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Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

Above the track there was a squeal of tires and then a few specific sounds that any motorist can hardly be confused with something else. The upper floors of the boxes was clear that the incident occurred on a fast part of the track after the eleventh right turn which just connects the descent and ascent. Formula 1 race cars on this site could be dispersed to the maximum rate – more than 300 km / h! Features of our Porsche a little more modest – here was the speed of 220-250 km / h depending on the model and fearlessness / training of journalists. This is the last and did not have Romanian counterpart, overestimate their abilities behind the wheel of the 911 GT3. But just before that our instructor told us that the place is insidious, and not one day the track is not without departure in it! Thank God, the departure had serious consequences for the would-be pilot, but GT3 needed serious repair. Agitated by this event – and it seemed to him that an incident in the Driving Academy is impossible – we went home.Thus ended the first module of our training in March this year.

And in June, Istanbul Park we met again, and on the second run, we, the students of the Academy, had high hopes. Firstly, the test fleet of cars with a high probability can be replenished with the latest news Porsche – Cayman GT4 and GT3 RS 911 . Second, we hoped for more free rides, and the most powerful and fastest modifications – in fact know the route, learned something, and even five minutes a pro! So we thought.

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

But the organizers and the instructor looked at it differently. Yet the new Porsche stuff is not cheap even branded Driving Academy, and beat them to the right and to the left is impossible. And if that happens, it means that the level of training is still low, and it is necessary to pull it! Therefore, the program at this time consisted of theory and practice in the form of a set of special, I would even say the specific exercises that allow … However, let’s take first things first!

In the study of any subject it all starts with the theory, and the race, and even sports riding is no exception.You can not just sit down and go and show a good time or to get ahead of all rivals. And the more we are immersed in the science race, the more I realize how little I know. At this time we started with traction and understeer. For clarity, the instructors used the so-called Friction Circle (loosely translated “circle clutch”), which are indicated by four axes, tobish basic forces acting on the car: acceleration, braking, turning left and right. It is easy to demonstrate (this is done by a horizontal force vector) is dependent on grip on the dynamics of acceleration / deceleration and steering angle of the wheels. Limit – is the border of the circle, in ideal conditions equal to 1g. Then there are mathematical formulas and calculations depending on vehicle weight and other conditions, but fortunately in this jungle we did not go deep. The main goal was to demonstrate that the rider is a challenge to drive a car so that the vector is within the range, but as much as possible approached to it. This currently riding “on the brink”. That will allow it to quickly and confidently (in terms of adhesion) take turns. Any point that lies beyond the boundaries of the circle – is slipping tires, which means the loss of speed and possible trajectories. It is important to understand that in the wet circle becomes less than twice, and on slippery winter shrinks to the size of the contact patch – the slightest sudden movement of the wheel – and the machine goes into the slide.Of course, having the original data, this limit can be calculated by using the very formula, but in the course of the race to do this is clearly not with your hands!

In the clutch, among other factors, affects the weight distribution – the more weight presses on the wheel, the better their grip. Also, let’s say, the static weight distribution, there is also dynamic. At each brake application, for example, it is shifted to the front axle. And here it is to consider the following important element – oversteer or understeer of the vehicle. In the case of rear-engined Porsche build things very well: with the same braking motor acts as a counterweight, without giving weight to overload the front axle of the car and make the car very “fidgety.” Similarly, motor and accompanies acceleration, more prigruzhaya drive wheels.

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

And this is just one of a complete picture of puzzles called “lap”. Oh My God! Yes, if you try all the time to think about it, calculating the ideal I ever heal from the road or trail will be like a turtle – “processor” I’ve got one, only he did not have time! But instructors say they get stuck and loaded it during the race or simply sporty driving, as in this case, it does not mean everything has to take place with ease. And so, to get the hand, now we go to the track (at last!) To practice and polish the whole physics of motion.

And on the street and did not rain in summer is fresh and by the standards of Turkey, where the training center, so all cold. Before the track we were met by the same set of sports cars Porsche: Boxster ,Cayman , 911 in various modifications, mainly GTS, and a real jewel of the back of the field 911 GT3 in white. But for us it is the forbidden fruit, and we leave it to miss in splendid isolation. We, by contrast, is anything but boring! For example, the exercise “perestavka” or elk test. The rate is relatively high, the most important to keep up on the steering wheel – to shift the first car in a nearby row of cones, and then return. With all the electronics included almost feel the gods, but it is necessary to weaken the grip stabilization system as the machine immediately starts a little bear, flying the first cone. At the same time there is a clear difference between the 911 and Cayman – last breaks into a skid easier to fly him to be careful. And what if you turn off PSM all? On the first attempt Porsche exposes exactly sideways while trying to engage in “adjacent band” and it ends with bright pieces of the bowling alley. More or less cope with the situation can only instructor, and I do not want to be here in such a position on a public road.

