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Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

As much as I love cars, forced to admit that only a few of them are able to awaken in me at least some emotions. Unfortunately, most modern cars faceless and soulless. The victims of globalization and the total economy. Fortunately, even in these times of joyful events occur. One of these could be called the birth of the premium “SUV» Lexus NX. It seems so distinctive that I want to leave behind more foreplay and go to a private communication, know it inside, character and habits.

This opportunity I had, when the hybrid NX was in the park test InfoCar.ua. Do I need to clarify that the expectations were very high? In front of me was a diva from the first band of men glossies. But it was enough to speak to her heart to heart, like magic, “beautiful white swan” suddenly disappeared. The holiday turned into a drab and firm conviction that Lexus NX – a toy for rich girls. But let me tell everything in order.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

When the first image has the concept Lexus LF-NX hit the Internet, many thought that the Japanese company has decided to radically back to basics by giving their designers hatchets instead of graphics tablets. To those, like a sculptor, cut off all the excess and created a masterpiece. It turned out, quite frankly, not very much.

But conceptual “blank” found really attractive shapes in the production version of NX. I would even call this car one of the most spectacular modern crossovers, do not pay attention to it is almost impossible, but it’s worth it. Take a look at these sharp as a blade, but elegant lines, to visually elongate the nose piercing in the “look” of LED headlamps and light as air, lights boomerangs. The aggressiveness and speed NX obviously does not hold.

Under a shell and interior Lexus NX. At first view it looks as expected premium car – stylish and expensive. But on closer acquaintance it turns out that the skin here – perhaps the only truly premium stuff, and it is not so much – on the seats so the armrests. Everything else – the leatherette and good enough, but plastic imitation.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

Whatever it was, the interior solidly assembled and equipped with even better. Heated and ventilated seats, dual-zone climate, electric everything, DVD and audio system with 14 speakers, a beautiful name Mark Levinson and, frankly, mediocre sound, which is very strange. Although I have a suspicion that most of the speakers is simply not working. And if so, then it’s not scary and fixable. Especially as the owner Lexus NX has something to show off to her friends, and in addition to the sound. Wireless charging, for example. And do not care that it supports a very limited number of smart phones and did not support such a favorite girls’ iphone, even if it is in a gold case or all in strazik.

Not as impressive, but fairly modern look and interior lighting with touch controls, and a touchpad for controlling the multimedia system. Which, by the way, no matter how fashionable it may be – is not the best solution in the car. Well, or NX he realized not the best way. Terribly uncomfortable and that still hurt – no alternative, because the screen is not touch-enabled multimedia system and navigation buttons on the menu is not provided. And in general multimediyka left not the most pleasant experience – the schedule is boring, overly talkative navigator and control … not talk about sad things.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

What the creators of NX definitely was a success because it chairs – comfortable in all respects and set low enough. So that landing here soon passenger than crossover. And review the same. The mirror, by the way, everything is fine, but I can not say the same for the front desks – too much they conceal from the eyes of the driver. To live with this, of course, possible, but sometimes you have to squirm.

Because we test the hybrid modification Lexus NX (another reason to show off), the instrument panel is not quite normal. Instead of the usual tachometer to the left of the large information display is a 3-cell device that demonstrates how environmentally friendly or environmentally friendly your ride. While the tachometer is also there, but to see it, you need to switch to Sport, as we discuss in detail later.

Passengers in the second row Lexus NX is not second-class citizens. If I need to choose, I would prefer it to travel back, not next to the driver. It somehow cozier. Places are many, leans back, very comfortable sofa. But more is needed. Although there is no need. The premium car rear fares would not prevent heated seats and the ability to control climate. But NX is not even in this top-end configuration.

But to the trunk NX no complaints. Its volume varies from 475 to 1520 liters. And let these figures are not very impressive, and the loading height in NX is one of the largest in the class, the trunk is organized well. In the sense that the gap is wide, sturdy shelf, there are electric tailgate and a raised floor was a place not only for the organizer of the foam, but also for dokatki.

