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Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood


In today’s automotive world relies totally restyled all models, even so extravagant as a subcompact crossover Nissan Juke! At the time of the test vehicle has just come to us, we just took him off the transporter, even the prices and configuration, we learned later. To us, by the way, got the top version with 190 horsepower turbo engine and advanced all-wheel drive as well as a full range of personalization! Now we have to figure out what has changed in this crossover!

The market Juke since 2011, and ever since the controversy over his appearance did not cease. Personally, I this is not very avant-garde for the soul, but many people like it, and the crowd is not only his classmates, but also for all of our test car character stands out. External decided to emphasize the originality with new tail lights – this is the uppermost of the three pairs of headlamps – made in the form of a boomerang and having now the LED light. New head optics, which can now be with Xenon “stuffing”, depending on the configuration. Also, using a slightly modified bumpers – at the bottom – and refreshed grille. We note in passing that the radiators are still blatant in the most vulnerable parts. Updated and mirrors – they became more and they are now hidden cameras around.

Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood
And if someone would think that the Juke is not enough original, and will take, it can be released with the help of emerging opportunities for personalization of the car. For example, our car is a gray lining and a spoiler on the trunk lid. It ends with a list of updates outside the expanded color palette. Total body colors can be 10. Among the three new and our Sunlight Yellow, which in my opinion is great, and the model itself, and our powerful modification. Undoubtedly, Juke has a distinctive appearance, but the most interesting thing is that the girls like it much more than the guys!

Configuration and price

Nissan has always been distinguished by the presence of many modifications in its models and restyling of the Juke features are not lost. Starting price today is about $ 18,700, for which proposed the most modest engine capacity of 94 hp and “mechanics” paired with monoprivrodom. The following is a list of modifications to enumerate all that we do not. We note only that the Juke with “automatic” cost at least $ 21,500, and if you want all-wheel drive version, you have to shell out $ 28,500

Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood
Test copy of the most equipped and therefore the most expensive. Its price-list the cost – as much $ 33,700 In order to somehow reduce the cost of such an option, but at the same time to try to reconcile with our Juke roads in the Ukrainian representative office decided to abandon the 18 drives in favor of the 17’s, but the possibility of personalization left.

In the cabin

The interior of the fundamental innovations, in fact, not. But in the top versions have expanded opportunities for personalization. Insert You can add bright colors – both on our test Juke – more of them, and they include even color stitching seats, steering and visor. It is also equipped with the most Juki will sport a new multimedia system Nissan Connect 2.0 with the ability to download applications via the smartphone.

We decided to check whether the system is ready to work, and tried to befriend her with an old HTC. Unlike the new Infiniti Q50 Software did not have football, and say they are willing to work in the US and Canada. In contrast, the maximum friendliness has been taken, and the list of countries is similar around the world. Zakonnektivshis multimedia, we are able to not only read news favorite sites, to sit with the social networks, but also to use as a guide in the Google search engine with reference to the map. Ie found, for example, a sushi bar, and immediately navigate a route to it. If those would be some, they will be ranked by distance or even by user rating! You can also plan a route in advance, and then upload it to the remote Nissan Connect by using the Send To Car.

Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood
In his spare time, multimedia functions, namely, when the reverse gear or press the Camera on a color 5.8-inch screen displays a picture of the circular review Around View Monitor, with which we are familiar from other models of Nissan and Infiniti. A panoramic picture is built very high quality, and “glued” carefully. This is only the small screen and the camera does not give the best quality that gives their age,

In general, the filling system has stepped up with the times and offers more relevant today functions. But the form, unfortunately, and did not touch, and outwardly everything remained the same.

The rest of the interior is unchanged. A good supply of seats for the height of the front seat but close to the width of the doorway and back row, “motorcycle” central tunnel, proprietary system D-Mode, “living” in the climate control unit, smooth contours interior parts and slightly oppressive top black ceiling .


Cargo space in the Juke is very small, even by the standards of the class B crossover. Realizing this, the engineers have increased its capacity in the atmospheric version – and just 100 liters to 354! This was done through the optimization of the underground space, because the dimensions of the car remain the same. But all-wheel drive version of the space for these maneuvers is not so in this case the amount of luggage the same – 251 liter. Under the floor hides dokatka and a little more space.

Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood

In move

What I immediately noted the wheel Nissan Juke – is high land, which are clearly visible thanks to the front edges of the machine. And the hood, and running lights are clearly visible – perhaps it was done specifically to the driver (voditelnitsy) was easier to control the dimensions of the machine? According to the technical part of the changes after restyling it has not happened. Still at our disposal will be two motor – atmospheric 1.6 to 94 hp and 117 hp and turbocharged, such as in our test car, on the 190. By the way, although the volume of them and the same, in fact it is different powertrains.

190 forces turn Juke into a really fast car, but it goes something like without the “spark”, exactly. Most likely, the case in the variator, which is already very linear in their work. However, our “yolk” could always “show teeth” and I liked the surprised looks of many drivers whose cars he left astern.

Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood

And all-wheel drive Juke is interesting not only a powerful engine, but also the actual 4×4 system with thrust vector control system. On the rear axle on command is transmitted electronically to 50% of the torque, depending on conditions. But the most important thing is that traction may be distributed between the rear wheels individually, thanks to the individual for each of them multi-plate clutch! And this is most clearly manifested in the turns when the rear outer wheel out nearly all the time, served on the rear axle. It makes the car literally screwed into the turns of the road! By the way, the same system is used sports car Nissan GT-R.

In tandem engine and intelligent four-wheel drive transmission and manifests the essence of the whole machine: fast, confident, recklessly! And the 18 th wheels keep the car perfectly. On the other hand, how many of you will drive through the city to the Juke? But when it comes to our “bumpy” road, generously flavored joints and potholes, it will appear here and suspension stiffness. Yes, all-wheel drive Juke chassis interesting, because the back is not an ordinary bar, as atmospheric machines and mnogoryichazhka. In general, it is very dense and can even say tough. And I do not think that 17’s disk from which planned to supply to us this version, the situation will change drastically.

Also add that in a four-wheel drive Juke is designed more for certain active drive on paved, rather than to overcome the terrain. Yes, he will have to help him, and in the snowy winters have handy, but any more or less deep ruts it is undesirable. Because the ground clearance under the exhaust pipe, the envelope rear gear is only 140 mm. So the urban jungle for our hero are preferred.

What’s new in technical terms at all? ANSWER: The new items have appeared in terms of supporting electronics. This proprietary complex active safety systems Nissan Safety Shield, which includes control of Rows traffic monitoring blind spots and recognition of moving objects. All of these things are actively using the camera side and rear-view camera, warning the driver in case of accidental departure from the band, or the appearance of other vehicles in the blind spot. In the first case, the phone beeps and the second added “winks” indicator light in the front driver’s door. But the motion of the wheel as it was, for example, Passat, these systems are not affected. On the other hand, a non-intrusive means of such assistants very quickly get used to, and reseeding into his car without these “chips” for some time sorry about their absence. The third system, part of a complex of NSS, warns the driver when maneuvering in reverse, if the motion path appears obstacle. But she does not stop the car as it was able to do an updated Patrol. Even more upset absence of PDC itself. The camera is good, but if the slush, wet snow?

Test drive Nissan Juke. Orange mood

So in conclusion, an appetite test Nissan Juke. He had still youthful, good, and less than 10 liters per hundred, we can not omit it. And if you “just” ride, then this figure is around 11-12 liters.

Summing up

Well, Nissan Juke has once again confirmed his title of original and distinctive crossover, we liked its assertive character that goes well with him refreshed, and in our case also bright appearance. In this embodiment, it is very harmonious – a kind of a young rebel who wanted to spit on the rules and conventions. Here are the statistics for the majority of cars sold – a more modest version with atmospheric engine and trim poorer. Attracts and the starting price and a variety of modifications so that it is easier to pick up the car “for themselves.”

Therefore competitors Nissan Juke can be divided into two camps. The first will be opponents for the simpler versions, including the Peugeot 2008 with “automatic”, Chevrolet Tracker, Ford EcoSport, as well as newcomers Citroen C4 Cactus, Suzuki Vitara, Renault Captur and SsangYong Tivoli – the last two will be sold this fall.

But for a top Juke virtually no competitors – those can be attributed to a Citroen DS4 and the MINI Countryman. As you can see, in the segment subcompact crossover is becoming closer and more interesting planned fight between them!

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