suzuki Jimny, the cabin is surprisingly spacious. With my height of 177 cm is the supply of space above the head and feet – though I adjusted the seat almost completely picked. Behind sitting “for an” I’m not rested his feet in the back seat, although the gap is small

From the majority of SUV Suzuki Jimny is compact. A small width and length give tremendous maneuverability – turning radius of just 9.8 meters. And in the forest where I can not drive his Nissan Patrol, Suzuki Jimny be able to seep through the trees. Another point – a narrow track, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. In areas with deep Exclusionary laid heavy machinery or SUVs, Suzuki Jimny could go on top, without falling into a rut, but the main thing – do not fall into one side of it, otherwise it may capsize.

For serious off-road Suzuki Jimny should be prepared. Thus, the control arm brackets bruise easily, so for them there is a special protection. Protect need and transfer case. If it is damaged or broken wiring in the management of complex conditions are frequent

Test-drive Suzuki Jimny: Way of the Samurai

Stiff suspension Suzuki Jimny is ideal for off-road, it is practically impossible to break. But on the pavement should not expect from her proper comfort. When the holes and speed bumps “Japanese” unmoved, then comb or division, potholes strewn affects his very brief wheelbase. Kid jumps, and much interchanges on the road. However, communication with the cars so close and clear that such behavior is predictable, and even fun. Very clear information about irregularities Suzuki Jimny passes on the steering wheel, but again, this is typical of all SUVs and treated installing tuning of the steering damper.

Despite its considerable age, Suzuki Jimny was extremely interesting car. It is very comfortable and maneuverable in the city are not saved before the bad roads and surprising off-road. And most importantly – the samurai still gives you the confidence of its iron, robust design. Such cars, unfortunately, do less and less.