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Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

Job automotive journalist assumes constant trips to a variety of models of the global automotive industry, for the most part of its new products. But there are cars, get behind the wheel which even for us is not so simple, but very much like! However, the opportunity may present itself quite unexpectedly, as happened this time.

Remember, this was the Eastern tale – “Caliph for an hour” – the protagonist who suddenly became the ruler of the day, one morning waking up in the royal palace, surrounded befitting a luxury and a privilege? In my possession a little more time, but I think now I understand the feelings of the fantastic character! Here it is, my “royal palace”: the iconic sports car, a living legend and the heartthrob of millions – Porsche 911 in version GTS!

And if the “nine one one” in the representation is clearly not needed, then a few words to say about the actual GTS costs. This abbreviation with deep historical connotation motorsport, today unites almost all the representatives of the lineup Porsche in a special performance. Its characteristics GTS takes place between “just” S versions and Turbo. But whether the golden mean – and we will try to find out!

Outward appearance

Agree, all 911 able to make the heart beat faster, even when you look at it from afar. These exciting twists, muscular arch, crouching silhouette and distinctive round headlights. In the language of marketing, “brand recognition” is 100%!

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

According to tradition, the new 911 is very similar to its predecessor, even from a distance they could be mistaken for each other. But it is necessary to get closer, all doubts disappear immediately – before you is the new 911! At this step the designers have gone specifically to maximally preserve the continuity of generations and hint at classical motifs in the design. According to their assurances, fans and buyers of these cars is quite conservative, so any experiments with the appearance is not acceptable.

Well, my favorite view – from the stern. In addition to the falling roofline gently spreads over the wheel arches, attractive and rear optics – narrower strips brake lights, which are elegantly inscribed in the direction indicators. In GTS they are interconnected. A little above the very quietly hid a retractable spoiler that closed completely invisible.

A separate chapter in the exterior – a wheel! Through the 20-inch wheels, which are mounted a central nut, perfectly visible powerful brakes with 6-piston calipers and rear axle tires as the rear track is slightly wider than the front. You agree that this car can be enjoyed for a long time, but its design and style as if are beyond the influence of time.

In the cabin

Before you ride in a Porsche 911, a good idea to learn how to sit in it! Do this is elegant, because no matter where you turned, the public’s attention you provided. I like waddling through the door and packed in a chair with a strong lateral support – so begins my acquaintance with the inner world of the legendary sports car! After the first couple of landings and landings begins to tire and sincerely wonder how this car can be used ‘every day.” But in the same Germany or the USA it is not uncommon! As they say, “a good bluff”.

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

From generation to generation, the interior 911 has evolved very slowly, so even in spite of the “tips” of logos and inscriptions, you immediately feel that you are inside the Porsche! Set the wells before the driver, the main of which takes place tachometer, vertical rudder, landing legs extended upward and central tunnel, creating a feeling of the cockpit. Incidentally, he immediately reminded me of the Panamera, where the decision was applied for the first time. Classics from the Porsche adds an optional interior trim package Package GTS – leather paradise generously encrusted inlays of real carbon.

From the point of view of the driver’s seat perfect drive, so comfortable here are the basic controls. And the most “advanced” optional seats with a variety of settings, including the effect of lateral support cushion and backrest – just great!

But in terms of ergonomics and convenience of the location of the subsidiary bodies of the control is not so smooth. Placer same buttons with small icons and signatures are confusing and distracting from the road. Simply forget about them altogether until memorize than to break away from the control sports car! The middle of the center console is decorated with a 7-inch touch-screen multimedia system with navigation. She, by the way, can be duplicated in one of the instrument wells, designated under the On-board computer, which is very convenient. And here we must admit that all this is, by and large, nitpicking.

As can be seen from the characteristics, landing nine hundred and eleventh in the formula 2 + 2, but to equate them to not put!

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

Rear passengers are invited to take a comfortable niche on either side of the gearbox, which is in the place of the body centered between the seats. Any adult, sharpened in the gallery for a long time that will not stand the test, but for the love of Porsche can drive a few blocks – we tried. So the second row – for young and middle school age, no more.

