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Jaguar F-Pace experienced extreme temperatures

Jaguar F-Pace experienced extreme temperatures

Jaguar has experienced its first crossover F-Pace under estremalnyh temperatures. For this model was brought to a special landfill in Sweden. It made the car rides on high-speed track, and off-road and mountain roads. The average temperature during the test ranged from -15 to -40 degrees. The company stressed that conditions were ideal for testing wheel-drive system, soobvschet Autocar.

In addition, several prototypes of crossover was sent to the UAE. There’s a car tested in extreme heat. During the tests, the temperature reached 70 degrees. Jaguar representative noted that the tests were carried out in the desert specifically to test the touch screen infotainment system and climate control system.

Earlier brought Jaguar its first crossover on the Tour de France, which acted as a novelty Car Support team Team Sky. Judging by the pictures, the five-seater crossover design in the style of a concept car C-X17. F-Pace received the LED headlamps, rectangular grille, large air intakes and a rear spoiler.

Jaguar F-Pace experienced extreme temperatures

The range of motor trends, according to preliminary information, enter a few four-cylinder engines. For a more powerful versions provide units V6 and V8. One of them will be the 3.0-liter powerplant. Engine power will be 340 hp and 450 Nm of torque. In the future, it may be a version with an electric motor.

The car is built on a platform of IQ [Al]. Crossover will produce at the factory in Solihull (UK). Earlier it was reported that the company will create by 2016 about 1.6 thousand. Additional jobs.

The world debut of new items will be held at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015. The company said that the new product will be different “thrilling performance, intuitive technology and practicality.” Sales of crossover will start in 2016.