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Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

Each dealership has its own specifics. On some you can enjoy the constellation of supercars. On the other – gorgeous concepts. Still others offer all at once, depending on fashion trends in a particular continent. Everyone wants to follow them. Shanghai motor show 2015 also had its own color. It was held under the auspices of the total domination of crossovers, hybrids and electric vehicles. Green Peace in delight! But first things first.

The series!

Let’s start with the prime minister, who in the near future will be on sale. Frankly, they are in Shanghai was not so much if you do not pay attention to the whole scattering of little-known local brands. On them will be discussed separately. Among the notable newcomers highlights Buick Verano second generation, which is already in the autumn should become a Opel Astra K. Of course, it will look a bit different, but dream on this subject is already possible. Yes, and some technical details are known. Built on the platform of the car D2XX with racks McPherson front and semi-independent rear suspension with Watt’s mechanism. Under the hood, Verano is worth only 1.5-liter turbo engine with 169 “horses”, and later appears and 1.5-liter naturally aspirated “four”. Both units will operate with either a manual gearbox or a seven-step “robot”.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

Another no less interesting novelty was the seventh generation Ford Taurus. This sedan has always been considered a purely American, but now the situation could change. The Ford Taurus want to make international. And let formally submitted a copy listed in Shanghai concept, in informal conversations with representatives of the company, we found out that the car gets on the conveyor in the near future and will be a great gift for lovers of big sedans. A Taurus is really big – more than 5 meters in length for almost 3 meters wheelbase. So, lack of space, passengers will not experience exactly.

And since much of it went to large sedans, not to mention the hybrid Cadillac CT6 – one of the most beautiful cars of Shanghai motor show. In the motion it causes the power plant, consisting of a 2-liter petrol engine, two electric motors and a lithium-ion battery. The total return of the ligament is 335 liters.from. and 586 Nm. At the same time the Americans promised that fuel consumption will be ridiculous for a car of this class.

Its new hybrid and Nissan was in the face of the crossover Murano. But much more interesting that car that was with him in the neighborhood. We are talking about a sedan Lannia, very distinctive appearance, but, to a certain extent, reflects some of the trends of modern automotive industry. It is built on a modular platform MFA, borrowed from Mercedes-Benz, and actively explore the Infiniti, but under the hood will be Lannia petrol engines of 1.6, 1.8 and 2 liters, of mounted with both manual gearbox and a “machine”. Including variator.

Another Japanese brand – Lexus – brought to Shanghai turbocharged version of the new Lexus RX (for the first time in the history of the model), and a redesigned ES sedan with a slightly retouched appearance, improved sound insulation and mysterious changes in the motor range. Mysterious, because the new engine is only known that it is a 2-liter petrol “four” with direct injection.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

Unlike their Japanese counterparts, the British are no mysteries from McLaren did not ask, just be honest and tell everything about your very cheap car to get the index 540S. Although the concept of “cheap” in relation to McLaren sounds somewhat mockingly. However, the bar entry into the elite club of the owners of supercars fell slightly, almost not affected any appearance or the technical capabilities of the car. Under the hood hides McLaren 540C 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 with 540 “horses” and the same amount of torque, making up the first hundred supercar accelerates in 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 320 km / h. The car is a dream! And the price tag is not glued to it, so take it, do not hesitate. No one will know that you have the cheapest McLaren.

A look into the future

With iconic premiers production models in Shanghai somehow it did not work, but on the concept cars here you can see a lot of plenty. Almost all of the following fashion hybrid. But if anything other than the Peugeot 308 power plant is not remarkable, the other went into the development of “green” technologies as never far away. For example, the concept Qoros 2 SUV PHEV, in addition to the standard method of charging, also equipped with contactless technology filling capacity of the batteries through an automated port retractable from the windshield. And sometime in the Qoros hope to teach their cars charged at all on the run from the transmitting coil embedded in the roadway. Moreover, it is not fiction. Such technology is already used in South Korea for the public electric recharge.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

His version of the wireless charging system implemented in the Audi, presenting to the public is the third concept series prologue. At this time in the form factor of versatile terrain, four-wheel drive and, of course, with a hybrid power plant consisting of a V8 4,0 TFSI engine with two turbochargers and an electric motor integrated into the 8-step “automatic”.

A Chevrolet altogether looked into the distant future, where the cars will be electric and unmanned.Such as the concept of FNR with doors in the style of “dragonfly wings” to the wheels without hub and the ability to deploy front seat to the rear passengers in the offline drive. That’s really true, engineers and technical center PATAC (joint brainchild of GM and SAIC) have extended the boundaries of his consciousness.

