• Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

In the United States learn to stop the car by SMS

In the United States learn to stop the car by SMS

A team of US scientists from the University of California at San Diego has found a new way to break the onboard electronics of vehicles. Experts have learned to control some functions of machines by sending SMS-messages. This was reported by Wired.

The experts found that the remote control cars can be through a special sensor that is connected to the diagnostic port of the vehicle. Such devices are used, for example, transport and insurance companies to obtain information on the location, speed and fuel efficiency of cars.

Researchers University of California found a way to send a special text message on the sensor, which can affect the performance of some systems both passenger and freight vehicles. In particular, the experts were able to activate the wiper, and make the brakes work or vice versa completely disable them.

demonstration of the possibilities of remote control car experts held on the previous generation Chevrolet Corvette. The researchers noted that they found a way to break can be spread not only on the brakes and wipers, but also on the door locks, steering and transmission.

In July, hackers in the US showed a low level of protection against cyber-attacks SUV Jeep Cherokee . Experts have found weaknesses in the multimedia system Uconnect, having the function of access to the Internet and remotely control the audio system could, wipers, steering and brakes.