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Test Drive Jaguar XE – reincarnation

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation

The first experiments in the classroom Jaguar midsize sedans in the early 2000s were not successful. The reasons for this were several – and urgent work on the project, and try to build it based on the popular sedan for the mass market (who do not know, it is a Ford Mondeo). But let us remember the bitter lessons of history, especially since the brand’s representatives try to avoid it by all means. A better check how they did “work on the bugs!”

Jaguar XE: Equipment

Of the four possible equipment on our test came on the second level, Prestige. Under the hood is a gasoline turbo engine with 240 horsepower and an 8-speed automatic. Also it is possible to choose, for example, diesel engine of a new line of Ingenium, power capacity of 180 paired with an automatic transmission. Notably, it is proposed for each of the kits, but not only, for example, to the base.

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation

The initial cost for the diesel versions of 40 and a half thousand dollars, and for gasoline – about 39 thousand. Our equipment starts with a mark of 48 thousand dollars. And if under the hood instead of gasoline stood diesel engine, the Jaguar XE would cost a couple thousand dollars cheaper. As options are installed in the test car rearview camera, complete electrification of seats with memory, monitoring blind spots and 18-inch wheels. All of this has raised the cost of a specific instance to almost 56 thousand.

Well apart is top version Jaguar XE S, because it is available only for the 3-liter V-shaped “six” – the exact we tried last year on F-Type, remember? – 340 horsepower. For Jaguar XE S will have to pay from 60000 evergreen.

Jaguar XE: Outside and inside

The discreet appearance easily guessed Jaguar, but still noticeably considerable resemblance to the older model XF. Turned line reconciled and this from the new Jaguar XE blows cool slightly. In my opinion, a novice designers were too strict! Is it because his eyes taillights little sad? However, the front part of the left that is necessary – and then there are rock and severity, and even a scare! Get more plasticity, the front has not lost its proprietary traits and characteristic of the breed. Yes, it is Jaguar!

The interior is very concise and lower front panel trim provides excellent visibility forward – including embossed on the hood! Clear reference to the predecessor in the central part of the dashboard, which protrudes slightly upward. And note, there still survive and strictly as the exterior. Here are just a little to the quality of materials not held: a sidewall of the central tunnel is not just made of hard, but also not very expensive for the type of plastic. And he was very close, to see, to feel and even do not have to stretch.

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation

Landing at the wheel easy – I just managed to pick up the angle of the steering wheel and seat configuration – with seat but they are very general and vague lateral support profile. For all the test comfortably in them and I can not feel it. Another dissonance is visibility forward and to the sides. Glazing line is high, but the front console as a whole, excluding the narrow strip of “sill” omitted low. At first there is a feeling inconsistencies, but eventually you get used to.
Such as, if not more addictive, require interior ergonomics. At first glance, everything is fine and “laid out on shelves.” Multimedia center closer to the driver, beneath framed in black lacquered plastic (which is now without him) stretched at attention button dual-zone climate control. Harmony does not break and became a characteristic “Puck” selector box. At night, the whole ensemble is underlined blue-turquoise illumination, and in the case of climate – literally. But these keys are arranged randomly – try to find immediately the right! A display of the operating modes and all the best to keep silent, so uninformative, and it is simply not visible LEDs. Not deterred and constructors from binding to 8-inch multimedia screen. So, to turn down the heating, you must first press the appropriate key, and then, on the touch screen, select one of three heat intensities. Why so complicate quite a simple process?
Multimedia system itself was already familiar to us – a new generation infotainment systems, which has recently been installed in the Jaguar and Land Rover. It is called InControl, and was developed in collaboration with Bosch. For the first time with her we learned in detail during the test Land Rover Discovery Sport, therefore, will not be repeated. Especially because here she was in a simpler version, without navigation. Last on the following, a configuration equipped with Portfolio.

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation

Well at least, design ideas are not put an end to the practical component of the front of the cabin: is convenient cup holders, niches and boxes, and the original “step” door card was a place and the usual pockets.

Transplanting a back sofa, I was preparing for the royal spaciousness, the wheelbase because here one of the biggest in the class, and even the new Audi A4 is behind by a centimeter on this indicator. But all those extra inches disappeared into the arrangement and the nuances of the aluminum body with rapid profile. No, not close behind, but my height was actually butt, and excess space in the legs are not observed. Against the third rider is not only shaping the seat, but also the high transmission tunnel. In fairness, I note that it is justified, because the rear-wheel drive.

Jaguar XE: Trunk

But luggage capacity of records does not make, however, in this Jaguar and you do not expect. 455 liters of volume, including containers with comfortable niches on each side, Outlet 12V, low-lying hooks for bags from the supermarket textured trim and neat. But it is necessary to look better as a back glass is found naked metal. Disorder!

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation
Under the raised floor found dokatka with a bright orange disc (which is certainly not confused) … and the battery! The scheme, of course, not new, and is used for better weight distribution and packaging, but still interesting.

Jaguar XE: In move

I sit back behind the wheel of what helps power seats and steering column. Rudder bit too big, but it does not interfere to glimpse wells devices and fits comfortably in your hands. Generally, the cabin is nice – there is a sense of unity with the machine, getting pleasure from drive.

