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MPV Mazda5 will be removed from production in 2015

MPV Mazda5 will be removed from production in 2015

Mazda has decided to cease production of a minivan Mazda5. Assembling the vehicle is stopped before the end of 2015, according to World Car Fans.

Also, the concern gave up the idea of ​​developing a new generation of machines. The Mazda explain this step decrease in the popularity of cars of a class MPV due to growing demand for five- and seven-seater crossover.

In addition, the company noted lower sales Mazda5 on world markets. In the past year in Europe and the United States has sold about 17 thousand. Copies Mazda5. It is noted that the savings will be spent on improving the technology SKYACTIV.

The minivan is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. Engine power is 145 hp. The motor works in conjunction with the five-speed automatic transmission. The car’s weight – 1.5 tons.

In Russia, Mazda sales were discontinued in the spring of 2015. In the past year, our market was sold only 195 cars of this model. At the Mazda5 Russian market left the B-Class hatchback Mazda2.

In November 2014, Mazda has decided to abandon the creation of a successor to the RX-8 sports car. According to the head of the concern Masamichi Kogan, model line of the brand, and so very much. The top manager said that the company requires substantial infusion of funds for timely improvements and the creation of new models.

Recall at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens in September 2015, Mazda will show a concept crossover Koeru. The car, most likely, is the prototype of a new model CX-4. The serial version of the crossover will compete with the BMW X4, and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

In addition, the Motor Show Mazda will show a new generation of the CX-9 crossover. According to preliminary data, the model will get a 2.5-liter gasoline turbo engine. Engine power will be around 300 horsepower. This same engine will get a new conceptual hatchback Mazda3 MPS.