They mysteriously smile and offer to try the following exercise – power sliding while passing ligaments turns “fan” in a weakened “collar” PSM. Once again, the track remains on the sidelines, and we go into one of the broad security zones that begin ironing wheels Boxster and 911. Here, the balance of power is changing, and the last to throw the stern, and even easy to slide is easier. Home find the right course of action to catch the right angle driving. At times I get the third face stretches into a smile – nine one one in a light-controlled drift is great! But not enough to just get to work and need to fix, and we cut into a snake again and again.

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

When it’s time to change the location, I was delighted, but as it turned out early. Now, changing the machines in our group, we are beginning to “work off” different styles of cornering on a section of track.The rain trajectory should be different, with fewer cutoffs and more pronounced arch in the rotation. No closer to the apex and cutoffs – just smooth, “embroidery” closer to the center of the track. The main goal of these maneuvers is to avoid areas of potential water retention to minimize hydroplaning, which at high speed easily equate to driving on ice. At best, the machine gliding puddle and again rests on the asphalt without losing trajectory, at worst it will turn with all its consequences. The second important point – although the speed and fall, is the passage of the track is safer, and thus allow the rain to ride out with minimal risk.

Of course, such style and devoid of speed and excitement, and I’m starting to openly bored behind the wheel. Do not think that once the write is, as you probably will not believe it, but at that moment I was bored! Yes, at the wheel of Porsche on the racetrack! All of these exercises, learning the theory of the presence of formulas … Yeah, I just want to drive 911 turbo s and race around the ring!

As if reading my mood, the next element, prepared for us was just traveling on the highway! You should have seen how I pulled to the coveted “Eske”, which did not have time to ride the last time, opting for track 911 GT3 . Successfully beating fellow, I took a seat behind the wheel in the cockpit are already familiar Porsche. Meshal only helmet, which this time is a prerequisite for leaving the track. He rested in the roof, the headrest, causing recline the seatback forward. But all this is minor compared to the 560 forces, and 3.1 second acceleration to a hundred. Even given a ride in a convoy, and a more measured its management instructor car, I felt that I was behind the wheel of one of the fastest road Porsche. The faster we went, the more reveals its potential, the more confident I was driving on the highway. From the first moment you realize that you’re a sports car, which is free to dispose of impressive power at its discretion, and with the right approach to go beyond what was once considered the limit of the sports coupe. Four-wheel drive system and anti-roll PDCC allow speeding even complex bends, and the output you like pulls ahead invisible but powerful winch. In short, after the first round I had the impression that only now I got behind the wheel of Porsche, and before that, if they were not, and simple, for example, charged Hetchy. No, no, I’m not in any way belittle the merits of the dynamics and the rest of the road model line, but it seems that a significant gap between them, a large step, perhaps the abyss! Although the characteristics of a small difference …

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

And then followed the exchange of machines and change drivers, and we again had the opportunity of a circle in a circle to feel cocky Cayman GTS, a little imposing, but beautiful 911 targa, assembled and tightened 911 GTS, and catty 911 GT3 … But at the very fast turn, which I did not submit any of us last time, in all of us waiting for a “surprise” in the form of cones, forcing perestavku perform and thus slow down. Maximum security, but on the ride “to the fullest” had to forget. Although at that time I had already guessed that set records speed and range we clearly will not give.

And yet, without a competitive element has not been! As a consolation prize for the overall drop in the velocity us again given the opportunity to compete in skill management sports car, in this case, the Porsche Boxster S, go through the simple shape avtoslaloma (driving between the chips) for a while.Frankly, the day before I specifically trained and prepared, can not be said about many colleagues who had gathered there, but vyborot prize certainly would.

The key elements of success were to be two things: exact (and not earlier!) After a deceleration booster directly with about 100 km / h and carefully, after a rapid passage of a narrow corridor, are simultaneously rotated through 180 degrees. There really helped keeping sight – the car goes where the driver is looking! When you need to go fast turnaround, and it seems that does not fit, try not to look at the outer edge of the bend, which pulls the car and where you want to send it. Of course, this is not the laws of physics will fight, but after a few workouts will be a noticeable effect. So, having passed his attempts – one good and the other “not very”, it seemed to me – I went to wait for the results.