But if you still back closer to reality, then it is waiting for us a few concepts that have every chance in the near future become a production car. It Citroen Aircross (all-wheel drive hybrid), made in the style of the Cactus and, as they say, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds. This Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, threatening its forms and technical stuffing Bavarian BMW X4. And these are two show car, created exclusively for the Chinese – Honda D and Volkswagen C Coupe GTE. However, the latter may go beyond China, transformed into a model that will occupy a niche between the Passat and the Phaeton. He, incidentally, is built on a new generation platform MLB and, of course, a hybrid. Trends – a powerful thing.

National color

Whatever may be said about the Chinese automotive industry, it is undeniable that it develops much more rapidly than would be expected. Most of the cars from China are no longer exude rending airways smell, do not cause a gag reflex shoddy materials and finishing touches to lick at grands design. Rather, it’s all still there, but the minimum proportion. The Chinese are increasingly rolling out to the public is much more original and interesting design than would be expected.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

That there is even the first Chinese electric supercar Qiantu K50 Event! or very small and also, incidentally, an environmentally friendly concept Changan Raeton CC, even though both the future is uncertain. It is not clear what will happen to the alliance Zinoro Concept Next BMW-Brilliance, with Venucia VOW – a joint creation of Nissan and Dongfeng or designer delights JMC, embodied in bold concepts Yusheng S330 and Yuhu. The main thing is that the Chinese show a burning desire to grow qualitatively.

In addition to absolutely futuristic concepts in Shanghai was put a lot of cars that are either about to go into series or ready for production. Among them it is worth noting the first “SUV» MG, just three crossover from Lifan (X40, X70 and X80) and two from BYD.

Separate story deserves new items Great Wall brand Haval, which now have a clear division between “red” and “blue” line. The first focused on the held of people looking for luxury, and the second – in the active youth. In order to demonstrate the difference, the company produced two show car – Concept B (Blue Label) and Concept R (Red Label). But the main event was the debut of the all the production model H6 Coupe. The first impression it produces a very pleasant, and certainly goes well, given the presence under the bonnet 2-liter turbochetverki issuing 197 liters. from. power and 315 Nm of torque.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

A lot of attention is focused on yourself and extended version Haval H7 with the landing formula 2 + 3 + 2, but its “elongation” is nothing compared to the monumental SUV Hongqi LS5. The brand is best known for the fact that produces exclusive limousines to the leaders of China and only recently opened sales of a mere mortal, but very wealthy persons. LS5 is the status of the concept is equipped with a 4-liter V8 rated at 381 liters. from. (530 Nm) and acceleration to 100 km / h in 8 seconds at a mass nearly three tons, but when it comes to production and hanging price tags, it is unlikely to become the owner of the Hongqi LS5 will be less than a million dollars.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

We have tried to cover all the fun that was at the Shanghai Motor Show 2015, afford not to focus your attention on the very very local brands like Leopard, Hawtai, Haima, Jinbei, and so on. But in order to complete this review in a good mood and a certain amount of irony, we note another car – electric crumb Zotye E30, which is a cross between a la smart outside and something very similar to the interior of the Tesla Model S, but with a disgusting finishing materials. There are still wags in China.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

Behind the scenes

This year, as you know, the organizers of the Shanghai motor show abandoned ladies-stendistok. They say that they distract the attention of visitors from the car. But let some exhibits so “beautiful” that only girls of model appearance in frank clothes able to save them from disgrace and contempt. In general, the holiday turned out to be spoiled. Auto Shanghai lacked luster, and notice it’s not just the visiting journalists, but also the Chinese themselves, of which in the first days of the auto show was not nearly as much as before.

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trends

No, it is not the girls, of course, has not done. They were at the stands in the role of consultants and brochures on racks, but then did not even want to comment on. Just look at a small gallery to appreciate the scale of the tragedy.

However, one bright spot in this whole story is. At the booth we met Changan pretty blonde from Zhitomir. But even that did not help get at least some press materials in English. As far as the Chinese love their home media, so hate foreign. As soon as people close to the posts of European and Slavic appearance, all that can be useful for a journalist not from China, end as if by magic. That, they say, take our leaflets with the characters. No, thanks!

Shanghai 2015: Chasing trendsShanghai 2015: Chasing trends

Sometimes it comes to the ridiculous when foreign journalists are not allowed to even touch the car, while the local lords self-sticks are literally torn apart just to present the car almost on the atoms.

In short, the work at the car dealership in China is difficult. The information to be collected bit by bit, but even more interesting. And impressions of China are to survive a couple of days in a mad rhythm of running around the huge pavilion of the exhibition center. Just look at how the Chinese go, and what is happening on their roads. But we’ll talk about next time.