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Norton Company Plans for the future

Norton Company Plans for the future

In a recent press release from the company Norton hinted at the development of the electric motorcycle, as has been said a few words about the “new green motorcycle.” The press release is also a lot of attention is dedicated to the future development of the brand.

The information there is little, but we hope the company Norton really interested developing electric motorcycle. At the same time, many are inclined to the fact that the word “green” British manufacturers realize more efficient, cleaner and more efficient engine, but who knows?!

Norton Company received 7.5 million pounds for the development, creation new jobs and the production of cleaner transport. Finance Minister George Osborne visited the head office of Norton and declared that the project is worth 7.5 million pounds in the first place, aimed at creating new jobs.

Together with partners (and there are 11), the company wants to make Norton the following:

  • create a new Academy «British Motorcycle Manufacturing» (BMMA), to train specialists and to ensure the growth of the next generation of technical wizards for Norton Motorcycles and partners
  • the construction of the new plant area 930 m2
  • for 2 years to develop new clean motodvigatel

The company plans to create a Norton 159 workers, while in the next 5 years, staff will be increased by another 600 people: students, workers.

In general, the question remains open, but now we know: the company Norton has a future.


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