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Scientists are divided into seven groups of drivers

Scientists are divided into seven groups of drivers

London School of Economics in cooperation with Goodyear conducted a study in which the drivers were divided into seven groups according to the type of conduct. The work was conducted with focus groups composed of European motorists. Each group was given the names of the scientists.

«Teachers” need to be sure that other drivers know what they are doing on the road is something wrong. Moreover, these motorists waiting for the recognition and promotion of what is taught others. “Nerdy” go with the idea that the machines run around them incompetent people. Representatives of this group are also fond of yelling at other drivers, without departing from his car.

«Searchers rivalry” is constantly trying to get ahead of its neighbors downstream and complain if someone prevents it. These drivers are trying to speed up and reduce the distance to the car in front, so no one could regroup and take this place.

«executioners” are trying in various ways to punish other drivers for conduct which, in the opinion of this group is wrong . Moreover, in some cases, the executioners are ready to get out of their vehicles in order to meet with other motorists face to face.

«Philosophers” have nothing against incorrect maneuvers on the road. Moreover, they try to find a rational explanation for them. “Avoid the risk of” trying to stay away from drivers who pose a potential risk, as “fugitives” by all means want to distance themselves from what is happening in the stream. For example, using music or mobile gadgets.

In 2014, the company LeasePlan has published a study according to which the British were the most aggressive drivers in the world. The second place was taken by motorists from France. The top five also were Czechs, Germans and Indians.