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Test drive Nissan Tiida – “Dawn of a new day”

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

The Japanese word «tiida» translated as “Dawn of a new day.” What sees a new day coming company Nissan, bringing to market a new version of our popular car?

Nissan Tiida first generation (C11) was made in 2004, and from 2007 began its sales in the country. The second-generation C12, shown at the motor show in Shanghai in 2011, we actually passed, and today we get a third “generation” of a hatchback from Nissan. In Europe it is known as Pulsar (model year – 2014 th), but it is not “the” car.

But if you compare our second Nissan Tiida first, then the changes will be very noticeable. The car was 84 mm longer and 73 mm wider, 97 mm plus increased its wheelbase. And earlier gladdened spacious interior Nissan Tiida became more “air.” So, legroom (or rather, the distance between the back of the rear and front seats) makes her 692 mm – is significantly higher than the average for sedans C and even D-class! For comparison, the Nissan Sentra sedan this parameter is 662 mm, that is, the hatchback, it turns out, even more spacious. A reasonable question: for how the driver gets a distance? I measured the gap between the back of the sofa cushion and back driver’s seat during landing “for themselves.” I got 370 mm. Let us add about half a meter long pillow back sofa … what happens? In general, if you want to sit at the back, with his legs crossed – all right.

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

“Victim” of a large living room, alas, fallen trunk. The new hatchback with a volume of only 307 liters. Of course, the rear part of the back of the sofa can be easily folded, received “hold” of approximately 1390 liters. However, the back is not in a flat floor, and with a noticeable “step.” At about the same as in the Nissan Almera sample 2014 year. Representatives of Nissan said that about 50 liters of useful volume trunk “ate” a full-size spare tire. And I still sorry that things turned out compartment so small. Although the volume of the luggage exceeds the new Nissan Tiida hatchback and Note.

The acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h hatchback Nissan Tiida sedan Sentra wins back less than a second (CVT Sport mode or fourth gear in the mechanical box). Result – somewhere 16-17 seconds. About the same and “urban” acceleration “from 60 to 80 km / h – 8.7 seconds, at least (with the” mechanics “- in third gear).

Apparently, the upcoming new day presented “nissanovtsy” relatively carefree. Why do something to carry your own car when you can always hire carriers and order? A need to travel light, with a minimum of things, but always with a smartphone or tablet. Recharge it in the Nissan Tiida can be at the front (12-volt outlet – the bottom of the center console). There is also the possibility to link a mobile device with multi media NISSAN CONNECT and bring your favorite applications on the 5.8-inch touch screen with anti-reflective coating.

During the test, the new Nissan Tiida image with the screen suddenly disappeared. For no apparent reason, they say, in broad daylight. And the reason is just what became daylight, bright and sunny. I just turned on the dipped beam and the image of “muted” to almost total darkness. Apparently, the car “decided” that time was included passing light, then it was night, and it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the screen so that it is not blind and does not distract the driver. Conclusion: exploiting new “Tiida”, use the LED daytime running lights and install a light switch in position Auto. Then, the image on the screen multi media is not going anywhere.

Nissan Tiida: More similarities than differences

The front panel of the cabin – one to one is the same as in the Nissan Sentra. There is no difference, except that there is no button remote tailgate release. It is exactly the same sense of workmanship and quality factor of finishing materials (elastic plastic top of the dashboard, the insertion of silver “braid”) – and at the same time in all of this is seen some barely perceptible averaging, standard adherence inviolable canons. I just caught a glimpse of the interior Nissan Tiida first generation, and it seems to me that this spirit averageness got a new car in the inheritance. No, no rejection, and even the interior is not boredom brings, and in general the same panel dual-zone climate control (starting with a complete set Elegance) looks good and readable even in bright sunlight. High definition distinguishes and instrument cluster with white numbering and the easy to read LCD display, on-board computer, which, incidentally, is present at the Nissan Tiida since version Welcome. By the way, even the base car is equipped with ABS, ESP, front airbags and multi-function steering wheel, adjustable in height and on the flight.

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

Along with the front panel at the new Nissan TiidaNissan  and “Centro” and the same seat. The only difference is that the “Centro” leather trim is available, and the Nissan Tiida no, suede. It is very pleasant to the touch, but is only available in the “upper” complete Tekna, but in other versions – the fabric, however, in different combinations, that looks nice. Actually, it turned out that Nissan «counted” positioning “Centro,” and now she is invited to held a family of men aged 30 to 50 years.

