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Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS – “Mechanical happiness”

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

Porsche 911 GTS index is intermediate between “normal” and almost 911 racing version of the GT3. New recently appeared on the market, and we immediately took her to the test

Compared with the 911 Carrera S modification GTS has many interesting features. Firstly, this version is equipped with an engine increased from 400 to 430 hp power. Achieving this has been due to improvements intake system of the power unit. In addition to a more powerful engine, standard equipment package includes a car Sport Chrono, PASM suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers, active gidroopory engine, aerodynamic sports package and forged wheels with central fixing nut. The gain in acceleration to “hundreds” of 0.1 seconds. It seems to be a little bit, but thanks to all of the above refinements Porsche 911 GTS version should be more interesting to manage than the 911 Carrera S. As we soon check.

This version is available for all body types: coupe, convertible and Targa. Drive back or full (all-wheel drive Targa only). Transmission 7-speed – “mechanics” or “robot” with two clutches. Interestingly, the “regular” 911’s all-wheel drive versions have extended by 44 mm rear fenders. So, at the Porsche 911 GTS and rear-wheel drive models have a “wide-body” box.

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

I have to test all-wheel drive Porsche 911 GTS Coupe with a robotic gearbox. There is such a basic vehicle 7,287,482 rubles. Not cheap. But if so equip “usual» Carrera 4 S, get much more expensive.


As always, the Porsche 911 GTS, the process of landing in the car requires some skill because the roof is low, and the seat is located almost on the floor. Inside all the same as in the other versions of the model, except for the extended leather finishes. She immediately everywhere. In addition to the seats, and the front door panels, center tunnel, the steering wheel and the roof, leather trimmed vents of the ventilation system, the base of the chairs and even the steering column. And if the client and that little, this natural material can be finished even planochki inside those vents.

Landing at the wheel is extremely dense. I sit firmly fixed in his chair with a powerful adjustable lateral support (separately configurable “crimp” cushion and backrest), and keep in the hands of vertically arranged small diameter steering wheel. The seat has a rigid pack and a perfect profile. Right – a high central tunnel on the left – a high sill. It was like sinking into a car. I feel part of this perfect mechanism.

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

Ergonomics in the part that is responsible for the management of the car, the ideal. All bodies under the arm, and buttons and levers are pressed with crisp, taut efforts. Congestion information dashboard with five “dials” can not be considered for lack of – a proprietary feature of the Porsche 911 GTS. Especially as unreadable dial speedometer duplicated highly visible digital counterpart. The keys on the center console in the presence of a certain skill you can press blindly. But the small-screen interface and mediocre graphics still outdated. I hope that during the coming restyling this shortcoming will be eliminated. But visibility is definitely good, especially for a sports car. What, however, can not be said about the sense of the size – no habit rounded body panels do not accurately perceive the edges of maneuvering in tight spaces.

And yet there is the rear seat. Landing formula 2 + 2 implies that the second row will be able to properly accommodate only children. But I can safely say that there are no problems arranged and adults, if their growth does not exceed 165 cm.


I turn the key, located traditionally Porsche 911 GTS left of the steering wheel, and the 430-strong “boxer” wakes up with an angry roar. Body while shudders. The next moment, momentum is reduced, and the engine goes to the discontented grumbling, as if demanding to have to go quickly. Moves tight selector robotic gearbox driving position and the car moves off quietly. The accelerator pedal is too tight, and intense acceleration it is necessary to “trample” manly. It is surprising that if you drive slowly and driving in traffic jams “robot” running very smoothly – typical for these types of transmission jerks at all.

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

I opt for the operating room and step on the pedal “gas” stronger. In response, the car starts without any pauses powerful avalanche acceleration accompanied boxer powertrain. The palette of sounds amazing. At low revs the engine gurgles, at medium – growls and howls high. However, despite the fact that the sound is quite loud, even when driving long eardrums, he does not bother. Transmission works perfectly – and rate of fire, and smooth shifting.

Brakes great! In short pedal stroke and deceleration control a change in the main effort, which is very convenient. The test specimen was equipped with standard brake discs, and, in principle, their productivity and resistance to overheating even enough for the racetrack. And if you book a carbon-ceramic, then the brake can be “rape” as your heart desires. In addition, the course of the car is smoother due to a significant reduction in unsprung mass – about 3 kg per wheel. I traveled with carbon-ceramic before and I want to say that most feel the difference is in smooth progress.

Press the button with the inscription «Sport», located on the central tunnel. Transmission immediately discards a transmission and throttle begins to respond to the slightest touch. This automatically includes a special “rychalka” amplifying the sound of the exhaust. So now to the sound palette of the engine exhaust system is added ripple. Box switched more sharply – by changing the gear that tangible shocks. And under braking, when the transfer switch down, “robot” makes automatic peregazovki. All this taken together injects into the blood hefty dose of adrenaline and I, as a boy, always “trample” the accelerator pedal to experience a strong push in the back and enjoy the acceleration.

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

But that is not all. There is one more a button – with the inscription «Sport plus». After pressing the engine explodes in a loud howl, because the transmission flushes just three (!) Transmission, making the tach needle hovers around the level of 4000 rev / min. In this accelerator pedal is converted into nerve exposed. Now, after pressing it should not push, but a real stab in the back, after which the landscape begins to move, as if at an accelerated motion. My blood seems to boil is now out of the abundance of endorphins! The main thing – do not lose your head, otherwise you can lose the rights in the two accounts.

The steering is also tight, like all other controls. Steering-wheel is best to keep both hands: compared to the previous generation car has become much less prowl on rough road, but rut yet the driver causes strain. However, such behavior is perceived naturally. Precisely because of this I feel the road as if the wheels are an extension of my hand: I feel all the bumps asphalt and road markings, and it also delivers a genuine pleasure.

If no rutting, exchange rate stability is becoming a model, and the car turns into a guided missile. Formations lanes occur with lightning speed, as if under the influence of thought. Banks is not felt at all. A winding road at the level of lateral accelerations seems unreal. To achieve start sliding, you need to take special measures such as kontrsmescheniya as tires hold on asphalt, as if magnetized. Accuracy of following the trajectory can only be compared with professional precision of a scalpel of the surgeon. This Porsche 911 GTS perfectly controlled even on rough roads – at hitting a bump in the turn the car stays on track. The idea is that it should have been rearranged, but nothing like this happens.

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

Another surprise – Ride. It is good, despite the stiffer suspension. Porsche 911 GTS, surprisingly comfortable passes variegated irregularities. Potholes, cracks and sunken manholes did not disappear, but they are felt in a very mild form that sports car is just amazing. A “speed bumps” can be held, and not reducing speed – power consumption at an excellent suspension. As for soundproofing, in such a vehicle to talk about it indecent. Because the roar of the engine and the howl of tires are not perceived as uncomfortable – on the contrary, they involve the driver in the management process and serve as another source of pleasure.

Test-drive Porsche 911 GTS - "Mechanical happiness"

All good “normal» Porsche 911 GTS version but will cause its owner more concentrated emotion. A little faster, a little more precise, almost luxuriously finished interior, and a little of the “little” is gaining quite a weighty difference. Without exaggeration, we can say that this is one of the most sporting among road cars and one of the most traffic among sports. It really is possible to go and on the race track and the city, using both cars per day.