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Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

Acura TLX: Configuration and price

Acura TLX is proposed in two versions, each of which is interesting in its own way and has a characteristic chips. Versions Tech put the petrol 2.4-liter engine to 208 horses, a unique semi-automatic transmission on 8 stages and chassis. Options Advance – this V6 3.5, 290 power under the hood, 9-way “automatic” and branded all-wheel drive transmission SH-AWD. Agree, good techno set!

When we were asked to choose from the two options on the test car, a long time we could not decide.290 forces on full drive bribed, but also a new automatic transmission with “smart” chassis no less interesting! In the end, we opted for a slightly more modest version of Tech. But to call it a basic language does not turn – equipment here is very good, and not a poor grade.

Ask for a TLX 44.600 $, and Advance will cost about 55 thousand dollars. In addition to these technical differences, the top-end modification can boast of anti-collision system, adaptive, rather than the usual cruise control, start-stop system, ventilated front seats, curtains for the rear passengers and some additional light on how little things. Everything else – the same.

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

Acura TLX: Outward appearance

TLX looks quite restrained, although the designers have tried to decorate it with plastic lines on the sides of the body and smart optics that front, that back. And the food I personally like the car even more – specifically the front looks like a medieval helmet with retractable visor on Bravo knight. Though I must admit that brand awareness is close to absolute as related to general body panels Accord have TLX, by the way, no. But there is a triangular pane on the rear door, apparently met us earlier models of other Japanese brand. But all this is minor compared with the flaws seen us build. Look to the front door – you can see, the bottom edge of the window at them is not the same back? And top it all comes clear. Randomness in our instance or pattern?

Narrow eyes head light is not just lights – is a fully LED optics Jewel Eye, which should cause potential customers and envious passers association with as much jewelry. But anyway, the way it illuminates the good!

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

Acura TLX: In the cabin

The latest model of Acura, which I had to travel was MDX, and sitting behind the wheel of a sedan TLX I felt a powerful deja vu. Here it is all decorated in the same way up to the last detail, and a plurality of uniformly. From interior Accord, again, virtually nothing left, except that the two plates of silvered plastic on the center console, which I criticized in the winter. And this time, this decision has a claim – it’s a bonus in Akure could refuse from silvery plastic, making it even darker color. On the other hand, TLX is not trying to seem more expensive than it is – insert wood and plastic.

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

The rest of the interior is pretty well and soundly. Inside, cozy, self-pleasing style of the brand and the absence of kitsch. Despite the fact that the TLX positioned as a sports sedan, sport itself is a little bit, but it definitely has echoes. Perfect in form three-spoke steering wheel mounted almost vertically, low landing, excellent shape of the chair. He probably will get the most important praise – for the excellent profile and well tailored back. Yes, and it looks solid, massive.

By the way, in spite of the low-slung, there is no feeling that you’re sitting in the pit – line glazing is also low. The range of adjustment decent seat, but is too small at the helm. Only it should be considered a small ceiling height – tall drivers will not sugar. However, even if they changed the driver’s seat on the navigator, will not feel relief. Front panel sticks to the salon glove box lid, like the lower jaw of the French bulldog, forcing move the seat forward.

As for comfort and control everyone and everything from the driver’s seat, everything flawlessly. The buttons on the steering wheel are reasonable, and the most used – adjust the volume of music and scroll through the menu-board computer – in the form of scrolling wheels, which is very convenient! Devices with white backlight analog scale laconic in its simplicity, but read well at any time of the day. But multimedia climate system richly decorated and traditionally have multiple displays.

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

At the 8-inch navigation charts showing the top, the picture from the rear view camera and auxiliary menu. The bottom will be smaller, but the touch screen, and this reminds us of a breakdown Accord. Like him, it is concentrated music control, and in addition, and dual-zone climate control. The division into two screens is quite convenient to use, but hard-buttons are minimum and if you selected the speed or airflow have to be distracted from the road, making sure the correct procedures. Personally, I total do not like, but it works intelligently, and each press of the command is confirmed by a mild vibration.

In terms of the control stick, the puck navigation is much more convenient, but there found an easy problem – you pull up to her and “stumble” on the selector machine. But in the Advance version of this problem should not be, because there is a selector box button!

Pleased that the designers have not forgotten and about the necessary things as places for small things: pockets, cup holders, covered up a comfortable niche and a central box under the armrest of the front passenger services. And, by the way, the armrest is at times more convenient than the Accord, at my landing he did not ask for the adjustment (though it is not), and was clearly at hand. And “storage” is not a formality, and quite roomy box, even with a removable partition. Inside was found a solid folder with instructions and service, fine suede.

Back row did not promise a large space – yet Akkord platform here, with all the consequences and conclusions. The rear seats themselves are good – soft, with a comfortable backrest angle and good molding, which is slightly drowning. Then everything expected – opening narrowed roof and makes duck when boarding-disembarking, and the ceiling even to me with increasing 1.82 tries to put pressure on the head. Well at least the legs reserve space available. Third place is greater than the nominal than real. Of the additional options to pamper passengers nothing special – there is a three-stage heated seats, a pair of deflector so cupholders in the armrest. In this regard, TLX could not break away from the Accord – except that one step in the heated seats.