Nissan Tiida: More differences than similarities

Externally, the sedan and hatchback like much less than it may seem on the photographs. Actually, I would not call them two similar body panels. Is that very similar in outline front fenders, but wheels are identical. Otherwise, everything is different. The Nissan Tiida completely different “look” headlights as false radiator grille (in a complete set Tekna dipped headlights provide LEDs). Front hatchback looks perky, energetic than solid sedan. Nissan Tiida tried to make the youth more.

And it happened! Paradoxically, at the same units and elements of the chassis hatchback goes more focused and even more recklessly than the sedan. What’s the matter? The wheelbase is the same in two cars (2700 mm), the suspension scheme too (front rack “McPherson”, rear torsion beam). Maybe it’s in the weight distribution?

Nissan Tiida hatchback is equipped with a 1.6-liter petrol engine capacity of 117 liters. c. as a sedan Sentra. And the same Transmission: five-speed “mechanics” or stepless variator company Jatco, having seven virtual gears. In fact, their number is difficult to verify because the manual selection “steps” this device is not, and switch while driving are almost invisible.

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

The old Nissan Tiida gets in the way from Mexico, a set of units was more. It was the engine capacity of 1.6 and 1.8 liters and 110, respectively, and 126 liters. from. But abroad this car was known and with a diesel engine. Transmission – five-speed manual and quad “automatic”.

It so happened that at the beginning of the test drive of the new Nissan Tiida my companion and I had to go on … Sentra. Coincidentally or not, this model proved to be in our “company” could not figure out, but had a chance to compare the two models. And, once in “combat” conditions – in the streets of Tbilisi. Here and state coverage in many areas leaves much to be desired, and many streets, especially in the old town, narrow necks like bottles of Georgian wine and mountain terrain, without exaggeration, because the route of the test assumed to rise to the ancient monastery Mtatsminda, located almost on a same height, on which the local TV tower. Add to this the fact that the navigation system NISSAN CONNECT completely oriented in the Georgian capital, and had to follow the instructions of the program installed on our plates issued. “Acuity” added the morals of local drivers. I visited Georgia about two years ago, and so, the behavior of local motorists not a whit better, but the traffic has increased significantly. So you have to adapt to local conditions, that is, on the go.

If the embankments of the river Kura still relatively smooth (in the sense, almost horizontal), you should turn into the old city on the right bank, as the streets start to literally climb the mountainside. We can see how hard the owners of cars with manual transmissions get a move on, I think, clutches here – consumables. With the CVT is much easier to overcome these places, but it gradually becomes difficult. The car barely pulls on some climbs, almost ready to stop! We stop and the “reduced” transfer of L, there is a this device. The point is getting better, pull firmly but … not much. It seems that the engine is not enough …

And because it’s really not enough! I remember last year’s autumn test Sentra on the roads of Spain. 16-valve 1.6-liter 117 horsepower gasoline unit HR16DE, developing only 158 Nm of torque at 4000 rev / min, allowed to accelerate from 60 to 80 km / h in about 7.8 seconds, too much! And from 80 to 120 km / h had to “reach” for many 18 seconds!

But it later, but until we literally run around the narrow streets, and then braking to careless pedestrians who can begin to cross the roadway at any place and at any time, regardless of oncoming traffic (here, one pass is not accepted either with the nor on the other hand), as well as with a chill on the back to part with a lot of taxis and delivery van – from the latest European and Japanese models to rydvanov time of King David (the latter is much more than the first). We can not thank the “nissanovtsy”: the “Centro” and Nissan Tiida they gave excellent brakes! We they might seem too harsh, but for the conditions of the Georgian capital, appeared at the time. Moreover, ABS no hurry to operate even on slopes covered with cobblestones, more slippery than asphalt. Such areas, so that there, entire neighborhoods in the old Tbilisi is complete.

At one point we stopped the car especially on the steep descent to photograph the rare “relative”: the original “dvuhdverku» Nissan Figaro, only released in 1991! How is this rarity hit the Transcaucasian republic, no one knows. In general, the fleet is very diverse, even variegated. And in general, “Nissans” are many, including the old Nissan Tiida, including copies of RHD. Their owners and the owner are always looked at with interest the representatives of the new generation. The car turned out not too bright and eye-catching, but it does not get lost in the stream. Previous Nissan Tiida with all distinctiveness body design is much closer to being a “gray mouse”.

Nissan Figaro with a body “cabriolet” was produced in 1991, “circulation” only 20,000 copies. Built on the platform of the first generation Nissan Micra. The engine – gasoline turbocharged capacity of 76 liters. s., gearbox – a tri-band “machine”.

