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Test drive Range Rover Sport – “Thunder”

Test drive Land Rover Range Rover Sport - "Thunder"

Range Rover Sport version SVR looks menacing: thanks to a new front bumper with large air intakes and diffuser in the rear bumper and “chetyrehstvolnomu” exhaust, it looks much more aggressive than the other, less powerful versions of the model. And if we painted in bright blue color Estoril Blue, as our test sample, the SUV from and did not tear his eyes. Passersby look back, and at the car wash employees throw away the car and flee the crowd to consider this miracle of the British automobile industry. However, it draws attention not only appearance, but also the sound of the exhaust, but about it later.

Under the hood is the same utility vehicle powertrain and that other modifications of the 5-liter, but its power due to the new control program is increased from 510 to 550 hp Torque has increased from 625 to 680 Nm. All this resulted in an improvement of the dynamics of dispersal to “hundreds” of 5.3 to 4.7 seconds and a top speed of growth from 225 to 260 km / h.

Test drive Land Rover Range Rover Sport - "Thunder"

In addition, representatives of the brand promise more frisky response to pressing the accelerator pedal, and soon I’m going to check. In addition to the engine with increased power the car has received a modified 8-band “machine” that is taught to switch to two times faster than other versions of the Range Rover Sport. Besides, the SUV tighter suspension setup.

Interior design in this version differs from the other versions Range Rover Sport carboxylic trim instead of wood, as well as sports seats with integrated headrests and holes for multi-point seat belts. In the car with high downright royal fit such chairs look somewhat unexpectedly. They have a rigid and padded rolls are adjustable lateral support. Profile verified fine, but I was not too pleased built unregulated headrest, the lower part of which is hard pressed on cervical vertebra, how would I set up or chair. In short, the standard seats, which are installed on other versions of the Range Rover Sport, I like more – they are softer and more spacious, although lateral support was not as effective.

Test drive Land Rover Range Rover Sport - "Thunder"

Side rear seats also sport a sofa. In form they mimic front, but adjustments have only tilt back. Sitting in their comfortable seats and in front of the knees, and above his head is more than enough. But if the driver or front passenger lowered his seat all the way, the space for the feet back rider will be eaten (in conventional versions Range Rover Sport sofa softer, but equally comfortable). It is worth noting the separate “climate” in the rear and a center armrest with handy bottle holders – all of this is available to any modification of the model.

The luggage compartment has an impressive volume, although its floor is high, why ship heavy things is not particularly convenient. Under the floor is located “dokatka” and the door is electric. I must say that without the prefix SVR modification in the title are equipped with a full spare wheel.

Test drive Land Rover Range Rover Sport - "Thunder"

Press the button engine start, and in response to … hear thunder. Standing next to the people shudder, and the birds take off and carried away in fright. Meanwhile, the engine subsides. But should move, peals repeated again, however, they are not as loud as when it starts. And accelerator is actually more responsive than the normal 510-strong modification – the car responsive to the fuel supply almost instantly. And the “machine” works rastoropnee that prevents it from being perfectly smooth. You can transfer the transmission mode “Sport”, in this case one gear box resets and SUV under the roar of the engine is carried away forward like a leaf, picked up by the hurricane.

But if, in addition to translate the selector of Terrain Responce on the icon with the image of the highway, “machine” again reduce transmission in the exhaust system will open a special valve, through which the sound of the engine exhaust system is added to gurgle, and the accelerator pedal will begin to respond to the slightest touch. This is not a car – it’s a hell of a chariot! Under indescribable cacophony of sounds instantly SUV exceeds all conceivable limits the speed and the landscape begins to move back, if in fast motion. And I still am not in spread on the asphalt sports car and high SUV Range Rover, causing adrenaline produced more!

Model history

The first generation Range Rover Sport was published in 2005 and lasted until the 2013th. The car was designed as a competitor which came into vogue sports crossover BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML. It was the best Range Rover for handling on asphalt, while he did not actually inferior to other models of Land Rover off-road. It was built on the platform of the SUV Land Rover Discovery. The new model, which appeared in 2013, took a step forward in all respects. So, instead of Discovery SUV platform used units and aggregates new model Range Rover. As a result, he won even more manageability on the pavement at the same time improve the behavior on the roads. Significantly increased and the quality of trim, which began to look really expensive.

Test drive Land Rover Range Rover Sport - "Thunder"

The steering wheel is heavy. A much more severe than in other Range Rover Sport. But informative similar, bagel makes 2.8 turns from lock to lock. On the control actions car responds faster than their less powerful “family”, but instantaneous response still not be called (you have to remember that this is not a sports car). Off-road changes direction smoothly and sedately – felt firm breed.

On the motorway exchange rate stability is superb. However, in the presence of a rut on the steering wheel appears escapist sideways force, but dealing with it is easy, and a general feeling of stability of motion, this fact does not actually affect. On a winding road SUV can go very quickly. Active stabilizers minimize roll, and wide tires enable us to develop with serious side acceleration. This is still the car felt heavy and solid trajectory tends to flatten. In comparison with the standard SVR modifications Range Rover Sport in cornering go slower (but not criminal), but do not notice the rut.

In spite of good behavior on the asphalt version SVR not lost and off-road abilities. Clearance at it in the raised position is the same 278 mm, and all necessary locks and modes Terrain Responce have not gone away. So go on asphalt is not necessary. Is that you have to be careful to mud thinner because the tread road-flat tires quickly clogged. But overall talent Range Rover Sport SVR hit.

But all these universal capacity almost no effect on comfort. Almost, because the suspension is working harder than the related modifications bumps with sharp edges speak palpable jolts. However, they are not strong enough to cause discomfort. Rear shakes a little more, but in general, and here you can navigate over long distances, even on roads nasty quality. A primer on the suspension and all works fine – energy-intensive chassis capable of neutralizing, it seems, any bumps and holes.

For noise reduction can not find fault even if desired. In the cabin, surprisingly, almost inaudible low-profile 21-inch tires. But the sound of the engine I am ready to listen to again and again. And cruising drive powertrain is barely audible – it “wakes up” only when accelerating.

Test drive Land Rover Range Rover Sport - "Thunder"

But most of all I was struck by the SUV, when there was a terrible rain storm. Roads turned into rivers with turbulent streams, and around me road users drove slowly, afraid of rampant disaster. My same Range Rover Sport SVR, as if unaware of a natural disaster, continued to move at almost the same speed as on dry asphalt. Again, if I watched a movie that has no relation to reality.

SUV remained in these conditions are so reliable in the management of that I felt no stress! The feeling of confidence which gives this car is well worth it.