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Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters

Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters

The new flagship model range Geely fully debunks myths about the Chinese car as a second-rate product for little money.
With the advent of the post of vice president of Geely, responsible for the design of cars of the brand, the famous stylist Peter Horbury appearance of new products of the brand has become a radically changed. Elegant Concept CS Geely sedan transformed into a serial Geely GC9. Later, expected other machines that form a modern range of companies. We were able to test-drive the debutant, and the results will surprise even the experienced automotive journalists.

The main thing that surprised us even before going to Geely GC9 – an abundance of electronic assistants that facilitate the process of driving. By the way, most of the components supply the world’s leading brands, including Bosch. Geely GC9 can self park, strictly monitors the Rows movement, controls the switching of headlights, monitors the distance to ahead going car, and in the case of danger, the car brakes independently. And the strange thing – it all actually works!

Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters
The multi-functional steering wheel with the convenient form of a truncated bottom. Thanks to large scales the readings are well read. All controls are easy to reach
All necessary information is displayed to the driver on the color LCD display in the center of the instrument scale
To the left of the steering wheel is located tuner light, Head-Up-Display and activate the central locking.
On the central color screen displays information from the rearview camera with the function of the circular review, which significantly facilitates the process of parking in conditions of poor visibility or close parking. The style Geely GC9 read style of Peter Horbury. Nevertheless, the British designer managed to create a unique look for Geely – strict and elegant at the same time

Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters

Powerful motor combined with a high-speed “automatic” can easily be dispersed in the great Chinese autobahn. Another would be: 3.5-liter under the hood and 275 horsepower! However, the dynamic performance of the Chinese colleagues silence. But the noise does not stop to enjoy the music and allows you to talk with colleagues without raising his voice.

Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters

Fully independent suspension all wheels perfectly rehearsed the few irregularities that met us on the road.
In terms of comfort Geely GC9 it is not inferior to their counterparts famous brands, as some indicators can safely give them a head start. For example, a few representatives of this class are able to boast of a control system front seat from the back seat, the system circular view, the presence of access points to the internet hot-spot or high-end audio system Harman Infinity surround sound. In a word, Geely GC9 changes for the better understanding of the Chinese cars.

Geely GC9: Summary

Body and Comfort

In accordance with its status Geely GC9 provides comfort for all the inhabitants of the spacious interior. It is worth noting Module customization ventilation and air-conditioning located between the front seats, as well as the control unit front seats with the rear passenger seats. In addition, the rear provides a footrest and curtain in the doorway to hide from prying eyes.
For sufficiently large size turning circle is clearly not enough. The configuration of the luggage compartment and loading height is poor.

Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters
Powertrain and dynamics

The test car with 3.5-liter “six” shows good dynamics of dispersal and “automatic” modes with manual control and the function of “Sports” help realize the potential of the gasoline engine. No less effectively demonstrates its capacity turbocharged engine capacity of 1.8 liters. He also mounted with the “automatic”. Good sound insulation ensures high an acoustic comfort in the cabin.
Fuel consumption would be in less.

Test drive Geely GC9: Mythbusters
Finance and Equipment

In terms of equipment and the presence of numerous electronic assistants Emgrand Geely GC9 – a huge step forward. I am particularly pleased by the fact that the company pay great attention to security issues. Not surprisingly, the car received a 5 star rating in China NCAP. And the level of comfort is not inferior to world standards, and in some positions even able to oust competitors.
I would like to see the list of options feature heating and ventilation rear seats ..

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