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

As we have seen, in general, both nissanovskih news masterfully cope with urban environments, even such difficult, both in Tbilisi. Fit into the steep and very steep turns the streets of the old town, with a minimum turning circle between walls 11 m, and from the curb to curb – 10.1 m. By the way, borders can not much to fear is the lowest point of the vehicle at a height of 155 mm, but that’s where it is, we have not been able to learn. But just beyond the front and rear bumpers, there is a distance above. Also, “Sentra” and Nissan Tiida offer good “pictures” in all three mirrors, as well as on the screens of NISSAN CONNECT – it involves the installation of the car rear view camera. Only here the camera is, and parktronikov not, so when reversing better attention in addition to the screen, lean out the open door, and then ask a colleague to go out and follow the maneuver. Although in Georgia a very significant part of the fleet beaten, why should we exacerbate this situation?

Nissan Tiida: Catch up and overtake

On the road outside Tbilisi, we are moving to a colleague already on the Nissan Tiida. Surprisingly, compared with the hatchback sedan is seen as a more collected, “smart”. Suspension “Centro” can sometimes softly “report” about the irregularities under the wheels, suspension Nissan Tiida almost in the same situations categorically “silent.”  Both cars are already assembled on the assembly line in Izhevsk, and has leaked information about allegedly occurred “doorposts”: seals dangling crookedly mounted fuse boxes and even the handlebars. But as it became known that these defects were isolated and emerged only at the very first collected “Centro” and then do not recur. The only complaint is the traditional buyers of this model – often there are cases of low-quality wheel balancing.

It was possible to find out what many believe is the cause of the low exchange rate stability model on the highway. In the past year we have also seen: at high speeds “Sentra” may be a little “float”. But the bad wheel balancing is unlikely to affect it; rather, it will vibrate, and very prominent in a certain range of speeds (sometimes narrow). This was not observed exactly. I would probably have written off easy directional instability sedan on the wrong front axle. But here’s the paradox: Nissan Tiida on similar wheels showed no hint of instability of exchange rate! Maybe not as Georgian Railway lines as the Spanish highways? Maybe asphalt in these countries different? But the fact remains that exchange rate stability Nissan Tiida frankly pleased.

“Sentra” roll in cornering – and Nissan Tiida unfortunately heels. But with it we were “lucky” more rather to the conditions of the test. The Spanish were relatively flat expanses, Georgia is constantly observed terrain, and roads through the fields quickly began to climb into the mountains, forming a real streamers. And then my companion pointed out that, despite the krenistost hatchback desperately clings to the canvas, but because body roll is not perceived as frightening. We are emboldened to the point that gradually began to overtake dashing local (!!) drivers, including those who had vehicles with permanent all-wheel drive. However, we came across this most tranquil of the Georgian drivers, because no local taxi driver we could not overtake, they themselves in similar situations “make” us how to stand.

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

I think that to a large extent the reason for the excellent cornering stability steel tire Pirelli Cinturato, in which were “shod” test Nissan Tiida. As for the suspension, the “comfort area”, as in advertising, I would not call this car. He’s a little harsh, but this is offset by soft armchairs in the lounge. They do not offer a tenacious lateral support, but they simply comfortable. And the back does not get tired even after long hauls. A height adjustment comparable to the height of the Caucasus mountains – well, very much!

Overall, a decent control during high-speed races through the winding mountain roads and even surprised because this model extremely “long” wheel – as much as 3.5 turns from lock to lock. But believe me, when maneuvering at a speed that you did not feel, on the contrary, we note that the car is very happy to respond to rotations “donut”. And effort on it does not give the “artificial”, while electric power is applied. And “zero” on the line, though have to grope, but without much difficulty. Like, in the settings of the steering mechanism “Centro” and Nissan Tiida there should be no difference, but it felt. Maybe it’s in a more “correct” angles of the wheels?

As for the speakers, something a little lighter Nissan Tiida hardly detached from the “Centro”. From 0 to 100 km / h Nissan Tiida dispersed about 11 seconds, actually like Sentra, but real life is little to say. But in acceleration from 80 to 120 km / h hatchback still win back the sedan for about a second (CVT Sport mode or fourth gear in the mechanical box). Result – somewhere 16-17 seconds, as they say, not much … about the same and “urban” acceleration “from 60 to 80 km / h – 8.7 seconds, at least (with the” mechanics “- the third transmission). Thus, the “mechanical” version can not be called much more dynamic than the “automatic.” You can squeeze out all the engine “juice” untwisted it to outright ringing at 6000 rev / min, but that will be of little. The main pick-up felt at 3200-3500 rev / min and 5000 r / min has transformed into a “recession.”

Test drive Nissan Tiida - "Dawn of a new day"

“Victim” of a large living room, alas, fallen trunk. The new hatchback with a volume of only 307 liters. Of course, the rear part of the back of the sofa can be easily folded, received “hold” of approximately 1390 liters. However, the back is not in a flat floor, and with a noticeable “step.”