But if you put it back, then a convenient platform for luggage, which displacement will be even greater full-time luggage. The fact that the latter is in the nose of the car, I think nobody will be surprised. But its volume is minimal – only 135 liters!

Here it is, drive!

Powerplant Porsche 911 – a tribute to the history and technical genius at the same time. Since the introduction of its sports coupe always remains Opposite “Six”, located on the rear-linking, and until the mid 90s which had air cooling! At present, its volume is 3.8 liters, and power range from 350 to 560 hp! See the engine itself is almost impossible – eyes are only a narrow strip of the plastic casing and a couple of fans. If you look “skirt”, we can see a little more – crankcase exhaust stratagem, but the full picture of the grandeur of engineering will only service station for maintenance.

In this case, under the hood, I’m sorry, “under the boot” or even “in the trunk”, 430 live horses. The increase of 30 horses compared with S version has been made by the new head of the block, an upgraded intake and exhaust systems and other management programs. Let me remind you that no turbine in this version there! Peak power of the engine is reached at 7,500 rpm and torque of 440 Newton a little earlier – to 5,700. These figures mean that the engine revs loves to drive fast it is not just necessary, but simply need to turn on!

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

And here comes the fun part! Oppozitnik explodes the whole ensemble husky bass from behind, and very clearly, and weighed a decent kick you in the back, gives the 911 rapid acceleration. By the time of the cut-off and gear shifts that growl turns into a ring, and this is where the nerves cannot stand, and the right foot betrayed floor the gas pedal … all, consider that all the buzz is broken and the wheel 911, and you really did not go! No, there need to be bolder, assertive – we press gas to the floor, pedal to the metal, without releasing it to the last! Had three or four transmission forgotten in the whirlwind speed up everything, including the speedometer, you’ll see what the speed and acceleration for real!

For acute relationship with the machine, there are two modes – Sport and Sport +. The latter is not only carries the box and accelerator on a real sports algorithm. Weakened collar stabilization system, clamped gidroopory engine, as well as lunch activated control … With it promised to disperse hundreds in 4 seconds flat! Come on!


For correct and fast start from a place without launch control is necessary. It is part of the Sport Chrono Package, along with many other elements (eg, active engine mount system), which serve only one purpose – to enable the driver to safely squeeze out of the compartment is the maximum. To activate louncha need to select Sport + and the brake pedal while holding the left foot, right good push on the gas. Again, though, it requires rigidity and confidence in the actions – 911 wimps will not obey. We perform such an operation is unusual, because the whole essence of the driver at this time violently protested against this “cadence”, and the body in anticipation of something unexpectedly dangerous starts to actively produce adrenaline. Brain same drills only one thought – the main thing that has not brought the stern, or a meeting with the striker provided!

But I need not have worried. Taut as a bowstring charged onion, with a cast brake pedal like an arrow straight and accurately directs forward. Jab thus there is a decent, and all the neighbors in the stream once you make the leap to the meeting. But alone in the cabin to reach the stated figure of 4 seconds, we could not – only 4.6. But the acceleration to 200 km / h takes 17.5 seconds – so once dispersed to a hundred, my old Opel.

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

The brakes are very effective upset the car, but it is necessary to push the pedal right, then the braking force is growing very progressively and the car becomes short. Even with high-speed I missed a little more than half of the pedal travel, to feel confident.

Automatic Transmission – a proprietary 7-step PDK, which is always accurately and quickly replaces the steps. The sportier the selected mode, the greater for you this would happen.And of course, the obligatory when engine braking. This happens even in the automatic mode. And if you took it over … In addition to all the joys and benefits of personally changing gears, you have the opportunity to hear all the polyphony of the engine and sports exhaust – a real symphony for fans! Describe it makes no sense – it is better to hear once in our movie.

The basis of all-wheel drive, and GTS can be purely rear-drive, it is multi-plate clutch, which is constantly played the moment, taking it from the rear wheels and adding a front, especially when overclocking. Cross-axle lock emits electronics, braking desired wheels and Porsche Torque Vectoring system the same way car into the turn if necessary. All together it is called Porsche Traction Managment (PTM).

