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Test drive Infiniti Q50 – “Sum of technologies”

Test drive Infiniti Q50 - "Sum of technologies"

Many automakers are now obsessed with the idea of ​​creating an “unmanned” models, managed only one electronics. Infiniti engineers made a real step in this direction by proposing a production vehicle for the first time controlled “by wire”: steering wheel that the driver holds, has no mechanical connection to the wheels! Of course, the model Q50S Hybrid there are many other interesting systems.


But above all, this self-propelled farm is very beautiful. Designers managed to “sculpt” the body, which combines features of sports and executive models, ultra-modern and yet with a subtle touch of retro. The car turned out great, but not bulky, but rather swift, sharpened speed. Rare case: his body seems bigger than it actually is (length 4800 mm).

Wide front doors open without a key (enough to have a chip-key in his pocket) and offer a massive fall in the chair. That fall: chairs are low, before the eyes of the driver extends the hood, but my height is 182 cm and the habit of sitting with their backs almost vertical lift seat up almost nowhere: top and so nearly touches the ceiling. But overall a great seat, both dense and comfortable. I liked that there is a feature for adjusting the lateral support, and can be a little “squeeze” itself, although it will feel better drivers more solid physique than I am. I also slightly missed lumbar support, cushion extends from the back, but, for me, a little is not enough. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and on the flight (using an electric motor). Lightly I remove it from himself and set to the top position, but then a little droop, or “donut” eating up the bottom part of the instrument cluster.

Graphic new instruments, primarily changed the display board computer. On the QX70 model he looked rustic, like the control buttons on the steering wheel. In addition, the crossover Infiniti on-board computers control keys located on the instrument panel visor, visible, but at the same time is not very ergonomic: they have to reach. The sedan button “turning” is located directly on the steering wheel, under the thumb of his right hand.

Test drive Infiniti Q50 - "Sum of technologies"

The new design of the buttons and looks modern and solid, but what self-steering wheel! It is not just sports, “tides” in the “ten to two”, but also as if cut off from the sides. Unusually? Yes – but I would not say that uncomfortable. The sections marked, clearly felt his hands, and while on the move they almost do not pay attention, they look like a hint on the steering wheel (or other devices that later invented) from the future, when the steering ratio will be reduced to 1: 1. Because then turn the steering wheel will not be meaningless, so why, in fact, he was to be round? Based on the design of a unique steering drive Infiniti Q50S Hybrid, before there was only one step.

The skin decoration, wood inserts on the center tunnel and the inner door panel – everything looks high quality, noble and not snobby. The center console – the two displays on the top navigation map displays, image-sky cameras, plus the bottom pop song titles playable audio. Displayed on the lower display control virtually all other functions: climate control, audio system, car settings. Drawing his exquisite: the glossy finish gives the impression that the icons are displayed as if floating in the water. However, “water”, this quickly becomes cloudy: touch screen is easily covered with fingerprints driver. The sympathetic character is not affected, but it looks, frankly, a little sloppy. It seems purists and gloss have a daily (if not hourly) to wipe the display with a suitable material.

The design of the hybrid propulsion system combines a gasoline engine 3.5-liter V6 rated at 298 liters and the electric motor 57 l. with. Total capacity is 355 liters. s., and the “unification” of torque – 628 Nm. Interestingly, in the vehicle registration document contains only the gasoline engine power.

On a massive central tunnel rises seven selector “machine”. It can be transferred to the manual mode, but to touch the transfer with the help of not so convenient, it is better to use the paddles, they are large, are in front of his eyes and under his hands, but little hard, though perhaps in this there is a plus. But this control mechanism is generally well thought out, but not so on the mode button movement Drive Mode Select. Located behind the selector “machine” and a joystick control the navigation system, this button is not visible when viewed from the driver on the road, it has to grope, taking his right hand far back. Of course, it is unlikely the driver will continually change modes by switching from the standard in sports and then here in the economical or winter. And I in the test had to do it, and, frankly, I would suggest moving this mini-selector to a more prominent place.

Also shown are not too convenient cup holders on the center tunnel. To get any of them on the go, we have almost turn out right. If the involuntary twitches left hand holding the steering wheel, the car can risk aside. A couple of times I had it happened on that left elbow touches the door. The distance from it to the steering wheel is small, so the hand is “pushing” the wheel, and with it – the car. Why is this so significant? Because hybrid Q50S reacts to the movement of the steering wheel is not even instantly – with lightning speed. A lock to lock the original “bagel” makes only two turns. Judge for yourself.

