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Test drive Audi Q7

Test drive Audi Q7

Audi Q7 previous generation stayed on the line for almost nine years. Now there was a new model that is radically different from its predecessor.

I am stunned and confused, but I have to admit that the new crossover Audi Q7 is not the same machine, to a meeting at which I was flying to Switzerland for their debut test. The fact is that the highlight of cars of this brand has always been a sport handling, even if the cost is provided harsh suspension. But now I go behind the wheel of new items and enjoy … the perfect smoothness. Yes, that’s right, the car rides smoothly dissolving irregularities in the interior of the chassis. And at the wheel crossover extremely lightweight. His habits are such that I do not want “shustrit” on the mountain serpentine bends. But in any other Audi, my blood would have boiled off adrenaline, because the Alpine path to this very feature.

Well, if so, it should look more closely to the new product. European cars usually updated every seven years, but longevity was the Audi Q7. This was because the company’s engineers have prepared for the new model a huge number of new technical solutions. They wanted to try and bring to production. But the wait was worth it. Because the model of a new generation stepped, one might say, not one, but two steps ahead. Although the exterior of the novelty, traditional for Audi, has remained fairly conservative.

Test drive Audi Q7


In comparison with a precursor crossover he found more angular features became 37 mm shorter than 15 mm and has at this height increased by symbolic 4 mm. The wheelbase has decreased by 8 mm. Despite the seeming awkwardness, the drag coefficient of 0.31, unusually low for this type of body.


Full listing of all the special features will take at least a few dozen pages of text, so try to identify at least the main innovations. Thus, through the use of aluminum and high strength steels decreased body weight by 71 kg, and is lighter Chassis 100 kg (the center of gravity is now lower by 50 mm). Another 20 kg of “won” on the gearbox, and the total weight savings amounted to 325 kg. In this way, Audi Q7 was the easiest and most economical car in its class.

Novelty is equipped with a completely redesigned suspension. As before, it is in the base spring, and for an extra charge – air. As an option, you can equip the crossover and the steering of the rear axle. At low speeds the rear wheels are turned in opposite front at an angle of 5 degrees, which increases the maneuverability of: turning radius decreases from baseline of 12.4 to 11.4 m. A high speed, they, on the contrary, are rotated in the same direction as the front Wheel (at an angle of 3.5 degrees), which provides stability during rebuild. All-wheel drive with self-locking center differential and upgraded.

Test drive Audi Q7

And as for the number of different electronic assistants for the moment Audi Q7 is ahead of the rest – offers a total of 31 system! It is worth noting adaptive cruise control, able not only to maintain the speed of the vehicle ahead, but also keeps the car in the lane if turning flat. There is also a movement assistant in a traffic jam, the driver does not require any action at all – the vehicle starts, stops and turns the steering wheel itself. Assistant forecast fuel consumption recommended to release the accelerator pedal at the entrance to turns and downhill. Once the car is able to track the line markings and brake before suddenly jumped balls pedestrians. And if the driver or the passenger sitting behind him suddenly want to open the door to the moment when another car is approaching from behind, signal work, warning of the danger. In addition, Audi Q7 refuses to turn left at the intersection in the presence of oncoming traffic. About automatic “valet” and talk is awkward. At the crossover there is even an assistant maneuvering reversing with a trailer – in this case, the driver turns the wheel with the joystick MMI.

MMI interface itself is also, of course, modernized. He had a large touchpad (much larger than before), which can be used by the algorithm, similar to the control of the smartphone. There are wireless Internet access, and “music” with 3D-effect as an option, and much more.

While modifications are available with two powertrains – petrol and diesel. Engines thoroughly modernized for better returns and profitability. The first is equipped with a 3-liter engine with a mechanical compressor, developing 333 hp Turbo version also has a volume of 3 liters and develops power of 272 hp There is also its derated variant with 218 hp return, but in Russia it will not be offered. At the beginning of 2016 in Europe will be a hybrid 3.0 TDI e-tron quattro, where the 3-liter turbodiesel motor assists. The total capacity of this power plant is 373 hp, while the electric range in ideal conditions up to 56 km.

Test drive Audi Q7


Salon, without exaggeration, luxurious. From plastic parts are mainly buttons yes levers. The rest is leather, wood and chrome surface under the metal. In the style of interior design reminiscent of Audi A8. A ventilation vents on the front panel are made approximately the same as the new Volkswagen Passat – they extend from the center to the right angle. But if Passat their working parts are, as in other cars – in the center and on the right (between deflectors sham), the Audi Q7 right passenger can using separate keys to open the airflow is also directly in front of him. The instrument is fully electronic, both VW Passat and Audi TT. The graphics and excellent readability, we just need to get used to an almost vertical position of the screen – otherwise he would lished in the sun.