Also in the asset 911 an arsenal of support systems, which give a fantastic sports coupe handling, and allow the driver to feel Walter Rerlem. Almost. In addition to the thrust vector control system has PASM – is adjustable dampers which can be operated in the normal and sports mode, pinching them and making tougher. With her clearance coupe is reduced by 10 mm. PDCC active stabilizer system and prevent the buildup of banks by creating a hydraulic reaction force. Even the electromechanical power steering, if necessary, and carefully taxi can assist the driver! In many ways, it coordinates the work of all the assistants Stability PSM, which, if desired, you can turn off completely. But without the training and preparation of the best not to do even on dry pavement – mode Sport Plus, where her intervention occurs much later, will be enough for the eyes!

In many ways, this whole set is designed for novice riders to fix rear-layout and nuances to the maximum to insure the driver when he starts giving “heat.” And my impression is that it successfully obtained not only in urban areas but also while riding on the track. Not once triggered assistants was noticeable and came to understand that only 911 to fix my mistake or blot, like a good teacher student taken aback. And how many of these interventions have passed unnoticed? On the racing ring all becomes even more profound meaning – all of these three-digit abbreviation is insurance against serious departure in the third turn. Cannot clever system of only one – to win the laws of physics. And it should be remembered always.

Test drive Porsche 911 GTS. The car of my dreams

Driving suspensions themselves, in general, it is traditional, but in terms of the layout is a real work! In a very limited space engineers managed to place a McPherson strut front and rear. By the way, even an electronically understated suspension ride height according to our measurements greater than 9 cm, so the usual way GTS is not helpless. Yes, you’re always going to feel that you go behind the wheel of a sports car, because the noisy, harsh and visibility limping. However, the suspension is not even shakes the soul on the rails and the pit will not make teeth and bounce on the seat like a tennis ball. In addition, 911 is able to drive safely (if you can keep yourself in the hands), and long trips around the city it does not turn into a test of endurance and stamina.

In the end, as always, the bottom line for the average consumption. The promise of 12.5 liters per hundred (by the way, in the case of manual transmission will be greater per liter) proved unattainable for us. 15-17 in combined cycle were much more realistic figures. But for the pleasure of a ride it is a very small fee.

Summing up

That’s the time to say goodbye, but do not want to! Yes, Porsche 911 is a dream-car, which can make any driver, I’m sure of it, and the version with the GTS already allows you to change the nature of the machine itself. For an experienced driver is another opportunity to go with her on “you” for the less experienced – show off styling and technical twists.

This design – a kind of Power Kit; version for those who are normal S-ki has small, but the flagship 911 families – many more Turbo model. Or finance is not enough. The GTS package all options not only combines, but they are also more profitable for the price than if ordered separately is all on the S-ku, and more affordable than the Turbo. In addition, the GTS 911 is already included in the 300+ club, and S-ka – no.

When you select modifications Porsche 911 GTS can really become a golden mean, and the guys from Porsche understand this, it is constantly expanding family. In fact, today it is not enough only models Macan, but the gap will soon fill the promise.

So in conclusion I will add that the era of great atmospheric boxer slowly nearing sunset. Very soon, with the upcoming modernization of the 911 th and receive a new turbocharged engine capacity smaller and more power at the same time. And it will be quite another story.

A bit of history

GTS – it’s not an acronym invented a beautiful and glorious racing history of the Porsche.

She stands for Gran Turismo Sport, and first appeared in the mid-engined Porsche 904 coupe in 1963. The car has been specially built for racing series GT, and according to the rules was required to release at least 100 such as serial models. The result saw the light 116 904 copies of the first, but in terms of sports compact coupe with a body made of fiberglass (it is made by special order at the aircraft factory) has been very successful, winning many victories in different classes.

The prefix GTS then periodically appeared on different models (924, 928), but massively returned to the civilian sector in 2007 on a crossover Cayenne. For GTS 911 version first appeared in 2010 in the last generation model.

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