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Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

French car has always been associated with a striking design, manufacturability and, of course, a huge range of electronics. But the French have decided not to stop there and have surpassed themselves. As proof, the updated Citroen C4 Picasso. The car, which is already at the presentation called spaceship, and its interior is similar to the command center of Mission Control. So as not to take a car for a test drive? “The first transmission” could not pass up.

Let us recall a previous version of Citroen C4 Picasso. Huge, bulging headlights and funny, a lot of glass and licked the form. A sort of a cake in Japanese style. It was difficult to find a European who would like the look is an Asian face. As proof of this miracle of technology on our streets in the afternoon with fire will not find, go only individual instances. The new version also focused on Asian driver. At least talking about it the selected location for the presentation. Citroen C4 Picasso for the first time is shown on the Asian motor show in Shanghai. But his appearance, beauty and characteristics indicate that the French are aimed not only to win a place on the biggest world markets, but also make a splash in the world. Looking ahead, I can say to the French partly succeeded.

So, a little technical issues. Citroen C4 Picasso has little in common with the previous version. The fact that it was built on a completely new modular platform EMR2 (Efficient Modular Platform). In the body of high-strength steel. Due to such metamorphoses carcass weight decreased by 37 kg. You say – not a lot? I agree. But if you look at the total weight of the minivan, he dropped as much as 140 kg. And it is already noticeable, is not it? The new platform has reduced the size of the machine as well. Now “Picasso” is shorter by 42 mm by 4 mm has and below 70 mm. Just added wheelbase 57 mm.

Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

In the matter of the design for the new Picasso Frenchmen decided on drastic changes. This is the case when the plastic is not just a lift, and a complete replacement of the face. Nova pumped hips, thighs, put a new duplex optics, like C4 Cactus.Eventually it got sort of a visitor from the future. Down funny and smiling form, the car was a strict, serious and gained respectability. Now it is fully consistent with the title. After its appearance – a real creativity.

Frankly, I never traveled to a previous version of “Citroen Picasso” because to compare the quality of finish can not. I will say one thing, the novelty it did not disappoint. If the exterior of the “Picasso” spaceship called, over the interior – Mission Control Centre.

The first thing that catches your eye – the build quality. Now it only expensive materials, soft plastic of different texture, aluminum edging, leather inserts. Visibility from the driver’s seat Picasso envy of any car. The huge windshield smoothly into the roof, the sides of the triangular windows. It seems that you sit behind the wheel of a minibus or bus, but in a good way.

Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

The most original solution in the dashboard: the middle dashboard are arranged one above the other two displays, the upper 12-inch screen serves as the instrument scale. It can be configured individually. Like an arrow? Please select the desired settings and ride. Tired? Well then, for you to choose from a couple of electronic versions. You can replace the wallpaper and the background.

The machine offers several options, but if you want to design your desktop, you can download on the Internet. They sat behind the wheel of your car tidy and decorated in camouflage khaki. Sat spouse tidy turned pink in heart. Fantastic!However, as practice shows, the tradition set the tidy dash among the world’s phasing out. How not cool, but always look for mowing devices are not user-friendly. But the French do not think so. Ending theme tidy, it should be noted, at the same image is displayed with a rear view camera and other useful information. The following is a 7-inch touch screen to control dual-zone climate control, navigation, audio and other functions.

Unfortunately, there is in this arrangement and minuses. We’ve learned that every car has krutilki for climate control, radio and other systems, but the new Picasso, all these things are controlled via a touch screen and menu. As for me, it is not a good solution. At least it’s a distraction from driving.

ALMOST “Mercedes”

We turned on the test Picasso in the top version. In addition to the basic features of its equipped with additional useful device. All five-seater cabin individual seats adjustment and optional Lounge Pack includes enhanced comfort front seats with heating and massage, plus seat-ottoman for the front passenger. In the long journeys by foot passenger leaves a special cushion. He lay down and rest. A sort of manners in the Mercedes-Benz S-Classe. However, for the pleasure and the need to pay a lot. Optional pull 38 thousand hryvnia. Well, still want to?

Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

In general, it is clear that this car is made for travel. Shop punctuated with niches, shelves, offices, compartments. According to the number of places for small items French give odds to many classmates. At the rear passengers have tables with light and cup holder. In addition, the car has a roomy trunk, the volume of which increased by 37 liters to 537 liters.

