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Test drive DFM S30 – “Chinese city car”

Test drive DFM S30 - "Chinese city car"

The automaker Dongfeng sign in China almost every household. No joke, the company owns 42 plants and is listed in Guinness World Records as having the longest production line. With its products in the face of DFM S30 sedan and we met

In the first years after its creation in 1969, the company produced mainly Dongfeng trucks for the Army of China. Military ATVs made today, but the focus gradually shifted to the commercial and passenger models – trucks, buses, sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers.

Make a competitive Chinese passenger cars helped the French. Group PSA Peugeot Citroen began working with Dongfeng in 1992, when it was created by a joint venture Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroen Automobile. And in 2014, the Chinese purchased 14% stake in PSA Peugeot Citroen, becoming one of the largest shareholders of the group on a par with the French Government and the Peugeot family. This has opened up access to technology PSA. In addition, Dongfeng has a joint venture with Nissan, Honda, Kia, Renault and Cummins.

Test drive DFM S30 - "Chinese city car"

Chinese sedan belonging in size to a golf class, similar to the classic spy dressed so as not to stand out in the crowd, the car resembles the set of “classmates”, but no one in particular. The Chinese say they have created a classic sedan with original stylistic solutions. The last – a powerful vyshtampovki hood, front air intake in the entire width of the car, nice LED section in the block headlights and “intelligent” taillights. What looks to get a “no frills”, really good, the car looks even if not flashy, but solid.

Interior made a mixed impression – probably because the elements of the “high cost” are interspersed with traces of the economy. After all, whatever one may say, DFM S30 – state employees, trying to outdo Renault Logan, Daewoo Gentra, Chevrolet Cobalt and Nissan Almera. First, the good. Unlike many other “Chinese» S30 annoying obsession Asian style. There are no buttons, archaic bricks as in the salons of cheap toys and other machines from China, and the texture of finishing materials does not cause rejection. Pungent odor of polymer compounds in the cabin I do not smelled.

Moreover, some elements of the interior (for example, inlays in the dashboard and doors) look, without exaggeration, stylish. You can not say on the steering wheel, the upper sector is “dressed” in a slippery plastic with varnished. But the bagel is regulated in both planes and has a plurality of control buttons, including cruise control, which by the standards of this market segment – achievement. For the “tidy” is also possible to put the “plus”: Instruments are placed in deep wells and solved in a classic way – white on black, coarsely filed. And in the top configuration are available sunroof with electric drive, rear-view camera, climate control, rear parking sensors, side mirrors with electric and speakerphone for Bluetooth!

Test drive DFM S30 - "Chinese city car"

Blemishes, alas, too. Highlighting tiny bortkompyutera faded on the front panel, glove box – microscopic, 6.5-inch touch screen is smallish (have to be distracted from the road), climate control is set well, but air flow deflectors in the back row there. Chairs – another story. They look solid, especially in the top, a leather version. However, the drive configuration is not provided, even as an option. The great distance between the rollers of lateral support alludes to a potential buyer – a man aged about 50 years. Above all the problem areas of the front seat – not rolls and not too pliable filler, and lack of support for the upper back – in a long journey zanoet neck.

In the back row at the same time, surprisingly at ease. There is enough space for three adults, however, the average passenger will not have to wallow he rested his back in a flat profile sliding armrest and headrest in the central couch S30 does not exist. Before knees man of medium height in a stock of good 50 mm, roughly the same gap left over his head, although the sofa cushion a bit short in Asian traditions. One gets the sofa as well as those of the first generation Renault Logan – a whole. If not translate cushion to the upright position after folding back is established at a slight angle. And if you translate, you get a perfectly flat floor. In the niches of the rear doors will not fit even half-liter bottles.

Test drive DFM S30 - "Chinese city car"

The trunk has an impressive amount of configuration and thoughtful, but space is limited metal guide cover. Sheathing “hold” felt cloth – a pleasant surprise. And in the absence of write cons inside handle cover is closed. No and ski hatch: if you want to carry rangefinders – all planted with a “gallery” and adds a continuous couch.

The history of the S30 curious. The car is based on the platform of a sedan Citroen C-Elysee first generation, which, in turn, produced on the basis of the model Citroen ZX. The petrol engine of 1.6 liters, an outstanding 117 hp, uses VVT (active system variable valve timing) and is descended from nissanovskogo unit, although the Chinese insist on copyright Dongfeng. Basic Transmission – 5-speed “mechanics”, but the test car was equipped with a 4-band “automatic» Aisin with manual shift with the winter and the sports mode.

The first sensations are associated with driving a sedan – he does stop by 3.7 turns. This feedback is weak, which is why I have an association with a motorized boat. However, I am accustomed, I even began to enjoy the light and the American imposing manner taxi. When entering into a sharp turn you not only to manage, you perform actions vigorously working her hands like a sailor helm.

Test drive DFM S30 - "Chinese city car"

But smooth running – strength of “Chinese”. On the broken pavement S30 feels at ease: smoothes irregularities without fuss in a rut and shows no frightening roll on turns. Although contacts with large potholes still should be avoided due to non-ideal sound insulation – rear suspension soundly fulfills medium and large road imperfections, and the roar of the engine at high speed does not allow to speak in a low voice. Clearance “thirty” is 150 mm – enough to avoid contact with the borders and not be afraid of outings.

As the nature of the taxi, and the dynamics of the vehicle acceleration reminded me of the good old … “Volga”. Vehicle with automatic transmission starts to pick up speed smoothly and gradually, and this linearity sure will please the passengers in the back seat – no jerking and twitching they feel. In the area of ​​medium speed and S30 pickup it felt like the pressure is beginning to show, but then turn sour. On the other hand, stay in a city stream driver of such a machine will not be a problem.

To the transmission is not to find fault, except that mode «Sport» here soon for the sake of – with the push of a button on the center console algorithm of the box does not change, although the pedal “gas” becomes sharper. Sight on a comfortable ride can be traced here: Gear changes take place smoothly, more than one transfer at the kick-down transmission, in my experience, does not reset. In short, S30 urged on to what to go without nervousness and enjoy the ride, as well as the “music”, which in this Dongfeng, surprisingly good.

Test drive DFM S30 - "Chinese city car"

Braking is also ambiguous. To say that the car is slowing down uncertainly, I can not. However, the left pedal pressure is necessary with additional effort, and the ESP system is not available, even for cars in the top version. But in the database have ABS and brake force distribution EBD – when braking on slippery surfaces “Chinese” do not go astray.

So, Dongfeng offers us a car with no apparent failures, but without distinct competitive advantage. However, a spacious interior, comfortable chassis setting, nice leather seats and trim quality sound recorder can not be discounted – from all of this in a way it is possible to catch a buzz. It is also important that the DFM S30 looks more solid many competitors, and budgetary decisions are carefully camouflaged.

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