I must tell you that the Jaguar XE – it is a completely new car, designed what is called a new leaf on a fresh platform iQ (Al) with the extensive use of aluminum throughout the body. It then about 75% overall. At the same, “trolley”, by the way, was built and the first crossover from the Jaguar F-Pace, which must show at the Frankfurt Motor Show less than a month. This framework suggests a longitudinal engine layout and rear-wheel drive. Full as promised, but arrives a little later.

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation
So, returning to the wheelbase, which is equal to 2.83 m., It should be noted that this parameter Jaguar XE beats the “troika» BMW and the new A4, but inferior to the C-class. And here at Q50, with whom we became acquainted last autumn, this index’s largest – 2.85 m.

The motor, which is mounted under the bonnet test Jaguar XE, is actually the most powerful available today, except for the sports version Jaguar XE S. 240 power capacity of 340 Newtons torque available in the range from 1750 to 4000 and 6.8 seconds to “hundreds.” However, in the course of our measurements, we have to reach that figure could not be, and the best result was 7.3 seconds.

In general, the nature of our Jaguar XE very lively and high-spirited. It is responsive and easy to Wake up, and like a little kitten, all the time asking you to play with him. Even in normal sedan always ready to accelerate. But there are also “sports”, the algorithm of the individual sports an 8-speed automatic ZF and paddle shifters. All this can be combined with each other in any order depending on the situation and mood.

You can simply switch manually, and you can kerf all sport modes, aggravated nature of the machine. More Hateful exhaust roar of course you will not hear, but Jaguar XE will be more responsive, sharp, and the tachometer needle will work mainly in the right half of the tachometer. In normal driving machine operates smoothly and accurately so that you do not notice it at all, and a wide shelf moment takes care of a good elasticity. Only occasionally were slightly noticeable shift from first to second – more flaws work “machine” has not been noticed.

Returning to the mode (the vehicle is not boxes) it is noted that there are several blocked – plus normal sports and more economical and “fall-winter”. And for extreme cases stashed system ASPC (All Surface Progress Control), worthy of special mention. It is a kind of symbiosis of low-speed cruise control and downshift. It works solely electronically accurately dosing traction on slippery surfaces on each of the drive wheels. In the event of a powerful rear-drive car, got “trapped” slippery coating, this thing can be very useful. It works only at speeds up to 30 km / h is only installed on Jaguar XE with automatic transmission. All this reminded me of the great ensemble Terrain Responce in the Land Rover. Relatives!

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation

Electric Power Steering is progressive characteristics, so it is exact on the high-speed line and turns, and is easy and not very “long” in the parking lot. While cornering is to be prepared for some of its lightness, which does not disappear even in sport mode.

Running for the new Jaguar XE become a separate topic of conversation. If the front is used circuit with two wishbones, again, as in the Roadster F-Type, the new multi-link rear set design with spaced springs and dampers, made by the so-called “Integral” scheme. In the beautiful name hides a small vertical lever, integrated between the massive main. According to the engineers, this scheme allows to make the car more responsive when changing the path.

On rough roads Jaguar XE proved good! Irregularities dampens gently maximize their smoothing and if passing through an invisible cushion between the wheels and the passenger compartment. Do not succumb to the running and patched holes, and the waves of asphalt. The truth is not very fond of quick passage tramways – to them it is better to be safe. Well, with curbs and frank wells need to be careful – the clearance of up to 14 cm, and taking into account the beautiful bottom of the front bumper so the more.

But the behavior at the speed seemed to me not so sure. The car is soft and does not try to cling to the asphalt, and if vice versa. Maybe it’s the usual suspension, greater focus on comfort because it can be ordered for a fee, and sports, and even adaptive. But again, that comfort Jaguar XE course we were pleasantly surprised! Well accompanies ride comfort and noise isolation cabin, which is solidly made and perfectly conceals noises.

As a final chord – the results of fuel efficiency. Initially Jaguar XE surprised us with a modest appetite, consuming just 8 liters per hundred kilometers. But it was necessary to join the busy city traffic, and a couple of good times to step on the accelerator, as the consumption figures rose to 10 liters, and sometimes reached and 11. However, these figures are, for 240 horsepower and polutoratonnoy machines are quite good! And the new XE petrol saving concept is alien.

Jaguar XE: Summing up

Thus, the rookie turned typical Jaguar! It feels rock and the famous “British School”, has his own among his own and at the same time damn meddling! He can rightly be called a sport sedan. With all its austerity, he stands out among classmates, and it can only be confused with another Jaguar. Well, after meeting with his successor Jaguar XE called X-Type can only conditionally – radically different cars in front of us again real, 100% Jaguar.

Test Drive Jaguar XE - reincarnation

Including with their minuses. Flaws in the assembly and the selection of materials, ergonomics, “strange”, close interior … All this gives hope to competitors! Although Jaguar and soberly assess their strength and not immediately threatening to break into the segment leader. But they often lead customers will be able to uniquely Jaguar XE.

And the thing is not in dempingovanii prices. Yes, Jaguar XE is inexpensive relative to other Jaguars, but not scandalously available. Three BMW and Infiniti Q50, for example, will cost slightly cheaper with similar engines, but the Mercedes C-class at prices very close, but at the same time more expensive. However, there is still an important nuance in the options, which the Germans often have dozakazyvat large lists. But we Lexus IS is offered only in the rich equipment, so the new Jaguar XE in choosing the initial configuration can take even cheaper! It is a pity that the new A4 price lists have not yet announced.

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