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Test drive: Kia Rio

Test drive: Kia Rio

Oh, how beautiful Caucasus Mountains! At the bottom – deep valleys, above – picturesque rocks. Somewhere even higher, beyond the clouds, hiding Elbrus. Oh, how insidious Caucasus Mountains! Yesterday, there was fog and snow, now dry and the sun is shining. The road is sandwiched between a stone wall and the cliff, and the next turn we see standing Kia Cerato and the voice of a girl – she is trying to just two wheels. How? Where? Asphalt, of course, far from perfect, but the front the road is not called …

This is what we thought. But we went to the Kia Rio! Not even went and raced frankly, what could hide – drive on serpentine always interesting. And just do not realize the depth of the entire Caucasian potholes. This low-profile wheels on the Cerato is not friendly to local roads. A Rio overweening. I remember how the scandal appeared in Russia a couple of Solaris / Rio, when it appeared that the rear suspension sedan lacks stability or energy consumption? Now forget. Koreans have solved this problem – not just in a few iterations, but five points. The current Kia Rio spread along the road and spits on well with the waves. Even when we were seated pretty voditelnitsy Cerato in the back seat and the trunk loaded her belongings. Given our own heavyweight division following kilometers the path turned to Rio in the test with a full load.


And nothing, he coped. Silencer not cling to the asphalt, and the waves are not swayed. In turns the car lurches moderate and even pits loses trajectory. Yes, the steering wheel is not Rio sample informative, and zero is not the sharpest. But the car obeys the driver’s commands precisely and quite willingly. In short, what we need for the Caucasus, Siberia, Volga and other Russian roads.

Of course, in the mountains, but on a busy machine, I would like more traction – even with the top engine. In the extreme case – transmission “shorter”. But it is the Europeans in Geneva presented the updated Rio with diesel and other snacks. And we have a Rio, Russia. And it does not hurt motors update. All remain – 107-strong “one-and-four” or more popular in Russia, 1.6-liter engine produces 123 hp.

However, it was necessary to go down to the plain and all claim to the power unit melted. It is nice to pull on bottoms and very alive when the tachometer needle to lift higher. However, both he and the voice cut through. Not too loud, but distinct from the rest of muffled noise. If you do not turn the engine, in Rio as quiet as in a car a class above – on the part of soundproofing it is perhaps the best among low-priced sedans.

Test drive: Kia Rio

In general, a kind of Korean politics. Technical modernization of the cars Kia prefers to spend once behind the scenes, without attracting attention. Whether insulation, resetting the suspension or, for example, the replacement of the gearbox – a 1.6-liter engines 6-speed manual replaces the pyatistupke summer. A facelift is meant literally – from sedans, which began to be sold on April 1st (no joke Koreans!), Really a new face. Change the shape and design of the headlights (now linzovannaya), fog lights, grille, front bumper. There, where do without them, LED running lights. Rear view has changed is not so much – other lights instantly recognizes only the fan model. Statistics for this list we must add another new wheels and a pair of chrome-plated lining.

The most significant item from the list of updates – in the cabin. Steering wheel (its design, it is understood, too little has changed) is now regulated, and on the flight. And the windshield is heated entirely, not only where the wipers rest.

A little bit? But the Koreans could not do and that! Without facelift Rio snapping as pies. Since the autumn of 2011 has sold more than 300,000 cars – 94,000 of them in the past, 2014. Even this spring, when the rest of the producers live in the mode of a natural disaster (or more precisely – the financial crash), sales of Rio almost fall!

Of course, the reason for such a rosy picture, not only in the fact that Rio – really good car in its class. But the fact that he – a very good car for its price. While others rewrite Pryce striving to keep up with the dollar and euro, Koreans last year lifted prices of only a few percent. You can call it dumping, attempt to capture the market or something else. Buyers are more important: Kia Rio – it is profitable. When it is equipped with similar price better than the competition. Moreover, some features like keyless entry or heating steering those generally there!

It would seem that currently rests on his laurels, waiting for troubled times. After all, any upgrades, anyway, this is an additional cost. But after the sedan and will soon be updated hatchback. It is not just that it was planned long before the crisis. “Korean blitzkrieg” can not last forever – have to raise prices, and Kia. But, you see, pleasant to the buyer to do so “over” than to rewrite the price tags …

While the updated Rio-expensive sedan dorestaylingovoy only rich pickings. Reason hurry?

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