• Today is: Friday, May 26, 2017

Norwegians will give Tesla Model X crossover to attract new customers

Norwegians will give Tesla crossover to attract new customers

The Norwegian Bjorn Nuland receive free Tesla Model X crossover with options for 25 thousand dollars, when the model will be officially presented reports.

This is a gift from the American automaker to attract ten new customers. Nuland himself already owns sedan Model S. This he said in the video posted on YouTube.

According to Bjorn, number of clients, which he led in the “Tesla” live in Europe, and the rest in the United States. Nuland said that he would like to be contacted by those who bought cars American automaker on his recommendation. He noted that only four people have already received their cars.

Nuland added that he would like to hold up to ten people, which enabled him to obtain a free Tesla Model X, as well as for other fans of electric activity of the test -Drive his new off-road vehicle.

The company Tesla start a special program of discounts and bonuses at the end of July. In addition to a gift in the form of Model X to attract new customers, the American company gives thousands of dollars to new customers who came on the recommendation of people who understand the “Tesla».

The production version Tesla Model X crossover will debut in September. Estimated cost model will be 50-60 thousand dollars. One version of the off-road vehicle will receive a 700-strong power plant from a top sedan Model S P85D.