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Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 Citroen Cactus prototype looked bold and attractive, and few could have imagined that six months later, this model will burst, and with a minimum of differences! Crossover added B-pillar, side and rear windows, and even C4 prefix in the name – and launched on the conveyor. He was offered at a very attractive price. The combination of these factors – the design and cost of filling – and determine the success of a beginner on the European market. In the new Citroen C4 Cactus literally formed a queue! Therefore, the novelty hit us not once, and not without effort on the part of the importer. The fashion for crossovers continues to capture the motoring world, and no one wants to stay away.

However, a crossover is that really the case? And whether it originality and catchiness too much? Let’s deal with! And in order to get a more complete picture, we have tried to cover almost everything that is available in our market: took the test in two versions – petrol and diesel, and two complete – Feel and Shine.

Configuration and price

Generally, at home Cactus C4 is available in more kits, we also got to just two: the average and maximum Feel Shine. So, friend! In the left corner of the makeshift ring – petrol Cactus equipment modest, this car is yellow. In the right corner we Cactus diesel, top of the range but still with some options. As you understand, it’s a white car. Just want to note that the two levels of equipment possible for the petrol engine and the diesel. But with gearboxes believe that the choice is not – in any case it would be automatic. Only for petrol C4 Cactus five-step, and diesel – for six steps.

Prices are as follows. Options Feel valued at $ 18,500 when choosing a petrol power unit, and $ 20,450 in selecting a motor for heavy fuel oil. If you are caring richer version, Shine, then be prepared to pay for her $ 20.100 and $ 22.000 Prices in dollars are given exemplary received recalculated according to the exchange. Equipment level Feel implies conditioner, a 7-inch touch screen (which wound up and the “music”, and climate control and onboard computer), cruise control, ESP, Hill-Assist and LED-running lights. The Shine adds navigation, climate control, rear-view camera with parking assistant, factory tinted glass, rain sensor, and light alloy wheels.

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

Well, a small digression about the prices “they.” At the start of sales in France voiced initial cost of 14,000 Euros, but today it is history. 15.200 Euro is now asking for a cactus in the base, it is called Live, bicycle at home and cinema. And if you ask the price of versions Feel and Shine, it turns out that they are actually there as much as we do.


Yeah, I do all sorts of things, and originality C4 Cactus does not hold! According to this criterion, it can not only compete with another original of this class – Juke – even win it. Last longer a novelty, and Cactus attracts 99% of others, especially in bright colors! I admit, the views were not always enthusiastic, but such bold experiments with the exterior or the like immediately and unconditionally, or do not like totally!

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

However, Citroen never let “regular” cars and Cactus great “challenge system”! Its design elements, taken separately, might not shine beauty, take at least a head optics design, but also a holistic way. And yet, if we reflect, it’s a great “disguise” attempt cheaper car, but so that he did not lose in appearance. Judge for yourself: half of the machine in plastic, glass, rear vents, doors and hood light, as much air, although the new requirements of EuroNCAP Citroen C4 Cactus earned 4 out of 5 stars for safety, handles, straps instead of the usual …

On the other hand, the same pad Airbump – not just at the door encrusted with plastic and thermoplastic polyurethane covering the plurality of air capsules. How proudly claim to Citroen – the first time in the world, a real exclusive! This coating is not afraid of scratching and poking, and temperature changes. The door is installed securely, so come, podkovyrnut and steal just will not leave. The most nimble even have time to find out the cost of replacing these pads “in which case”. On both sides it turned out about 800 dollars. On the one hand, it is rather big sum for an ordinary-looking plastic, on the other – straightening and painting of the same areas can hardly would have cost less.

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

In the cabin

Even at the pre-production machine, we noted that the interior C4 Cactus looks very unusual fact in everything from “flat” dash and finishing the front seats, a sofa. Now we have the opportunity to evaluate it in terms of practicality.

Let’s start with the door. As I mentioned, they are very light and closed with an appropriate sound. Hands-loop quite comfortable and they live, by the way, do not cause feeling of cheapness. Landing on the front seats, and they really like home !, chair was so deep that I even slightly lifted seat up, though usually to not resort to this method. And the range of adjustments themselves very wide. I only wish the wheel on the flight can not be adjusted. Thus, despite the small overall height of the cactus, the roof on the head are not “presses” and our stalwart Jaroslav this time did not complain. Well, in the case of the panoramic roof adds another centimeter of space.

