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Test drive Mercedes GLE – “What’s my name?”

Mercedes GLE

Mid-size crossover Mercedes-Benz has updated looks, got upgraded power units, a plurality of electronic assistants and changed its name … – instead of the usual abbreviations ML on his body boasted a label GLE

This trick of Austrian drivers I did not expect … Test drive new items was held at the mountain streamers and motorways in this country, and not just on the highway it happened. I moved quietly in the left lane in heavy traffic, when walking in front of the right vehicle, not including turn signals, dramatically reconstructed right under my hood. Honestly, even with my experience of the reaction was not enough – I closed my eyes, anticipating the clank and rattle, but … nothing happened. Just because Mercedes GLE pulled himself! By the way, the same thing he’d do, jump out on the road the pedestrian.

The fact that the updated crossover is equipped with a large number of different security systems, known by other modern models of Mercedes-Benz. These systems follow the markings, vehicles, pedestrians and even the lateral wind. And in an emergency take measures, ranging from warning the driver and ending the emergency stop. In addition, Mercedes GLE is able to taxi on their own in small corners.

Mercedes GLE

In addition to the introduction of new electronic assistants during restyling at the crossover changed appearance – in accordance with the new corporate identity of the brand. The car has received new headlights, hood, bumper and fenders. There appeared LED taillights filling. As a result of reforms “German” began to look more sporty and swift.

Few words to say about the new name «GLE». Brand Mercedes-Benz decided to rename his SUV. The first two letters just mean that it’s a crossover, the latter is about the size of passenger models. That is the car A-Class crossover meets GLA. Followed by C-Class, and GLC, E-Class and Mercedes GLE and finally, S-Class and GLS. There is also a version of the GLE Coupe, and after a while will GLS Coupe.

Compared with the model dorestaylingovoy crossover became friendlier to the environment – CO2 levels on average in the model decreased by 17%. To achieve this possible, in particular through modernization of engines and the emergence of a hybrid version. All turbo version was 9-band “automatic”, equipped with gasoline modification 7-band automatic transmission.

Mercedes GLE

The most economical in your passport is a hybrid of Mercedes GLE 500 e 4Matic, equipped with a 3-liter petrol engine producing 333 hp and 116-horsepower electric motor. The total capacity of the power plant is 442 hp, while the average consumption is stated at 3.3-3.7 liters per 100 kilometers. In reality, this figure is unlikely to be reached, so in daily operation since it may well argue RWD Mercedes GLE 250 d, which is located under the hood 2.1-liter 204-strong turbodiesel (it consumes an average of 5.4 liters per 100 kilometers). And the most powerful version – 585-horsepower Mercedes GLE 63 S 4Matic. Its average consumption is on the passport of 11.8 liters per hundred, that people understand causes only a smile.

Tuning the chassis in comparison with the ML model is not changed. But there was a feature Dynamic Select, having modes Comfort, Slippery, Sport and Individual. They change many settings – the engine, transmission, steering, suspension (with pneumatic system Airmatic), stabilization systems and other electronic assistants. And the optional Off-Road package gives you the opportunity to choose more and three off-road modes.

Mercedes GLE

All modifications to the news, with the exception of the rear-wheel 250 d, are available in Russian. Prices start at 3 300 000 rubles for the four-wheel drive 250 d 4Matic. The most powerful Mercedes GLE 63 S 4Matic is estimated at 7.34 million rubles for the basic package.


Salon Mercedes GLE cozy, home-like living room. Compared with ML dorestaylinovym he has a new central display in the form of a tablet computer 7 inch or 8 inch depending on the configuration (before the screen was built and smaller) with more detailed and colorful graphics. The display can display an image with sky cameras, perfectly helps parking and off-road driving. Changed the central ventilation vents on the front and there are new, more expensive version of the trim. Left multifunction steering column lever, responsible for the management of turn signals, wipers, high beams, moved up from the bottom position – with the “eight hours” to “ten.”

The rest of the cabin is not changed. Range of adjustment of the front seats are huge, their profile and flawless printing, and landing at the wheel geometry is gorgeous. Ergonomics is good, if you get used to the aforementioned shift paddles as well as the selector mode of Dynamic Select. This switch is located on the center console, and use it to touch at first difficult.

