• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

In the US, there is another manufacturer of electric cars

In the US, there is another manufacturer of electric cars

The new US company Faraday Future, whose headquarters is located in the former building of the Nissan Research Center in California’s Garden, plans to launch its first model in 2017. The firm released a teaser of the car. Reported by Motor Trend.

The novelty will receive a modular design, electric power plant and a set of batteries with a capacity of about 98 kilowatt-hours (for comparison, the top-end “Tesla” – 85 kilowatt-hours). Other details of the future model the company did not disclose. We only know that it will be assembled in the US, but some of the components for it to be supplied from other countries.
Render future production site Faraday Future

The company does not intend to rest on one model and expect to gradually expand the line.

In the US, there is another manufacturer of electric cars

At the moment, Faraday Future employs 200 people, while the company continues to hire on a weekly basis for about 10 employees. By 2016 th state, it is expected to reach 300 people.
Chief designer Faraday Future will be Richard Kim, previously created concepts BMW i3 and i8. The Division will be headed by a former employee of batteries SpaceX (as the “Tesla” belongs to Elon Musk) Porter Harris, and for power plants will meet Silva Hiti who developed units for the hybrid Chevrolet Volt. Interior and exterior design and former employees will be engaged in BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Land Rover.

The company now employs a large number of former employees of the “Tesla”, including specialists departments HR, marketing and procurement. In addition, the chief engineer of the future model is Nick Sampson, who was responsible for the Tesla Model S sedan and its chassis.

Other information about the new company yet.