With an updated interface MMI, I, frankly, in the allotted time for the dough is not fully understood, it is very much in a “hardwired” different functions. But I can say it has become more convenient to the previous version. The main claim to the old interface was “blind” keyboard, use that to touch it was almost unreal, I had to keep your eyes on the road. In the new version the buttons are shaped so that they can be included without looking, and easy to remember the location.

The first impression of the chair – it unexpectedly mild for Audi. Even in a representative model A8 seats have very tight packing and tight head. Immediately I was literally drowning in the cushion and backrest, and the headrest soft. The same change of the sports-oriented comfort? But landing high even for the crossover. For example, competitors – in the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz ML (now the GLE) – the driver is much lower. And here I sit, as in the Range Rover! Because of this, devices are somewhere below even in the lowermost position of the seat. If we talk about the geometry of the landing, she, as always, “the Germans” is ideal.

Test drive Audi Q7

The second row is very spacious. For example, the legroom is more than the executive sedan with standard wheelbase and only slightly less than their long-wheelbase versions. This means that if a person is 180 cm tall adjust the front seat under him, and then change back, you can almost stretch your legs. The space above the head in a version without a transparent roof about 15 cm, and the presence thereof – seven centimeters. Form a good seat, but with luxurious front seats all of them do not compare: stiffer rear sofa, why not just sit imposingly. However, adjustable backrest angle, there is a separate “climate” with central and side vents at the windows – mechanical shutter.

You can order and a couple of “tablets” that attach to the back of the front seats, and are connected to the vehicle interface (at the end of the trip they are easy to remove). In the car on him, you can look, for example, a movie, and if you buy more, and sound system with 3D-sound, the speakers will almost like a modern theater. I checked, the sound really amazing!

As an option, and a third row of seats. But wading it is not too convenient, and to stay in there, you need to move the second row of seats forward (it moves 11 cm). Thus it is necessary to sit with knees battened down, which practically run into the seatbacks of the second row. But there is a place for the feet, and head over to the space is sufficient. For short distances here can be moved even two adults, well, children and all will expanse. By the way, Audi Q7 is the only car in the world, which you can install as many as 6 (!) Child seat (7-seater version).

Arrange driving gasoline 333-strong modification and start the movement. By motorway is broken track with patches and potholes – almost like a Russian. I did not know that Switzerland is such a terrible asphalt. But Audi Q7 rides, only gently swaying, like executive class sedan. Lightweight wheel (even in “dynamic” mode) enhances the feeling of comfort.

I know how Audi Q7 rides of the previous generation. Crossover has a dense suspension. Its large mass was felt when driving fast on a winding road, but the tight steering and chassis assembled left no doubt – the car is set up primarily for sports driving, but not relaxed movement in space as in any limousine. And even Executive Audi A8 is now the most sports car in the class. However, the new Audi Q7, it seems, on the contrary, seeks to become the most convenient among large crossovers.

Driving on the highway enhances comfort component in the behavior of the machine. At high speeds, the cabin is silence, and even when driving in a tunnel crossover unreal quiet. The suspension is soft and in “Sport” mode. And on the second row is very comfortable – if and harder, then just a little bit. And when driving in a straight line falls slightly taxi, which he had for the Audi, I did not notice. On the winding road the car is driven easily, accurately and predictably, but no sports is not felt here. And even banks “dynamic” mode while not frightening, but noticeable.

The test specimen was on the base 18-inch wheels and winter tires (in the Swiss mountains on our itinerary was still snow), and this, of course, softened his reaction. Then I tried the version of 20-inch wheels. Yaw on the line almost disappeared (though not entirely), and steep turns crossover behavior was more accurate. Irregularities he held tight, but still very comfortable. That is the whole feel of the same version. Engineers say the brand, that summer tires become more athletic handling. In this I have no doubt, but it is unlikely to have a significant difference.

Test drive Audi Q7

As for the engine, its thrust for easy crossover is more than enough. And thanks to the mechanical compressor in a Audi Q7 model response to the fuel supply. And the “machine” works fine. Turbo modification is generally similar to gasoline, just press the accelerator pedal responds a little slower. No vibration, no sound, this engine does not give out that works on diesel and, in some modes boomed even more solid than the petrol unit.

As I told the “secret” of these power units is sufficient for the clients, and 8-cylinder version is not planned. Even the future Audi SQ7 is 6-cylinder and, apparently, turbo. Actually, nothing wrong with this I do not see. And in general, I really liked the car. Because it does not befit rush headlong on a large crossover. Much nicer on him to move slowly – in peace and comfort. However, it is necessary to see how the new Audi Q7 will behave on summer tires. Maybe my opinion will change after all.

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