Mercedes GLE

The rear seats are not as comfortable as the front, but to move long distances on the second row without problems. There is a separate climate system for the rear, but it is, as before, single-band.


The first step is to arrange the wheel all-wheel drive modification Mercedes GLE 250 d 4Matic, equipped with a 204-strong turbodiesel. This is the “slow” version of crossover (see, acceleration to “hundreds” of 8.6 with can hardly be called such). Tarahtenie idling heard in the cabin, but no vibration. At city speeds the car accelerates very briskly, the reaction accelerator pedal calm even in “Sport” mode, the system Dynamic Select. The latest 9-band “machine” runs invisibly.Enough speakers and no-limit autobahn (partial test took place in Germany), but after the first “hundred” dynamic acceleration is reduced, and after 160 km / h becoming frankly sluggish. Nevertheless, I managed to disperse the crossover to 205 km / h.

Exchange rate stability, even at speeds of “two hundred” reinforced concrete. Rudder poured real hard severity and allows the car without the slightest strain. Pneumatic chassis confidently smoothes uneven road, and the noise of the wind and the tires do not bother. Is that the “sport” mode, the suspension begins to track crossover microprofile roadway. So I decided to use “individual” mode of Dynamic Select, moving the chassis in the “comfort” mode, while leaving the steering, engine and gearbox in Sport.

Mercedes GLE

On the winding road Mercedes GLE perfectly obey the driver smoothly, but immediately changing direction. Manageability is very reliable, although not gamble, so what should be and at Mercedes-Benz. In “Sport” mode, the suspension rolls a little less, but the car’s behavior does not change. And that’s a smooth ride even in Comfort perfect I can not name – chassis harshly, “recounts” the cracks of asphalt and manholes in the recessed body shakes noticeably.However, the overall smoothness good, and if you change the optional 20-inch wheels with low profile tires, in which was a “shod” test sample on the base 17-inch, the problem should disappear.

Transplanted into the hybrid modification Mercedes GLE 500 e 4Matic. My first thought: how quiet here!Of course, because the battery is charged, and the petrol engine is silent, even with a fairly heavy acceleration. By the way, to recognize the time of its inclusion is possible only on the tachometer needle that moves from zero. And only at speeds close to the maximum, you can hear the delivered “baritone» V-shaped “six”. Reactions to the gas pedal instantaneous. The electric motor eliminates delays turbocharged petrol engine, making management of overclocking to the best weather powertrains.

During the first 30 kilometers fuel consumption fluctuated around the mark 2 liters per 100 kilometers. Then he dropped the charge, the petrol engine has become increasingly enter into employment. As a result, after 70 kilometers consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers.Considering that the more than 2-ton crossover accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds, indicator admittedly fantastic.


Finally the organizers have prepared off-road test track. I went there on a rigged package Off-Road turbodiesel version Mercedes GLE 350 d 4Matic, developing 258 hp Great power unit! Quiet and high-torque, it is perfect for all situations. And off-road traction had more than enough, and it is very convenient to use. Total off three modes. First for an easy off-road, the second – for the heavy. I Chose “nubmers” selector and you can safely go. But the third mode is used only when the car sat on its belly. In this case, the maximum suspension stands “on his toes”, increasing the ground clearance of up to 285 mm. I thought he did not need, in most cases enough of the first mode.

Mercedes GLE

But here in front of me bend track, followed by a steep descent begins. The instructor commands include a second mode, and set the speed of the system, which helps the descent, at 2 km / h. Further includes a front camera that lets you see what is happening behind the bend. I am sending the car in the right direction … and let go of all the pedals. The main thing – do not brake, and the wheels can lock. Frankly, it was scary, especially when the crossover slid along the muddy mire. But auxiliary systems instantly recognized the situation and, selectively “crunching” the brakes slowly lowered car insidious plot.

The remainder of the path has not delivered any problems. Actually, as expected. Then called crossover Mercedes GLE I even somehow uncomfortable – Service Off-Road becomes a real SUV. Well, for those who are not going to move off away from public roads, is fine and the version without this package, which also allows a great deal. In general, the model restyling went good. You’re just used to the new name. That to me during this test drive did not succeed.

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