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Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming

Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming

Outside Skoda Fabia decided not to change radically. If the second generation seems high and narrow, the third – a wide and squat. Indeed, the machine was 9.3 cm wider and 3 cm below. Other changes are minor dimensions – up to a centimeter. But the most interesting – the technical differences between the current Fabia much more significant. It is built on a new platform MQB, it has a completely different body, and most of the power units have registered for the first time under the hood model.
The car can be personalized even more than before. For example, like its predecessor, is available other than the body color roof. But it is still possible to order a similar color wheels, inserts in the cabin, and even choose to display photos from the family album!

Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming

The size and capabilities

The interior has changed dramatically. Perhaps it has more to do with Rapid, than the previous generation Fabia. This is not surprising. Salon has become roomier mainly due to gain space in width, and ergonomics is traditionally on top. He grew up and the amount of luggage. Fabia and the second generation was in this respect a record B-Class, and now added 15 liters, lifting capacity up to 330 liters. Preserved and the ability to transform the trunk. Shelves, you can still divide the cargo area into two or hide it behind the back of the sofa back.

Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming

And where do without modern technology! Multimedia System MIB, is now available for the Skoda Fabia, allows connect car with a smartphone, and download from it, not only contacts and music, but also some programs.

Gasoline choice

During the test I was able try new Fabia with the power unit, on the familiar Volkswagen Polo. This machine has 1.2 TSI engine in the 90 forces and a mechanical 5-speed gearbox. Accelerating the news with this tandem allows absolutely feel confident both in the city and on the highway. Available to other, more productive version of this engine, with 110 power – with him the first hundred transfer any Fabia 9.4 seconds. For civilian car is quite fast, although in-class competitors.

Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming

In addition to this power unit Fabia comes with weaker 1-liter 75-horsepower gasoline engine atmospheric. You can buy and an exclusive version of the new Fabia (which will not be in Europe) with the atmospheric engine capacity of 1.6 liters (110 hp). But what about the diesels? They absorb until the Old World and the prospects for their introduction to us very vague.

The good news and the choice of transmissions. Only liter engine gearbox has no alternative – 5-step “mechanics”. In addition, Fabia had the opportunity to complete seven-step “robot» DSG. For atmospheric 1.6-liter unit in addition to the manual box is available and the classic 6-speed “automatic”.

Security increased

The second Skoda Fabia often sold with optional ABS, which is only at sunset conveyor life spelled out in the basic version of car. But in the third generation in the database can be found not only the anti-lock brakes, and system stabilization.

Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming
As for the brakes, everything depends on the engine. Cars with engines of less than 90 forces and equipped with front disc brakes (diameter 256 mm) and rear drum. Fabia 110 hp is more productive “pancakes” in front – with a diameter of 288 mm and rear disc brakes.

Fabia has always been famous for its light but informative management. With the third generation of great engineers worked on set-up electric power steering, and steering-wheel itself has become more acute. Taking into account the wider track and less body weight kept debutante turns much better than the previous generation.

Worthy replacement

Test drive Skoda Fabia 2015: The Third Coming
Skoda Fabia is actually the third generation in all respects surpassed predecessor. It has become a nice, spacious, functional, and economical driving, he has received numerous technical innovations, modern multimedia systems. And in June new car is already available decorate customers.

What’s the Difference?
• Modern and dynamic exterior and interior design. Other dimensions of the body.
• A more modern, powerful and cost-effective range of engines.
• There are new options that were previously found in more expensive cars.
• Modern multimedia filling.
• The steering is sharper and informative.


Body and Comfort


Excellent ergonomics. The spacious interior. A lot of space for little. By the standards of the class is very roomy trunk. Great opportunity to personalize the car. Available version of the station wagon, which is more practical and more capacious.

Hard plastic interior.

Powertrain and dynamics


Good choice of powertrains. The dynamic version with an engine 1.2 TSI. Cheap turbo. Excellent handling. Effective brakes. Clear and informative switching to manual.

In some countries, the new Fabia is not available with diesel powertrains.

Finance and Equipment


Equipping the new Fabia is almost equal to the more expensive Skoda Octavia. The cost of car Skoda importer promises to keep at the level of the previous generation model. A large list of options, many of which first appeared in the Fabia.

New slightly more expensive than its predecessor.

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