Panoramic roof itself is a paid option, – for it is necessary to pay about $ 600 – available in two trim levels. It was stretched almost the entire length of the ceiling, while the shutter is not provided. The Citroen claim that this is a special glass with thermal protection, which transmits only light in the cabin, but no heat. Indeed, even in the hottest day in the crown was hot not! But the glass itself is heated so that the outside fry eggs just right.

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

The driver is very succinctly – the wheel, two screens and a minimum of buttons. The smaller one replaces the dashboard, bigger is responsible for managing multimedia system and climate control. As for the “tidy”, the minimum information on it, and I wish that there was at least a tachometer. But to the extent it does not overlap the beveled steering wheel.

On the central screen, on the contrary, it displayed everything. Its stated diagonal 7 inches, but it’s on the outer edge, the very same display is slightly smaller – we checked even when meeting the new Peugeot 308. He installed at a convenient angle, just as easy to work with. But the philosophy of complete “capture” of auxiliary functions in my opinion unnecessarily risky. Had any glitch – and such cases are known – and you will just have to adjust the volume of the music. Visually, both screens look like they can be folded, but it is an optical illusion – they are stationary.

So, the central plate has a configuration Cactus climate – all of the keys are large and intuitive; On-board computer with fuel consumption and reserve, as well as display saved the system start-stop fuel, but for some reason in the minutes; music control; settings, proprietary applications and GPS-navigation. At the last stop in detail.

Torpedo made very textured and structured, so all the main elements are arranged like separate and well separated. The only pity is that sooner or later still argue with the beauty of practicality. In this case, it concerns the deflectors blow. Beauty (and cheaper?) Sake, passenger deprived of one deflector blowing, so he must be content with a central, but great. But due to their poor location customize them comfortable for the driver and passengers, especially in hot weather, when from intensive conditioner did not give up, be problematic.

Well-button “automatic”. It would seem that the three buttons – simple! But in practice it turned out that getting used to them quickly is impossible! Intuitively hand searches for a classic lever … and finds it in the form of a parking brake! In general, the first time obtained some confusion. In the case of the “mechanics” rising on the site of foot, which seems to has been kindly donated by designers Peugeot, will be its selector, central padded stools will not be, but instead will traditional handbrake and armrest.

For all its originality, the interior is still not devoid of practicality. Ample pockets in the doors, shelf under the smartphone niche, cup holder and a huge “glove” with its own name Top Box. Even declared its volume – 8.2 liters! In fact, this is a big niche – is now direct real fashion are now “boxes”, remember Captur – capable of holding a bunch of useful and useless. It’s funny that point on the cover, not only for beauty, but they can be held some small things, such as the same phone.

And the most interesting – because of a design front passenger airbag moved … by the sun visor!

Second row pleasantly pleased legroom with a reserve, but alerted the need to bend down, so as not to hit the door. Sofa set slightly higher than the front seats, so passengers will have a good overview. And of course, with a huge panoramic glass ceiling! This option will appreciate your passengers, besides saving millimeters it adds overhead. Because even with the planting, I almost put his head to a regular ceiling, which begins immediately behind the glass. But in general, two people my height (1.82) backseat enough can not be said about the third – on the width will be closely. But for wheelbase 2.59 in length to provide a simple thank you!

Of the additional details are pockets on backside and downright huge niche in the door cards. But the arm and ceiling handles not – instead just hooks.


The trunk is good – 348 liters of volume, full-size spare tire underground, deep and with smooth walls. All is well, except for two nuances: a completely different spare wheel (it another firm and slightly narrower) and naked metal in the vicinity of the threshold. Yes, and the threshold, by the way, turned out rather big. But luggage can be shipped in bulk. What? – There can think up.

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

Increase its volume can be folded back sofa, but it is only in its entirety, because the back is not separate. Put it horizontally just will not work, it is necessary to dismantle the pillow (but this is easily done, just the fact of unusual), but then get a small step.

In move

So, drive! Diesel 1.6, which now carries our cactus known to us well, because it occurs at the C-Elysee, and C4, and the 208 and 308 Peugeot. It develops 92 hp and 230 Newtons of torque that the car’s curb weight of slightly more than a ton is enough! Good pickup, although it takes place according to the senses than most bottoms, traction and dynamics in general – for all these things are a 1.6-liter diesel long been sympathy.

But robotic box ETG (Efficient Tronic Gearbox) to achieve such success is still not possible. Straight chronic bad luck for some! Or the same rake? Yes, the French are somewhat improved it worked on reliability, but the ideal of a “robot” is still far. The main claim – delayed switching to a lower gear and the inability to turn an honest “manual” mode. Even on the petals of the box will still be switched when it sees fit.

