• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Startup Ohm offers replacement lead-acid batteries

Startup Ohm offers replacement lead-acid batteries

Startup Ohm decided to change one of the most stable parts of the modern car, which has not changed since the middle of the XIX century – lead-acid battery. The company has developed a new lithium iron phosphate battery (LFP), in many ways superior to lead acid.

First, the weight of the battery is not more than 3 kg, 15 kg against the conventional battery. And the dimensions it has less, which, however, prevents the install it in the slot of the standard battery. But Ohm decided to adapt his own creation – their battery will be placed in a standard frame size 35 (23,6 x 17,3 x 19,9 cm), and the remaining space to give a “smart” charging system, and turn off the power, which should prevent full discharge of the battery.

Secondly, LFP-battery more tenacious. Lead battery completely runs out of your life after approximately 1,000 charge-discharge cycles. LFP shows the results of at least twice as good. When ill-treatment with a constant charge “from scratch”, he maintains about 2,000 cycles. At a more sparing treatment when the battery is not charged at zero capacity – about 8,000 cycles. Theoretically, if stored fully charged battery LFP-for 15 years loss of capacity should not be more than 23%. Importantly, it has a small samozaryad, while it can take and give a relatively large currents, allowing to charge it for a few minutes.

Now the drawbacks. First of all is the price – at the moment pre-production samples can only be ordered from the manufacturer for $ 200. This can hardly be called a competitive price, despite the promise to increase the battery life in half.

In addition to the high cost and the need for “smart” charging, its total capacity is less than that of a lead battery. This means that you have to charge it more often than a conventional battery, which overlaps its main advantage. Especially dramatic power outage could have a negative impact on the e-filling of modern cars.

Currently, the company holds a closed Ohm testing a new battery. No information about the release date production model yet.