• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Strong explosions in China killed thousands of cars [video]

Strong explosions in China killed thousands of cars [video]

A huge explosion occurred in an industrial area of ​​the city of Tianjin in North China. 44 people were killed and 400 injured. Among them, nine firefighters who died during fire.

The fire started the day before yesterday (August 12) and reached the explosive warehouse, where there were two powerful explosions. Initially, 3 tons of explosives exploded TNT, the ensuing explosion had a capacity of 21 tons of TNT. His witnesses and recorded on video.

Tianjin is one of the largest cities in China and one of the largest ports, with a population of about 15 million people.

From the explosions were a fire burned thousands of new cars parked parking on the port. Among them – the 1065 Touareg, 114 Golf, 391 Beetle, up !, 84 257 Tiguan, 39 and 28 Sportsvan Magotan (Passat).

President Xi Jinping urged local authorities to extinguish the fire and “do everything possible to provide treatment to the injured, as well as the safety of persons and property ».