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

Acura TLX: Trunk

Designated cases, suitcases and travel bags in this sedan is not so much – 419 liters. But the volume of the far right, and pursed wheel arches, boot lid hinges and to top it all – low sliding glass tailgate. Of course, one should not expect from a sedan practicality, such as liftbek, but here appeared almost all the disadvantages inherent in their trunk.

Although the second-row seats can be folded here, and even in parts, freeing space for long-length through a narrow hole in the power structure of the body. In fairness, I note that the interior soundly and completely covers the entire bay, including a “ceiling”. We do not save on dokatka, which is present in the subfield.

In move

Anyway with the luggage – not for him to buy sedans, especially sports, what are positioned Acura TLX. Sport in our version of exactly 208 forces, and most of all, when debugging task was to go abroad at least two hundred, to distance themselves from the Accord and in general look more impressive. Agree, even 199 horses do not look so … But the same powertrain – K24 series of Earth Dreams – pumped by increasing the compression ratio, and a control program. This torque has remained virtually unchanged, adding just two points – up to 247 Newton-meters. But both of these characteristics are achieved TLX at higher rpm – the engine likes to be cool.

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

In general, the expected increase in power gave the car a little more agility and hurried. The same acceleration to the first “hundred” is given to our ward for 0.3 seconds, and in fact, is 8.17 seconds, which is exactly agrees with the stated 8.2. But thanks to the rest of the technical component, generally TLX Accord rides more interesting! So, let’s analyze this virtual sedan on the main technical components.

Firstly, there are four modes of Integrated Dynamics System, which allows the driver to fine-tune the character of the car from the slumbering economy to excitedly-acute “Sport +” Actually, there are two sport modes, and it proved popular: if you want a little spice up the character of the car, Select “Sports”; if you want to spur the full TLX – then “Sport +”. Here they only included one by one and move quickly in cost from a sports fail.

Secondly, a new “machine” of its own design. The Japanese were the first to dock converter box also! It is made even more smooth pulling away and smoothing jerk when changing gears. Indeed, as we have not tried to take off from a place with an unpleasant jerking or poking at the back we have failed. Now we have to see how the new “machine” will be reliability. As you know, the Germans stuffed one does not bump, bringing to mind their own DSG and simultaneously appease dissatisfied customers perturbations. If you try to compare these two boxes, the Japanese preselekta slightly slower than the DSG, but not so sharp. And it’s faster than the classic machine. And in the “Sport +” it is able to please fans of drive, as can even when changing gear.

Test drive Acura TLX. On the path of return

The third major component of the techno cocktail of Japanese engineers – chassis P-AWS. We listen to him almost more than all! And let me tell you that it is impossible to steer itself feel only when straight and confident braking from high speeds, when the rear wheels deliberately reduced and the body runs light vibration. Unusual feeling, I tell you! But you definitely feel as confident TLX is screwed into the turns. Not the least merit of the correct configuration of the mechanism and its consistency with the stabilization system. It seems that all the Japanese have turned out – all of high-speed bends bring us pleasure! Wherein the actuators are configured so that at low speeds, they turn the wheels in the opposite direction from the leading improving steering and high – in the same, increasing the stability! Incidentally, the rotation angle is actually small – about 1.5 degrees.

Structurally, the suspension consists of McPherson struts in front and multi-link rear scheme. I cannot call it soft, but all the bumps and joints it passes, practicing diligently, avoiding violent shocks.

But steering left mixed feelings. You know, I had some time in his youth a computer steering wheel, which, when he was released after turning back so fun “to zero.” The TLX same picture: a very marked zero position in which the steering-wheel and tries to return against the will of the driver, holding the wheel straight and artificial force when turning. On a flat road all much smaller and quite bearable, but uneven and rutted machine picks the band, and especially when you rebuild, it is very spoils the overall impression! It’s no joke, at first I mistook this side effect with the containment system in the band! It is by the way, it is also present here, and only works in conjunction with cruise control, helping to taxi in small corners.

But in the cabin is quiet! Good insulation and active noise cancellation system, “Silencing” all superfluous using antiphase excellent job with unnecessary sounds and create a comfortable atmosphere in the cabin. Even the suspension on serious potholes does not spoil the idyllic picture with oil.

At the end of our test pretends fuel consumption. As we have it or not, anyway, he teetered around 10 liters per hundred kilometers. If you will go economically, you can try to reach 8.5-9, but any congestion will return the status quo. On the other hand, the motor is not greedy, even after the increase in power, in any case well. Overall, the ride on the Acura TLX nice. Of course, as it is sporty it a bit, but it is different from the Accord car, which, as befits Akure, an order-equipped, comfortable and fun on the move.

Acura TLX: Summing up

So, it seems to me that a messenger of change, what is the thought sedan TLX, a success! It is attractive, well-equipped, flaunts engineering ideas and most importantly – available at a very competitive price in its class! On the other hand, not all of the technical components of it perfect, you can easily find fault with the detail in the decoration and practicality are some problems.

But overall, this is going Acura worthy, it already felt a kind of “rock” and a good “taming”. Interesting and a breakdown in the equipment and technical stuffing, and more powerful version of the long run is not much more expensive. Anyway, potential customers have a choice. Compete to be the beginner Infiniti Q50 , Lexus IS , which is already visited our tests, as well as the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-class and Audi A4. Against the background of TLX captivates not only the technical elements but also good meat, and again – the price.

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