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Test drive Renault Kadjar: exotic fruit - Car Boom
  • Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Test drive Renault Kadjar: exotic fruit

Renault Kadjar

The name of the new Renault sounds aggressive as a battle cry, and the combination of letters in the word Renault Kadjar echoes with the names of the other crossovers – Captur and Koleos. But his decipher as “lively, agile four-wheel drive adventurer.” But what is a beginner, we will find out in Spain in Zaragoza and the surrounding area during a forced march through the desert Bardenas Reales (Navarra).

Before us is a vivid example of how bold the name corresponds to the exterior. I did not even try to look at Renault Renault Kadjar similarities with its main competitor, while the next of kin Nissan Qashqai – they are quite similar. At the same time the French crossover design in the style of Clio, Captur and Espace leaves no doubt that Renault Kadjar refers to the European lineup Renault.

Renault Kadjar: The guy from Europe

Renault Kadjar complicated enough athletically. The original clip running lights perfectly grille design continues regardless of whether the headlights are normal or fully LED head optics LED Pure Vision. Relief hood and side gently emphasizes muscularity model. Interior in strict compliance with the exterior gives the impression of a solid, good quality and expensive, and yet there is even a hint of sportiness.

Front seat frame is the same as in the Qashqai. But Renault Kadjar other packing, with more developed lateral support rollers. The seats provide a comfortable and secure fit. And the rear seats is enough

Plastic Torpedo mostly mild and visor dashboard steering wheel. Inserts baffles blowing around on the transmission tunnel and door armrests may resemble rock dust or simulate carbon and aluminum. Our machines have demonstrated a variety of finishes and colors of the lines of chairs, but such possibilities of individualization as, say, Captur, for Renault Kadjar not offered because it is larger and more solid model. Another confirmation – button start / stop the engine and control key electromechanical parking brake.

Renault Kadjar able to prevent speeding in and out of the band, or allows you to set a maximum speed limit.

Ergonomics is successful and understandable. And even if the wheel does not sit Renault Kadjar “renovod”, he has no problems with the search buttons signal windows. But where is the seat heating is activated? Ah, that’s where, in the end of the central arm rest, just under the lid.

The design of the instrument panel can be changed by selecting from the four – and each of them will offer five colors. Similarly, repainted and the central monitor

Renault Kadjar

The instrumental part of the front panel is focused on the driver and separate handle which can grab the front passenger and the steering wheel has a pronounced inflow under the right grip and straightening the bottom rim. The center console switches least because traditionally remote audio controls hidden behind the wheel (this chip Renault, probably never part), and a new multimedia complex R-Link communicate via 2 7-inch touch screen. It offers an intuitive control center navigation TomTom, telephone, digital radio, different applications and driver assistance systems.

Learn to drive economically can not only growing virtual tree on the instrument panel, and follow the prompts function eco-driving Driving eco2 – choosing the right gear and anticipating the traffic situation

Clarity and speed of response of the screen updated multimedia complex R-Link 2 raised, and graphical user interface resembles the familiar world of tablets and smartphones. Park Assist enables automatic parking even at an angle of 45 °

Renault Kadjar: Front and complete

The only one proposed for Renault Kadjar petrol engines, 1.2-liter and 130 hp, running without lights, but quiet, even at high speeds. When measured driving him enough flexibility to without twitching and trying to stall quietly pull since 1000 rev / min, but for overtaking and advancing the country better not to omit the tachometer below 2000 rev / min.

Renault Kadjar

The all-wheel drive version of the draft can only come to the front wheels automatically to 50% can go back lock holds up to 40 km / h. Wheel drive ALL MODE 4×4-I is already widely used alliance Renault-Nissan. The driver selects one of three modes (2WD, 4WD Auto, 4WD Lock).

However, even with the support of the turbine at medium speed engine still does not becomes very passionate. But increased fuel consumption – I average of 8.1 liters. However, we sometimes tried to squeeze the maximum out of the engine. Thank you for helping the navigation system, which warned about the cameras on the route!

All-wheel drive is available only with the most powerful (130 hp) and the high-torque (320 Nm) 1.6-liter turbodiesel, but mission for him only mechanical

On a couple of liters less expended turbodiesel 1.6 liters. Although the dynamics of dispersal to hundreds of such Renault Kadjar inferior petrol, feels it is much easier to cope with the machine due to a larger – 320 Nm – torque. Rate we not only on the asphalt, but also on the stony, rain blurred clay roads in the Spanish desert. After all, just this motor for Renault Kadjar available all-wheel drive ALL MODE 4×4-I. However, the chance to drive on the road in the front-wheel drive can also be increased by equipping its system of Extended Grip, which allows to change the algorithm of the electronic systems, depending on the mode selected.

Renault Kadjar

Renault Kadjar: Third is not superfluous

Under a small comfortable effort on the steering wheel Renault Kadjar easily controlled and precise passes turns. Even on wheels with a beautiful 19-inch wheels crossover quiet and comfortable swallows small and medium defects of asphalt, and a 17-inch goes more smoothly. And only on a rocky road in the desert noticeable vibration on the steering wheel.

The trunk offers a lot of options for transformation. When stacked back of the front seat, it is possible to carry the goods longer than 2.5 m. The floor panel is easy to divide into three parts compartment and secure luggage

And there is a big chance that we will look at home with a third engine Renault Kadjar – 1,5-liter 110-strong turbodiesel.

Thanks to the broad plates of unpainted plastic and clearance of 200 mm has a very Renault Kadjar off-road appearance. Approach angle is 18 °, the Congress – 28 °

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