Test drive Infiniti Q50 - "Sum of technologies"

No, of course, the car does not go astray from the mere breath of the driver or the tilt of the head. At the speed of the wheel “heavier”, and, essentially, besides it is possible to further “tighten”, implemented in the car settings menu. Frankly, I would add “degree” of tightening, but, however, the maximum available is also good. In addition to the effort on the steering wheel, you can also change the response of the car on the pedal “gas” in general, “personalize” their “ku-fiftieth.” The only thing that will always remain the same, it is the stiffness of the suspension. In front it is not so very palpable, and even pleasant, but rear passengers may shake. Generally, in the vehicle it is given low priority. Firstly, to penetrate to the back row of seats is inconvenient as you have to climb over 17-inch threshold. Secondly, somehow accommodate the knees in a 24-centimeter space between the rear seat cushion and the backrest of the front landing ‘for me. ” And thirdly, if you intend to sit behind three people throw lots who reside in the middle. He will have to, in fact, ride the 25-inch projection transmission tunnel, stay on the hard central projection pillows and completely stretch his head on the ceiling. Call back Triple sofas can only formally. I think, and child on this site will not be happy, even if he is in a child seat.

Fold the rear backrest of the sofa in a hybrid version Q50 can neither fully nor in parts. Behind her is battery pack, eat up a significant portion of the trunk. Such a great-looking car space for the things behind is only a 400 l. Moreover, this mobile power, as it turns out, does not have in the trunk of a 12-volt socket, so that the cooler bag I had placed in the cabin. Behind my chair she climbed, she pushed forward right seat, significantly inconveniencing his passenger. Sockets for connecting various devices only in the central armrest box, fortunately, they are as much as two.


“Total” hybrid powertrain button starts – but almost always at the same time immediately starts the petrol engine, particularly at the start after an overnight stay. Other hybrids, which I had the opportunity to test, answering start tranquility – just sunbathing READY symbol in the instrument cluster. At Infiniti less resistant to discharge the battery? With confidence I cannot say, but generally noticed that the degree of charge or discharge in motion changes very quickly. Moreover, there has been a full charge and, although briefly. “Cartoon,” which demonstrates the hybrid power plant, is broadcast on the screen and the on-board computer on the lower center console display.

Both pictures are very colorful, watch “cartoons” a pleasure. Here petrol engine is running, and providing traction on the wheels and recharge the battery. At the time of acceleration the electric motor is connected to it. But electric drive works alone, for example, if the vehicle is creeping in traffic. If the tube is long, it can be a good idea to save fuel. I was able to drive about 900 m, while the picture with battery subsided two divisions of …

Test drive Infiniti Q50 - "Sum of technologies"


Getting around electric can be dispersed on a flat road about 30 km / h, with difficulty to 40. In this case, the pedal “gas” is necessary to act very carefully. Transmitting a millimeter or two – connect gasoline engine. Visibly this is only the tachometer needle that when working on the motor is zero (the scale inside the tachometer illuminates an icon «EV»). And connect petrol unit – silently, almost imperceptibly – jumps to the level of 1500 rpm.

If the road or street that goes downhill, the hybrid can accelerate on electric alone, up to 50-60 km / h. The hill is definitely not. But it is – a place. Another thing, if you go on the highway at a speed of 80-90 km / h and, having driven in town, reset it to 60. Hybrid permitted immediately goes to electric and continue to move on it, however, gradually slowing down. To maintain this pace can be, but again, only with careful handling of the pedal “gas”.

It is clear that in a city so experimenting virtually impossible. Overall the pace of life is not one. Ended tube – “trigger” in the floor, and went. And here our little guinea rivals. No, of course, any sophisticated motorist immediately call a dozen other models, capable, like the hybrid Infiniti Q50, accelerating from zero to “hundreds” of five and a half seconds, and even faster. Call will call only are there many in our area? Therefore, with our hybrid traffic is likely to leave first. And with further dispersals with him not to compete better: from 60 to 80 km / h and it accelerates in less than 3 seconds.

Yes, with regard to the dynamics, Infiniti in the city – “the guy.” And in other ways, too. Review of the low car (with driver’s seat even Q50S hatchback KIA Rio looks crossover) is not so bad, mirrors are excellent, in addition to a system of control of the “blind” zones. Works perfectly controls exemplary. You can even adjust the brightness of the yellow indicators. Only much sense they do not, as a mirror in hybrid sedan is really excellent.

There is also a system of control lanes. Marking lines it controls well, and noticing intermittent and continuous, but, in my opinion, it prefers quality road marking and erased dislikes. And it more to the liking of the line from the left side of the vehicle, and those on the right, it is not willing to recognize. You can activate audible indication, and, it will sound as if the right (if you are in the driver’s seat), and can be left alone icon on the instrument panel.

