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Test-drive Mazda3 Sedan: saving with pleasure

Test-drive Mazda3 Sedan: saving with pleasure

Once again, the new MaMazda3 Sedan zda3 recalled the vivid emotions that gave us in previous tests.
And it is not only confident cornering and graceful maneuvers, but in fact, in which high spirits “C grade” addresses the most mundane tasks.

Mazda3 Sedan: In all cases

Most drive character demonstrates hatchback with a 2-liter 150-horsepower engine, but we are more tempted by a 1.5-liter engine SkyActiv-G. Here it is, the golden mean! And not just because this power unit is installed on the machine with both body styles. He simply shows the lowest fuel consumption in the city. And it is with an automatic transmission, which is much more convenient to push in traffic congestion and, what with the “mechanics”!

Test-drive Mazda3 Sedan: saving with pleasure

In a move multimedia interface “man-machine» Human Machine Interface (HMI) is controlled by a separate control
Under the sensual curves of the body hides Mazda3 Sedan German ergonomic interior. Mighty materials reminiscent of car premium segment

The secret of a successful operation “machine” in that its 89% of the time the converter is in the locked state, which increases efficiency. Even in traffic jams and the most active driving us to easily manage stowed in 7,7-8,7 liters per 100 kilometers. A little more than promised? So make yourself a car with dynamic design and a restless soul to ride safely!

Test-drive Mazda3 Sedan: saving with pleasure
Wide range of movement of the steering wheel in two planes, and the driver’s seat make it possible to easily and comfortably sit in the driver’s seat. Behind quite roomy and comfortable

Especially when in manual mode, gear changes occur on sports algorithm: own up box is not switched, the lever is moved with a nice elastic swing up the six stairs to climb selector pushes back, and runs away down short rockings it forward. All the course and in accordance with the laws of physics operating on the driver during acceleration and braking. A topnesh on the gas pedal – and the box immediately jumps down.
Motor SkyActiv-G 1.5-liter 6-speed automatic transmission is offered for the Mazda3 Sedan with any type of body and provides an affordable car dynamics and a modest appetite in the city. If you wish to manual shift automatic transmission will add excitement

Test-drive Mazda3 Sedan: saving with pleasure

But it is better not to shoot down a car with a smooth rhythm harsh actions, and you will notice how the CP takes a little pause kikdaun, the engine immediately raises his voice with turnovers, and acceleration is not pressed into his chair. But with gentle handling of the gas pedal gently picks up the box and transmission Mazda3 Sedan smoothly gaining momentum under the quiet smooth sound of the engine.

Mazda3 Sedan: Top sedan

The most expensive of the proposed versions of the sedan Touring + from behind the wheel and peering gear shift paddles, and look all the time you catch a huge tachometer in the center of the instrument panel. Over speed is easier to follow without taking your eyes off the road with the help of the projection display ADD (Active Driving Display). To avoid vytselivat where to point a finger at the screen 7-inch touch screen, touch screen function is disabled on the move, and light and rain sensors, respectively, bi-xenon headlights are lit and include stekolochistiteli.

Test-drive Mazda3 Sedan: saving with pleasure

So that the driver is more time to enjoy the pleasant little effort on the steering wheel, soft, precise reactions machines and diligent adherence to the path. Comfortable suspension nervous shudders only large holes and cracks, and patches Gorbiki and work out with light elastic boost, not conflicting with the general level of comfort. Thus, even on rough roads I travel for pleasure and without frequent acceleration and braking, which is also a positive effect on fuel consumption
Body and Comfort

Style Kodo (Japanese – the “soul of motion”) makes the new Mazda3 Sedan looks bright and emotional. The interior also demonstrates a clear calculation and ergonomics.

No pockets in the doors and lock the central locking button.
Powertrain and dynamics

Motor and machine work like a well-coordinated couple – perfectly interact with each other.

At the moment there kikdaun hitch. The dynamics of cars Mazda3 Sedan with 1.5-liter engine is quite moderate.

Finance and Equipment

All 1.5-liter cars are equipped with 2-zone climate control, multimedia interface “man-machine» Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a color touch screen, alloy wheels.

For sedan available cruise control, rear parking sensors, salon mirror with avtozatemneniem warning system to leave the band, automatic high beam control, self-stop function and control of dead zones.