Hey, miss, my friend? – Was the question of instructors. Come on, show me what a dynamic on the plate! Apparently, at the end of the program Porsche Media Driving Academy every other one of us had to wait for an offer to quit journalism career and try his hand in the field of pilot! In the meantime – the fight with an unexpected skid.

After the dissolution of only 40 km / h Porsche Macan bounced on the wet slippery surface at the same time shift the rear axle. Since his surprise suit special device driver, which itself is selected in what direction will bring the car. The task of the driver – to try to catch him, working alone driving. Even knowing that the bank is about to happen now, catch the car was not always, and he went into the free rotation treacherously slippery green cover. But three or four attempts to do its job, and I have confidence parry skid Macan! However, the computer controlled drift in any case it is cooler and can pull the rear wheels so that the pros can not cope.

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

But there was one element that I have not resigned. Whether much as I do not fully understand it, or could not eliminate a digital driver, is said by the instructor, or the famous Formula 1 fans eighth turn really difficult. Besides, he prolonged, it just four (!) Of the apex, which in theory means the helm left the same amount of time. In practice, the drivers do not act, passing him on the special difficult path, as little as possible to slow down.

We also had to pass it on the same line without changing the steering angle! What trajectory I asked – and went. All the subtle course corrections should do with the accelerator pedal. This steering throttle.While playing the gas redistributes the weight of the driver of the car forward or backward, respectively, it appears understeer or oversteer. Here’s how it looks:

With the weight of the game I like how it turned out, but with a perfect line problems arose. Like it or not, it is still an instructor were not fully satisfied. And then there’s the heat, and in anticipation of arrival colleagues warms you on red-hot under the sun released the asphalt, blown hot southern winds. Again attempt, and again in the “five”! When stopped receiving such classes have no joy, and colleagues do not want to give! My torment successfully interrupts a coffee break …

After that I was able to kind of revenge – braking in the corner after the long straight start-stop turned out great! True, I had to step on the throat of fear and at the same time slow down the entrance of the turn, despite the fact that I wanted to do it before. It is already clearly ahead of looming wall impingement plate, and the rotation also goes down, which only adds to the fear.

For breakfast, we again gave prohvatit the full ring, but the speed limit in the form of cones with perestavka nevertheless not removed! At first, I tried to analyze the knowledge and experience to go academically and immediately noticed that behind the column! All that was said in the beginning is not theory. Indeed, it is impossible to think, you just have to carry out waste items, at least try! Then faster and smoother turns. Of course, I did not suddenly the pilot, and the contract away from the sports complex to me no one slipped. But Porsche Media Driving Academy in addition to a unique experience tests the entire range of Porsche on the track has given me the opportunity to significantly pull up your driving skills to grasp and understand something new, to step one step up in the driver’s study of art.Nevertheless, the rights was one Greek philosopher, when he said, “I only know that I know nothing, but others do not know and that.”

Porsche Driving Academy: I would be driver, let me teach!

Apogee Academy training was the announcement of the winners of figured driving – I was the best in the group! And the prize is valuable even though stylized mouse 911 Martini Racing gorgeous, and the result, “legalized” the recognition of colleagues from different countries. In general, the feeling of joy of victory – the best reward, and one of the best memories of the Driving Academy!

“Dream Job”

To be a disciple visiting Porsche’s great, but even cooler to be a teacher or instructor. Who are these guys so famously control sports car and knowledgeable about the science of piloting, probably all?Finally I “finished off” a beautiful private helmets, which are clearly used not only here. I decided porassprashivat one of our instructors. Marian German, lives in Berlin and is closely connected with racing since childhood. With 7 years went to karting, then there were body monokubki, then junior formula … At some point, he realized that the cost is too high – motor racing without sponsors expensive – from professional racing had to leave. Now Marian delivery driver Porsche and instructor at Driving Academy. And the geography of such centers and their profile is rather extensive, and trips to the different centers he spends a third of the year. Job factory driver is no less interesting. This delivery of new Porsche VIP-clients directly to the door of the house, followed by briefings on the machine and most importantly – a demonstration of its capabilities at the upcoming track. For car fans – well, downright dream job! Finally I ask how old he is. 25 !, cheerfully smiling meets Marian, and that does look old? …