With folded rear seat backrests is formed virtually flat surface, with the volume of the luggage compartment increases to an impressive 1709 liters. You want to drag Long– can be folded back of the front passenger. Our top version equipped with electric boot lid. Click on the button under the cheerful buzz of electric tailgate opens smoothly – hands stay clean. However, there is such pleasure is almost 7000 hryvnia.

I wonder how a new place to Salon Picasso? Frankly, at four. Front perfectly. Here fit any passenger or driver, even the highest and fat. But behind … My knees rested on the seat backs, and top of the head, I propped up the ceiling. So, in the long trips as a passenger rear seats will go to the tall man is not very convenient.

Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

At the end of topics salon, a few words about the new steering column. Some journalists in their tests openly criticized it.Like, grab the steering wheel can not be, and indeed, he a horror uncomfortable. I want to stand up. I consider it absolutely the right decision to abandon the French finally famous sitroen wheel with a fixed hub around which revolves the rim. Personally, I was annoyed. Now Picasso usual bagel, is ideal both circumference and diameter, taken from the model DS5.Although traditionally for Citroen, a little overloaded with buttons and rollers.

Power with poor appetite

Given the situation with fuel prices, we took for a test the most economical version of the Citroen C4 Picasso diesel 1.6-liter turbodiesel (115 hp) and manual transmission.

The first thing I would like to mention the diesel engine Picasso very quiet. Only during the launch noticeable that diesel under the hood. Inside the motor can be heard at a speed higher than the average. Anyway, for Shumkov “Citroen” should be commended. The cabin is quiet, so comfortable. Engine high-spirited, the gas pedal is very responsive. However, at low revs there is a problem – there is a chance at the start of stall, and switching the machine a little tupit. At first it seems that the reason turboyamu.

But, as we explained our mechanic technical center “first transmission” Ivan Stankevich, all business in the gearbox. She too stretched ratios, moves too large, and therefore, before switching to the increased need to promote a little more motor. On the one hand a trifle, but you need to get used to it. I’m here for a week and could not. But shifting gears is very soft and selective – pushed the lever in the right direction – and he drops into the hole transfer. During the test, the vehicle was operated in different modes of driving, but the average consumption did not exceed 6.5 liters in the urban cycle. A wonderful result.

Test Drive Citroen C4 Picasso new

Suspension of the new C4 Picasso relatively mild and energy-intensive. Minor irregularities Citroen goes unnoticed. This is exactly the case when the road may seem much better than they really are. But the wheel of the pits I’ll still do not advise.Suspension korotkohodnaya here and if descend on decent pit, it will block the salon unpleasant iron blow. And do not forget, the novelty is quite low ground clearance of 13 cm, which means should forget about the assault brovok, pits and off-road. I am glad that at least put a steel engine protection.

The handling is quite good as Picasso. Although I must say that on a bad road, and the abolition of asphalt machine behaves too different. If the road is flat, the machine well, in sports is in turn, however, at the same time a good heel. But it is necessary to turn to descend on the influx of asphalt or pit, in this case too clamped H-beam stryahnёt car with path. It is present at the news and excessive windage.

And finally, it is worth adding to the crash test Euro NCAP, Citroen C4 Picasso has received a five-star mark. The level of protection of adults – 86%. Of all the indicators Citroen failed only one – “pole” test simulates a side impact against a tree, post, etc .: the strength of pillars and the door was not enough to protect the driver from serious chest injuries. However, other indicators exceeded standards.


It’s time to find out what can really count Citroen C4 Picasso in our market and how it will be to win customers from competitors. After all, for a place under the sun struggling whales such as the Chevrolet Orlando, Toyota Verso, Opel Zafira Tourer. Undoubtedly, the main asset of the Frenchman considered its design. Here, as they say, without competition. Do you want to focus on the streets – “Citroen” is your option. As for reliability, the French wonder diesel are among the most advanced in the world. But in terms of electronics have questions. And, despite all the shortcomings, the pros really over, and that means, Citroen C4 Picasso can chew off a good piece of cake on the roar of minivans. The battle began.

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