Yes, with the active punching the accelerator it will happen later, but the basic difference or improvement will not happen. Petals are suitable only for assistance in braking – the engine. It turns out that the robot does not fully realize the potential of the diesel engine! And the nature of the Cactus turned phlegmatic. I already imagine how “quiet” the petrol version will be …

At the request of readers, and of self-interest, we specifically checked – you can turn off the car in gear, but then she can not be started if the driver presses the button “neutral.” So the question of winter parking when they fear primorazhivaniya pad, in principle, be solved.

Now let’s see whether tandem motor and robot disperse hundreds of cactus to the situation of 11.4 seconds.! As we had not tried to fit into this narmotiv could not. Burning hope for the “manual” mode was repaid control electronics on the vine, so I changed the transmission either before or simultaneously with the “robot”, thus skipping directly to the two up. Therefore, we have reached the best time – 14.41 seconds. But braking at high speed and was pleased to dispel all doubts about the rear drum arrangements. Grasp the brake well and effectively slow down the car!

Running just did not seem to us soft and during the test the first impressions were confirmed. Although she tries to impress a soft braking and our Cactus even slightly shakes as the waves! But it is necessary to get into the pits and potholes as hitting bottom come noticeable, often not only feel but also audible. But Cactus can take a punch, and even large potholes suspension does not reach the breakdown. Ie on the bumpy road will go, and not the soft way, but to overcome it and to shake the soul of his teeth. Still fresh in the memory test Captur, so there was more rigid chassis, although both cars, I must say, the Europeans, without adapting to our roads.

Test drive Citroen C4 Cactus. Great original

To what owners have to get used, so it is to some valkost that initially I was even scared, but then it turned out that with the growth rate, it does not develop. Well, easy demolition of the rear axle in cornering with irregularities are also present. I should add that 16 alloy wheels for this version are standard – you can choose from two options, but the 17th – for a fee.

Since the Citroen C4 Cactus positioned as a crossover, we were surprised by the lack of data on ground clearance. We were unable to accurately answer them and Ukrainian presentation. Well, okay, we still would re-measure! So, according to our data protection plastic dialed even 14 and 13 centimeters of clearance. Yes, this protection is curved, which affected the result, but anyway – is not enough! Four-wheel drive is not and probably will not, not even provided support chips like the Grip Control at Peugeot or Xmod from Renault. Therefore, attributing to the Cactus crossovers very conditional and it is dictated purely marketing reasons.

Do not be amiss to mention the visibility and noise insulation of our hero. An overview of all would be well, if not narrow salon mirror, which is trying to show you a picture through the same narrow glass tailgate. And Cactus from interior appears larger than the outside dimensions but feel good.

But the insulation as a whole is not bad, especially considering membership in the B-class. Yes, I almost burst aerodynamic noise at speeds over 110, and most likely contributed to the making is beautiful, but the massive roof rails.

And if gasoline?

Now it’s time for a short while seats in gasoline Cactus! Here a modest 1.2 liters volume in only three cylinders, which are removed from the 82 horsepower. This happens at the speed close to the maximum of TTX to 5750, but this information is the driver of little help – because there is no tachometer! Torque is also modest – 118 Newton almost three thousand revolutions.

Therefore this cactus is going slowly, but in order to keep the flow at the beginning of this engine should be good raskochegarit! Fans not that active, and at least some drive it hardly will like.

A major portion of the phlegmatic adds a robotic machine mechanic ETG. Switched it very carefully, especially in the first two programs, including transmission through some break and causing the car to nod, especially in the most trying of her raskochegarit. Diesel has enough power reserve, inertia, but goes out like a petrol Cactus. Okay, I knew not my middle row, and the right … And I came to the conclusion that not only annoying slow shift much of their surprise – too early. Moreover, switching to manual mode is absolutely nothing on impact – Cactus continues to switch myself and I did not understand, the petals are connected with the box or not?

Adds fuel to the fire and start-stop system, which suppresses the car at every opportunity and an awkward case. For example, at the turn in three steps, she managed to do it twice! – At each change of gears.

As a result of such behavior can only enjoy a very quiet and economical drivers, or girls, or … driving school graduates. And the right to gasoline Cactus was superekonomichen! So there, in the city of consumption below 7 liters we have not fallen. Hey, where you cherished 5?

Unable to fully “protect” and diesel! A very bold statement in figure 3.8 liters per hundred in a city mode, for us personally was unattainable. At more or less empty summer town, but with the air conditioner, we are constantly “put the squeeze” figure to 4.5 liters. In general, the average consumption during the test was kept around 5 liters.