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Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend

Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend

Half a century ago, Ford has written a new page in the history of sports cars, he reveals the world model Ford  Mustang. Now a cult machine available to European buyers. What we offer is a legendary car?
Tomorrow we expect rain, so it is better to you today to take a test gig “- carefully recommend one of the employees of the company Ford. Well, we will leave a 5-liter Ford Mustang GT for dessert, we decided, plunging into a comfortable chair 2.3-liter turbocharged Convertible. The next day, really rain fell in torrents, and we have repeatedly c gratefully remembered his friend.

Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend
For the first 50 years of its suschestovanie model Ford Mustang became officially sold in all European countries

Once behind the wheel of a convertible, the first step it was decided to lower the cloth top. To do this, open the mechanical lock, and then hold the button, wait for the awning will take its place on the back of a shelf. Unfortunately, the move can not perform this operation, so when cold air flows climbed into the cabin, had to stop and take shelter from the wind under the roof.
All necessary information, in addition to the “cylinder” tachometer and speedometer, displays a small color display located between them. The center console is a multimedia system SYNC 2, climate control unit, the power key ESP, alarm, and select various settings

Ford Mustang: Turbos

So, what the car offers a 2.3-liter turbocharged engine EcoBoost? At your disposal is a herd of mustangs 317 and 432 Nm of torque, which peaks at 3,000 rev / min. Short-arm 6-speed manual transmission with an elegant ball-knob helps to realize the potential of this engine. The Ford Motor Company is very proud that with the Ford Mustang powertrain can accelerate to the first hundred in just 5.8 seconds. For comparison, 5-liter Ford Mustang GT spends a similar exercise by exactly a second less.

Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend
Pleasing to the eye original details like decorative plaques «Ford Mustang Since 1964″ and stylish tumblers in the center console

Saloon cars, as befits a thoroughbred sports car, is more like the cockpit of the aircraft. Anatomical seat securely fix the body in turns, and all controls are exactly where you would expect to find them.
The interior of the new Ford Mustang looks stylish and organically. To ergonomics and the front seats have no complaints. Rear seat passengers will approach extremely compact and children

At the bottom of the center console next to the start button located Quartet tumblers. The rightmost switches driving modes. Normal, Sport +, Track and Snow / Wet different programs ESC, transmission, power steering and accelerator. Separately, you can weaken the intervention of ESP and select one of three modes of power steering (Normal, Sport and Comfort). The left toggle switch include emergency gang.

On the road the car behaves under the habit of becoming sports car, but unlike many European counterparts “American” is softer and more comfortable. This is primarily due to the settings fully independent suspension that is applied to the sixth generation of Ford Mustang for the first time.

Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend
The noise level at the turbo version is quite low, but the aerodynamic noise from the top of the tissue is directly proportional to speed.
Morning. Rain. ford mustang GT. Looking jump up into the cabin compartment. How good here! Heat, and most importantly – dry! Plant. And now it all fell into place. How wonderful it sounds 5-liter “eight”! Low bass tone 421-horsepower engine is able to replace any sound system. We start. On slippery from the rain machine confidently holds the road in the path, but it’s worth a little overzealous with the gas pedal, the ford mustang GT starts povilivat slightly stern. And while onboard electronics did not have time to intervene, the entire body is filled with adrenaline. Yes, for many of these feelings will buy five-liter version of it! Rate your personal drayverskie ability allows special application Track Apps. Using it on the dashboard can display a stopwatch fixing acceleration time to 50, 100 and 200 km / h or passing a quarter mile. Computer reflects various other parameters – overload to the value of the braking distance.
To top version prepared aspirated 5-liter V8 engine with multipoint injection. It develops power 421 hp and maximum torque of 530 Nm

Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend
At the gig due to the presence of the mechanism of the collapsible canopy trunk volume is 332 liters, and the compartment can accommodate up to 408 liters of luggage. White frosted lights cleverly contrasted with black lacquered insert

I deliberately avoided discussion about the economy. And it is not how much Ford Mustang consumes fuel. Believe me, if you want the appetite of even the most powerful instance c V8 can easily moderate clever use of the accelerator. It’s about a friend. Ford Mustang – a car for the soul. For European customers, it will be the second or third in the family and, most likely, will be used on the weekends, or for travel. But where there was no such car, it will always be the center of attention – simply because it is Ford Mustang!
For the first time a new generation of Ford Mustang got fully independent suspension on all wheels. Front mounted racks classic McPherson, and rear multi-link scheme used.Test drive Ford Mustang: a touch of the legend


Ford Mustang: Summary

Body and Comfort

Due to the increased rigidity of the body and independent suspension car driving on the highway nice all types – from high-speed highway to the mountain serpentine.

Because of the top tissue noise in a convertible high enough. When folded tent air turbulence cause discomfort.

Powertrain and dynamics

Thanks to its high-torque motor, both provide excellent speed and dynamic performance. And the atmospheric “eight” will delight with nothing comparable sound.

When the active drive tank volume 5-liter car is rapidly approaching zero.
Finance and Equipment

Even in the base version of the European Ford Mustang offers everything needed for a comfortable ride.

In the course of the convertible roof is not formed. Transformation takes a few seconds, but the electric button must be held constant, and raised the tent, you must manually fix the mechanical lock.