Evil tongues hint that Lexus NX is built on the Toyota RAV4. Japanese deny it officially confirmed that the two models are united only schematics pendants da-wheel drive system. They say the body from NX lighter and stiffer suspension is retuned and the original suspension elements. In addition, we have NX optional adaptive dampers and a million arguments, carefully prescribed in the Talmud marketers.

I’m certainly not an engineer, but marketers are chronically do not believe and feel absolutely clear that Lexus NX between the Toyota RAV4 and the total is more than enough. And that and another vehicle is unknown concept of “smoothness”. I do not know how there with magical adaptive dampers, and without them NX so diligently translates to the salon every crack in the pavement, and so juicy shakes passengers that satisfaction can only be a collective hara-kiri everyone who was responsible for setting suspensions.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

Perhaps someone will object to me saying that the suspension is not stiff, and shot down, so NX holds the road well, and almost does not heel in turns. And with that, in general, hard to disagree. But the word “premium”, which is so saluted in the Lexus, implies not only a show-off, but also unconditional comfort in motion. After all, that is what, in the end, the buyer, and pay double the price.

One would assume that a stiffer suspension Lexus engineers wanted to give some sports crossover, but this theory is broken into pieces after a couple of movements of the wheel. Delays in responses and weak informativeness “donut” are far from the sport as a land of fries. NX easy going – obediently, but boring. Neither character has no, no emotion, no soul. Accordingly, the pleasure of driving this car did not get. Alas …

But in theory, have the makings of a Lexus NX good, especially with the 2-liter turbomotorm. But to us, unfortunately, carry only hybrid versions – with 2.5-liter aspirated working on the Atkinson cycle, and two electric motors (one for each axle). The total output of such a hybrid plant operating in tandem with the CVT, is a decent 197 “horses”, but the extra weight consumes a potential advantage in power and propulsion. As a result, NX Hybrid is not only tough, but not very agile. Slightly less than 10 seconds from zero to hundreds – all what he can do.


A hybrid Lexus NX three main driving modes – “vegetable”, “semi-vegetable” and “Normal”. That is Eco, Normal and Sport respectively. There is an all-electric mode EV, including that you can drive a couple of kilometers away, without having spent a single drop of gasoline. Where this mode is really useful because it jamming. But here do not count for much. Climate control, music and other onboard equipment fast enough to defuse hidden under the rear bed of nickel-metal hydride batteries.

You can of course build itself from Greenpeace, juggle buttons to play with energy recovery braking and observe the result of his work on display. But I assure you that these dances with a tambourine and driving at a snail will soon become your throat. You start asking yourself: “Do I have paid a lot of money to suffer all this nonsense and save a drop of gasoline?” Then you turn on Normal or Sport, and will forget about the mode Eco.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

At the same time there is little you lose, because even very gentle ride all the canons of the hybrid, lower consumption of less than 7 liters per hundred will not be easy. It is better to allow the engine to consume 8 or 9 liters and feel normal normal car driver. A hybrid, in any case, will do the trick and a little savings, but without your active participation.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

And before to summarize, I want to clarify one important point. Hybrid NX – all-wheel drive. There is installed exactly the same system as that of Toyota RAV4, but do not let that fool you. Neither this nor the clearance of 18 centimeters do NX SUV. Four-wheel drive is for security, manageability and may aid in small embarrassing situations. It is for this reason that we did not turn from the asphalt. Lexus NX – inhabitant metropolis, a leading secular lifestyle. Its mission – to attract glances. A hiking and fishing outing – the lot of very different cars.

A lot of criticism of the NX are sounded, but if you do not pay attention to what I personally did not like the car, it must be admitted that this is a good urban crossover for the young and affluent women. Modern women appreciate in cars, mainly design and status, and according to these criteria NX will handicap any competing crossovers, whether the Range Rover Evoque, Infiniti QX50 and Acura RDX.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

Men Lexus NX contraindicated. And it is not in stereotypes. The fact that at least looks and prestige, they appreciate in the cars handling, ie wish to receive certain drayverskogo pleasure. And since NX problem with that, men may prefer something German.

Test drive Lexus NX. Men are not admitted!

In other words, if you’re young and promising politician, a successful businessman and a major if the love of your life (or all) begging NX, and at least 57 thousand dollars for you is not a problem – buy it and do not worry. Let the game.

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