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Maserati’s first SUV will appear in January

Maserati's first SUV will appear in January

This was stated by the head of the FCA Group Sergio Marchionne, commenting on the decline in sales of the brand Maserati for the first half of this year. If in Western Europe, sales are growing in the United States and China, demand has declined, as a result, compared to the first half of last year, sales fell 13%, according to.

Marchionne does not consider such critical and confident that with the start of production of the SUV Maserati Levante company will reach the planned figures of 50 000 cars sold annually. According to Marchionne, namely the lack of off-road vehicle in the model range, it has a negative impact on sales of Maserati, which does not yet have a balanced lineup. However, the wait is long – at Fiat’s Mirafiori factory already being carried out commissioning and the first off-road vehicles will go off the assembly line in January and February 2016.

The first Maserati SUV built on the platform of a sedan and from Ghibli also borrow some units and components, including engines: a three-liter, six-cylinder, twin-turbo gasoline engine with 410 hp, 3.8-liter, 530-strong “eight” and the three-liter 275-strong turbodiesel. Outside Maserati Levante inherited from the concept car Maserati Kubang, shown in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, however, the serial SUV gets a slightly modified front and back.

The price for obvious reasons, nobody can not be called but, judging from the preliminary information, it is unlikely the car will cost less than 100 000 euros. This means that the Maserati Levante will be a direct competitor to Porsche Cayenne SUV and upcoming Jaguar F-Pace and Bentley Bentayga. So in the next couple of years in this segment breaks out serious struggle, because the market will come three new and very strong players.

Although Sergio Marchionne this showdown no particular interest – for it is much more important indicator Maserati is a way to the coveted milestone of fifty annual sales. Which, in the words of the same Marchionne, will make the existence of the brand Maserati «justified and have prospects».


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