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Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

For the first time Renault Captur I met in June 2013 in France – then it just hit the European dealer showrooms. The meeting was fleeting, but the interesting fact that I was just heading for yet another novelty of the French and his direct competitor – Peugeot 2008!

And only two years later in the Renault make tentative steps to withdraw Captur our market, one of which was officially imported here this instance. Immediately, I note that the car in the European specifications, without package adaptation to our realities, but with lots of “special stages”. Here we have a pad and front and rear bumpers, and the armrest and door sill, and footrests.

Today, packaging and especially the price of Captur, start of sales is scheduled for the autumn of this year, is unknown, but we know that under the bonnet will both petrol and diesel engines to choose from, transmission – automatic only, and drive – only front. And looking ahead to say that Captur in principle, there is no all-wheel drive. Overall, we promise to Kadjar in 2016. Therefore, it is a pity that the pilot car engine just the same, which will come to us, 1.5 diesel, but the box – a five-step “mechanics”. Well, let’s try to assess the prospects and the chances of success of a beginner?

Outward appearance

Renault Captur history began in 2010 when replaced by chief designer Patrick le brand Kemanu come Dutchman Laurens van den Acker, before the work of the chief designer of the Japanese Mazda. The Renault announced the establishment of a series of new cars. Their prototypes have become concepts DeZir (2010), Captur and R-Space (2011). Looking then at the bright futuristic avtomobilchiki each professed his philosophy, I could not have imagined that in a few years will see one of them in a series! Captur was originally conceived with a double and lift doors.

The power unit was supposed powerful turbo diesel Energy dCi 160. The interior design became the leitmotif of yarn or string, strung on the seats, dashboard, center console and even in the trunk. So designers have achieved the feeling of airiness and space in the interior. Of course, the transition to the stage of mass, a lot of copyright items have remained unfulfilled, but the general outline of the car easily recognizable. Yes, and “strings” still found a place!

Externally burly Captur most reminds me of Renault Clio, on the basis of which he built. Cute, sleek, bright, eye-catching in the crowd. And, incidentally, common panels have not so much! But the line of glazing is very similar, and in the crossover it is very thought out and accurately transferred to the front and rear tailgate.

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

Well-chosen and two-tone paint. And the top is not necessarily black – it can also be colored. Generally, combinations conceived set, the main thing that had the imagination and the possibility to implement. Among all the bright color palette, our, perhaps, the most modest. This company would be orange or blue!

In the cabin

The front doors are opened not only wide, but also at an angle deviating from the body, and as easy as possible landing-landing. The doorway is big, and the seat is installed at a convenient height. Here are just optional thresholds spoil the whole picture, making dismiss foot on.

Inside we were met perfectly crafted design and … rigid plastic. But this is a case where the content of the form can defeat! The interior is made with the courage, which can be solved only French! The front console, dashboard, design, and even the central part of the glove box is not quite ordinary, not what we are accustomed to see them.

Just a pity that the general impression spoils raid “gypsy” or “cihina” – as you like. The abundance of black glossy plastic, which is as if purposely placed in the most areas of the brand, chrome bezel everything, climate unit, which somehow reminds me of a cheap music players 90 … In fairness, I note that for the interior personalization packs are also available, which can brighten up these flaws. The same chrome edging, instead, you can choose body color. That’s just whether it is available with us?

Apparently our Captur if not in the top-end performance, then close to it, with a minimum range of solutions for individualization. And as you know, it is proposed to Capture a lot, ranging from the original coloring of the roof to the color elements in the cabin.

Planting high, and driving me a long time had the feeling that I drive a big car. Seat and steering are designed for people of large build, so I personally do not have enough Range tilt steering. A second brief comment to the pedals – they can be put off by the driver away, he did not have to bend over or to pull away the legs deep into the cabin, taking space at the rear passengers. A similar flaw met me at the car group PSA, built on the platform of PF2.

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

Very interesting solution upholstered seat. This is not the covers, we also initially thought, looking at the highlighted prominent zipper, namely a removable upper portion of tissue finishes. It should be convenient, if you often get dirty. He took off and wash house. The main thing to remember in the morning and then have to go on stickers.

Solid wheel, grip, steering wheel part. If it were not for the black plastic – would and did great! Behind him perfectly readable original tidy. The speedometer in the center are digital, which requires little getting used to. On the sides of the large tachometer and a huge index of remaining fuel in the tank, but the temperature sensor on the new fashion is not all. But information-board computer the most complete, including the number of liters of fuel consumed, in this case diesel.

Multimedia MediaNav familiar to us in the family Logan / Sandero. She looks well, it has a good stuffing, including GPS-navigation and user-friendly interface, inexpensive (at Logan little over $ 200), smartly worked … Yes, it is in the past tense, because here in the Captur, retarding it! Everything else – just the same.

Nis and all sorts of boxes in the cabin is enough, but the coolest is the glove box that slides out like a drawer in the bedside table. A volume-then what – and some tables envy! Do not be amiss in the center of the box and the dashboard. There is also an optional armrest, which completely blocks access to the seat adjustment and prevents you to shift gears in the raised position, so his order – especially individual case.

To get to the back row, you can easily, with one exception – the seat installed behind the rear rack, and she, in turn, interferes with this process. But space in the legs pleasantly surprised – it is clearly more than expected from the subcompact crossover. The explanation for this – one of the biggest in the class wheelbases constituting 2.6 m. In height, too, I did not feel the lack of space, it lacks even the average rider. True otherwise it will have to make room, the three of us in the back couch uncomfortable.