Test drive Infiniti Q50 - "Sum of technologies"

Automatic transfer goes through quickly and smoothly. Track time in the normal switching speed cannot be set, under vigorous acceleration as the tachometer needle slightly startled at 5000 rev / min. More than 600 Newton-meters of torque to easily pick up the vehicle weight (the weight of his physically felt by the driver), and press forward. Need for manual gear changes, I honestly did not notice, though, of course, to test this feature. It is also “flipped” all possible modes of motion: winter, economy, standard, dynamic and user (customizable). I feel that for the lack of dynamic movement and the regime STANDART, in a “gambling” mode, the vehicle becomes a bit nervous. However, perhaps it is someone like it.

System Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) while turning the steering wheel gives the driver command two electronic actuators which, in fact, turn the wheels. In case of failure of the DAS system has redundant belay device. In the event of complete failure of the electronic system is required to enter into a regular job – rack – steering mechanism.

Thanks to the “ultrashort” car steering wheel is not included in the turns, and literally throws himself into them. With a 4.8-meter length Infiniti Q50 has a wheelbase of 2850 mm value, so the maneuvers should be rotated with a margin so as not to get ground to high curbs. These elements of roads should be treated very carefully, and even for the reason that the planting of the hybrid is extremely low. Stated ground clearance – 126 mm, but in fact there is a point below. Thus, the distance from the road to the exhaust pipe – 120 mm to the plastic mudguard covering the engine compartment from the bottom – 110 mm, while the aerodynamic shields to the front wheels – only 80 mm.

Avoid unwanted contact with obstacles help sky cameras. Images are reminiscent of those that offers a popular class of cars in the budget system Nissan Connect, but the display inside the Infiniti Q50, of course, more and Images from the cameras are perceived better.


It is believed that a hybrid drive, but rather the presence of the electric motor essentially helps to save fuel when driving in the city. Yes, it is true, but in the case of electric Infiniti significantly reduces the consumption of gasoline in the extra-urban cycle. Test Infiniti Q50S been received by me as the average fuel consumption of 12.9 liters of 95 octane gasoline per 100 kilometers. In besprobochnye holidays it fell to 11.2 liters. The same rate for a long time to hold and when driving on the highway.

Resettable meter readings when the probable range for the remainder of fuel is 167 kilometers. Along the way, I count up: overcome the highway a kilometer – a potential running has not decreased, but increased to two kilometers. Not Bad! Average fuel consumption is gradually reduced from 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers to 9.0, then to 8.0, then to 7.8 liters per “hundred”. I wonder how much fuel will be able to save as a result? When run on the rest of the fuel was reduced to 99 km on the dashboard blinked bulb of a reserve, and when the potential to fill the remaining 70 km, the display is missing at all. What to do? The nearest gas station – about 25 kilometers away, and I’m completely in the dark: how much fuel is in the tank? Gauge needle – in the red zone. Nothing to do, pull the last liters – and falls short. So in the end I never managed to find out how much fuel I was able to save. But, according to my calculations, in the onboard computer had “won back” fuel, which could drive about 50 kilometers.

Test drive Infiniti Q50 - "Sum of technologies"

Now – about ways to save. Of course, one of them was the cruise control to set the maximum speed of 110 km / h. Of course, for a long time to maintain the selected speed on our roads is almost impossible, and then balk at the heavy-slow. The rate drops to 80-90 km / h, while the car is slowing yourself – thanks intelligent cruise control system. I chose to start slowing the greatest distance: about 50 m. In this case, when the vehicle slows down, he immediately switched to electric traction, which allowed to maintain a speed equal to the speed of “obstacles”, ie. E., About 90 km / h!

At the first opportunity Infiniti Q50S pulled out to overtake. He did it almost immediately: in standard mode accelerates from 80 to 120 km / h in approximately 6 seconds in the dynamic – less than 5. Dial then 150-160 km / h can be as fast, but had to restrain himself and comply with speed rules SDA. The remarkable fact: at a set rate for overtaking the cruise control system is not disconnected from Q50S and hybrid wagon ahead again gradually slow down to the set value of 110 km / h. And again at lower rpm gasoline engine entered the motor and the car stopped again for some time to spend gasoline. The cruise control is deactivated only when the brake pedal is depressed.

Steady average fuel consumption of 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers and managed to maintain without the aid of the cruise control system – simply engage the ECO. Green symbol of the regime on the dashboard when overtaking just turning off when the car started to accelerate. Feels like the dynamics of acceleration in this mode is only reduced in the first second of acceleration and then a hybrid as powerfully rushed forward, as in mode STANDART.

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