• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Lexus RC will receive 2-liter turbo engine

Lexus RC will receive 2-liter turbo engine

The Japanese official said the company atmospheric and hybrid Lexus RC350 RC300h soon make 2-liter turbo engine. The car will be called Lexus RC200t. Power of the “quartet” will be 241 liters. from. For comparison, atmospheric V6 develops 317 l. from. The top version of the Lexus RC F is driven by a 5-liter V8 c impact 477 liters. a.

The new 2-liter turbo engine is not so new. He has already been set on the compact crossover Lexus NX. Link “turbochetverki” reaches 350 Nm. As a transmission for Lexus RC200t perform 8-band “machine”. The new modification will be the most accessible and most economical (not counting hybrid).

Lexus RC is a direct competitor of the coupe, like the BMW 4-Series, Audi A5 and Mercedes C-Class Coupe. In Russia, the price of RC starts from 75 thousand dollars. The hybrid version of the Customs Union is not supplied. The fate of the 2-liter modification is not yet known.


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