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Test drive Mazda 6 – “Premium Dreaming”

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

Brand Mazda never position your model as a bonus, though in many respects they deserve. Do not pretend to the title and the updated Mazda 6, but the changes made in the course of restyling, make it more visible and gourmet

Upgraded Mazda 6 pulls integrity concept, the harmony of shapes and interesting technical solutions. What eloquently at least the following figures: the curb weight of these powerful sedans begins with 1340 (!) Kg, and the drag coefficient is just 0.26 (with a minimum of theoretical 0.19).
The visual sense of the dynamics of the model after restyling strengthened solid chrome grille slats. Because of the narrow elongated “eye” with hooded top “for centuries” and chromed “wing”, linking the upper part of the range together, the image of the car turned predatory and moderately aggressive. Expressive and oblique chrome “lashes” fog lamps, which, like the main optics in LED trim Supreme. Due to the different combinations of the LEDs included a headlight surrounds oncoming car, but illuminates the roadside and panoramic dipped significantly increases the transverse angle of the light beam headlights at intersections.

Interior Mazda 6

The interior of the current generation Mazda 6 for brevity and spirit gravitates to the “Germans” – strict lines, a minimum number of buttons and knobs, discreet aluminum accents. Due to the severity of this restyling is possible to emphasize a white top leather seats, creating an interesting contrast with black trim details. A version with a black leather interior is now perceived not so boring because of the soft brown inserts on the front and a tunnel.

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

There are also more substantial changes: significantly updated control panel “climate” and a multimedia display moved to the center console up – at the height of the driver’s view, for the first time on the visor, “tidy”, you can see the small screen projection display. Change the appearance of the floor console – it has become wider, but more importantly, it is located on three important trends: the button “elektroruchnika” button Sport mode “automatic” and the selector lever to the right way, whereby the lower part of the cockpit looks without premium discounts.

Changing the flagship Mazda 6, changed and buyers. If we talk about engines, the machines of the previous generation with a 2.5-liter engine was sold very little (especially popular 2-liter versions), and the new generation is almost half of the Mazda 6 take it with this motor and “automatic”. The Mazda is still true “fluid mechanics” and until the parties variator, believing that “machines” are not inferior in clarity and smoothness of a conventional switching Manual and flexibility – variator.

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

Mazda 6: More “electricity”

Surprise features of automotive electronics is becoming increasingly difficult. It is a step by step penetrates into all of the car and walks of life owners: electronic “hammer”, electronic user guide, electronic service history and an ever-growing army of “assistants” – all this fully applies to Mazda 6. But the priority is given to the driver, who is still the main element of the car, and electronic aids more closely monitor the surrounding area and in certain situations, stop the machine by yourself.

However, in electronics Mazda 6 managed to find original solutions. To save fuel is also used by the system “start-stop”, but it is called differently (i-stop), and does not work in other cars. Restarting the motor is not stopped by the starter piston in position, and therefore does not require the more expensive battery with associated electrolyte.

However, the generator is unusual – is designed for 12-25 volts. Power climate control and other systems during stops motor provides conventional batteries, is powered by the capacitors, store it in the course of regenerative braking.

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

Mazda 6: More emotions

Restyling – the perfect excuse to correct dot driving performance and comfort. The upgraded Mazda 6 a lot of changes relating to the suspension. By the way, here the Japanese invented unusual move. According to the company, fans of the brand in the future will appreciate not only the style and the brand dynamo cars, but also a reasonable cost of ownership. For example, the front suspension arms in the course of the accident are not deformed, but simply “unfastened” from the body, so that repair becomes cheaper.

Ensure the fervent nature of the updated Mazda 6 the organizers offered a test drive on a closed track where racing drivers and train drivers intelligence services, and then on public roads.

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

As a result, I, in particular, work out at the spectacular “police” turn. After all, in life there may be times when you need as quickly as possible to change course to the other, and when there is no place to move forward. Here’s what I realized how great that an updated “automatic” selector lever goes back and forth – there is a zigzag course to perform this trick more difficult. In theory and by an expert, it looks very simple: acceleration back to the “cut-off”, the selector lever in the “neutral”, a sharp jerk on the steering wheel a quarter turn and back. Then, at the end of a complete turn following a short movement of the box translates into “drive” and the car moves away from the danger. In practice, all this should be done in seconds. As it turned out, clearly “tighten” the car to 180 degrees is not easy.

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

No less exciting was the second exercise – escort vehicle with a “biggie.” On the small ring road, being behind the wheel of the Mazda 6, I covered by other paintball bullets Mazda 6, marching ahead. The experience was instructive: the car behaved perfectly, by allowing precise and fast maneuvering to take a desperate attempt to close the car “Boss”, then I can not say to myself – several “bullets” were still in the front car, and I was attacked three times in the side glass and possibly “killed”. In short, this is a job for real men and cars!

Test drive Mazda 6 - "Premium Dreaming"

On normal roads, “refreshed» Mazda 6 shows an almost perfect stability and comfort. This was the sound of the engine, and respectable gambling. Another innovation: “checker” band at arrival on the layout causes the wheel to shake and even slightly taxis away from the mark.