By the way, remember the “strings” from the concept car Captur, which I mentioned at the beginning? Here they are, serve as pockets on the backs of the front seats. It looks stylish and resembles a guitar. And the main thing that is quite practical – newspapers magazines and other more or less big thing holds good!

To the owner has always been a compromise between the transport of passengers and cargo in the trunk, the back row of a sofa made entirely sliding, and to make it equally easy and can be out of the cabin, and out of the trunk.


Incidentally, he is also able to please – 377 liters of volume, which again is more than its main competitors (Peugeot 2008 – 350 l., Renault Sandero Stepway – 320 l., Ford EcoSport – 310 l.) Has a hard “intermediate” floor which eliminates the threshold for loading, but that loading height itself not going anywhere – it’s big. The same “sex” provides a level surface when folding backrests of the second row, in whole or individually.

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

If necessary, it is simply pulled out by increasing the capacity of the hold. But it turns out that there is also a cellar where the French managed to place a small “dokatku.” Excess she just will not!


The driving force of the Renault – is well known to us diesel engine capacity of six liters, which is found in Logan, Duster, Dokker, Kangoo and even the Megane. There it is in a variety of variants – in this case, 90 hp and a torque of 220 Newton-meters. For greater efficiency to it docked start-stop system and the Eco mode that Renault have sold real exotic.

This engine has a balanced character spins willingly, but without undermining turboyam. The peak torque must be achieved already at 1750 rpm, and feels more vigorous motor with 2 to 3 thousand. However, traction is maintained to about 4 million. All of this gives us confidence in city traffic – a laggard you definitely will not be – not to rush forces to extremes.

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

Eco-system, designed to reduce costs and improve care for the environment, caused mixed feelings. Eco Mode really affect the flow, cutting it by about 0.5 liters per “hundred” kilometers. But the system start-stop stops the engine a few times at the most inopportune moment – when I first gear to continue driving! As a result, the car stopped, and I got in a sticky situation in the most active in terms of traffic areas. “No, we do not need such savings!” – I thought, after which the system has been disabled by pressing the button.

The second motor for Captur in our market should be 1.2 petrol with 120 horsepower, and a power unit, we are not familiar. Probably, this is the same engine that is now set for a new Nissan Qashqai.

A five-mechanics at first glance not much different from those of the other models in the Renault, for example Stepway and Daster. Is that the gear ratios. But as it turned out during the test, it runs smoother and sharper, with the same forgiving driver error in terms of releasing the clutch pedal. However, our market all this concern will not be, because it will come to us Captur with “automatic”, namely preselektivnoy transmission which Renault has called EDC. We have already tested its job Megane hatchback last summer, and let us remember how we got the impression:

Steering, if not deserving of special good reviews, then criticize it especially not for that. In the parking lot wheel light, a little heavier on the road, does not require a permanent rule. Inversion is good, however, and not a record. In short solid “four”. But the suspension, in our opinion, quite rightly deserved criticism. The impression is that it expresses overt protest our “roads”. Running hard, noisy, not loving, even irregularities of medium caliber. In addition, prone to buildup and loss of vertical trajectory on a series of pits and potholes, especially in the corners.

Yes, the car has already passed 4,000 test kilometers, but most likely the case in the European specifications. Let’s see if adaptation to fix at least some of these shortcomings. Because between Renault Captur and the rest, we have sold, according to the suspension just get lost .

Clearance decided to measure “in the living” – passing over conventional barrier. Here are just 17 centimeters below the claimed steel plant protection, alas, did not have enough! Trial took to the number 15 and a half. Therefore, this crossover purely urban roads and it is actually the same alien as a modern capital teenager vegetable garden and digging potatoes. As I said, all-wheel drive at the Captur not, in its top versions of the system replaces the Xmod, derizhiruyuschaya ABS and ESP, in order to simulate the operation of a full drive. Something similar we have already met in the Peugeot 2008/3008 – there is this trick called Grip Control. That’s just as for me it’s a marketing ploy.

Visibility from the driver’s seat could hold out until the “five” if not for wide-pillars. Well, the location of some buttons – for example, the Eco-mode, speed limiter and cruise – causes distraction from the road. Under the “handbrake” – not the most convenient place.

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

Consumption of this Captur – that’s what is able to please any driver, let alone an amateur fuel economy! To achieve the manufacturer’s 4 liters in the city did not issue even without the Eco mode and the start-stop system. We get a figure of about 5, but we have not sought to save, and the air conditioning worked almost always. Cruising range on a full tank can realistically make 800 km.

Summing up

Renault Capture, as expected, proved to be an interesting car – well after all, that the range of the brand expands these French models. After all, let’s be honest: the same Logan, Duster and Stepway is more Dacia, than Renault. Praise Kaptyur possible for the organization of the interior space, both original and practical solution for the economic engine and good transmission. On the opposite end of the scale we have stiffer suspension, some ergonomic shortcomings and likely price.

In France, the price for this model starts from 16.300 Euro, and if you try to configure a test similar to the copy, has already received 22,400 euros. However, this average figure, because the importer is likely to agree with the plant on a competitive price delivery.

Test drive Renault Captur. Catch-up

Well, the lack of all-wheel drive as such in the negative record will not – for this class, he is not required, and many competitors do not have it. And among them, of course, Peugeot 2008 , Ford EcoSport , Chevrolet Tracker , Nissan Juke and another newcomer, bypassed countryman “finish”, -Cactus Citroen C4 . Sandero Stepway I deliberately did not mention, because it is aimed at a different audience, including the price. So what’s the main task of our office is to avoid internal competition.

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