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Test Drive Acura MDX new: the official luxury

Test Drive Acura MDX new: the official luxury

Oh it’s not an easy thing choosing a car. It is important to all: filling, reliability, design, usability and, of course, the balance between the ability and the desire of the future owner. Especially difficult to make a choice in the midst of crisis, when the cost of all serious car handled well beyond a million. On our test car, which remains one of the most affordable cars among millionaires, but in terms of equipment can outdo the most expensive competitors. “The first transmission” has decided to find out what may surprise the updated Acura MDX.

More Information? Please. Acura MDX new – it’s a full-size seven-seat crossover length 4936 mm (51 mm longer than its predecessor), a width of 1960 mm and height of 1730 mm (reduced by 38 mm). Wheelbase 2818 mm (wider by 71mm). In this new MDX has lost 125 kg. And all thanks to high-strength steel and aluminum, with magnesium. In the European version there are some differences from the US. Ground clearance vehicles for the United States and Europe of 185 mm, 200 mm for us. By the way, the nearest competitor Lexus RX and Infinity JX 35 190 cm and 180 cm respectively. Europeans also changed damper settings, increased by 10 mm brake discs and improved corrosion protection. Good reasons in favor of the official.

If you think that American cars can not a priori be a luxury, are mistaken. “Acura” breaks down stereotypes. Inside the luxurious. Build quality and materials at Lexus and Infinity, and in some ways even surpasses them. For example, Toyota even in their luxury models like to use wood instead of plastic. There is no deception, only high-quality breed. On the doors, the tunnel – a panel of olive ash, which comes from the United States and Spain.

In terms of equipment Acura MDX in the forefront. Simply list the systems that might be here. This list is minimal. The machine sees the band, following the dead zones, brakes before the obstacles, seeing barrier projects on the windshield flashing lights and more. From what is rarer – heating of seats, separate climate for rear passengers, the monitor in the ceiling size of 16.2 inches with a DVD player and a set of headphones wi-fi, as well as a control unit for passengers. Electronic noise suppression and heated steering wheel. And you do not smile. The fact that the calendar winter, and in a test machine had a cold. So, what could be better to steer the wheel of a warm frozen hands.

Test Drive Acura MDX new: the official luxury

The Acura has no problems with space in the cabin. Seats with good lateral support, but, as for me, too slippery. There multilevel heating and ventilation seat. Enough space inside both the width and height. Visually, it seems that it should be less. The same situation is in the back seat. You can collapse with ease and enjoy the ride. What can be said about the gallery. Not only that, climb to the third row is a feat, and there can be placed unless children or very small people. For example, I could not fit.
The trunk is 234 liters! Do not worry! It’s a third row of seats. If it is folded, it is possible to push already 447 liters of luggage. We expand the couch – get 2574 liters. By the way, the trunk has a 12-volt outlet. Tilt Wheel, unfortunately, not in the trunk, underneath. And best of all – electric cover. Pressed on the stick – the trunk closed.

The driving position. At first glance it may seem overloaded panel control. But it is only at first glance. The number of buttons in the new MDX has decreased from 41 to 9, at the expense of all the displays. Honda’s layout. At the top of the console – an 8-inch color display (not touch screen, a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels), just below the touch screen is already less. On the dashboard is another small screen. Information for the driver is enough, however, the image quality on the displays could be better. The graphics are not impressed as the performance of GPS systems. All slow and boring. For many years “Honda” does not change its approach to multimedia. There are nice moments – sky cameras that give a very decent picture, the hard drive is 100 GB, where you can upload all your favorite movies and music as well as sound quality. The most expensive version of the “Acura” installed 12 speakers, 546 watts of power. It plays well. The “Honda” say the system itself set up Elliot Scheiner.

Test Drive Acura MDX new: the official luxury


Like any good American car, Acura powerful and is able to drive fast. The engine, though an updated 3.5-liter i-VTEC 290 horses (in the previous version had 300 horses), a torque of 355 Nm and disconnection system 3 cylinders. But only one unit, regardless of the configuration. With the motor running six-speed automatic with the ability to shift gears manually. Eats paddle shifters. No more start-stop systems or hybrids not provided. Because consumption and impressive. The city receives about 17 liters, the track – at least 11. With the current fuel prices at a car driving pleasure is not cheap.

Furthermore, this engine has a direct injection, which means that the installation of LPG equipment will be problematic. One consolation, as any American car, “Acura” is not choosy fuel and it digests 92nd gasoline. Lucky for the engine and gearbox.It is so well paired with the unit, it begins to seem as if they were created for each other. Smooth, precise shifting pleases in any drive mode. A prescribed algorithms so cleverly that the machine ahead of your thoughts. You just thought to include a third, and already done. As the saying goes, so pressed, so many got.

Test Drive Acura MDX new: the official luxury

It did not work and I have to find fault with the suspension Acura MDX. The Japanese say they customize it for our roads and set stiffer springs. I do not know what happened to the American version, but that seemed to me a balanced European.Minor irregularities, sagging asphalt pits flying machine without noticing how hovercraft. Potholes on the more serious given the cabin a little click, but it is – a decent result. I enjoyed handling. Despite the size, the feeling that rulish cars. At the turn of the wheel the car responds sharply.

Do not forget, we are testing “Honda”, but still a luxury option. This means insulation of the car will be on top. In addition to general Shumkov, the “Acura” has a special electronic system ASC. When it becomes too noisy, electronics through the speakers imposes insert hearing protector and becomes quieter in the cabin. In sport mode, the roar of the engine in the car heard a lot harder.

Of course you are interested in that are all-wheel drive. So, nothing new. Four-wheel drive SH-AWD borrowed from Honda Legend. The transfer case (spur gear, driven gear fixed to the front differential) sends torque through the propeller shaft to the rear active reducer. A craving goes away in two electromagnetic clutches. Each of them is responsible for one of the rear wheels. The transmission SH-AWD is able to transmit at the front to 90% of thrust, and the stern 70%. At the same time the level of traction driver can observe the display of the instrument panel.


And finally, a few words about security. Premium Crossover Acura MDX passed the crash test Insurance Institute for Highway Safety USA (IIHS), famous for its rigorous evaluation of cars arriving at the testing.
Acura MDX earned the highest score of the American crash test. The test was applied simulations car collision at a speed of 60 km / h with an obstacle in the form of a half-meter of concrete curb. This obstacle in contact with 25% of the front of the vehicle from the driver.


Before you give the test layout, I once again carefully read the contents. The impression that the test ad, because it is practically no criticism. But the thing is that to find something really bad during the test, I could not. Maybe you can help in your comments? The main drawback of this machine is the powerful flow, and of course the lack of choice of engines. By the way, due to the engine 3471 cm “Acura” just falls under the new luxury tax, which applies to all cars with an engine volume of more than 3 liters. This means the price of a million-plus, you need to add another 150 thousand tax. This can be a deciding factor when choosing a car. After all competitors have options not less luxurious and less litr. The choice is yours!


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