• Today is: Friday, May 26, 2017

In Denmark, to build a city where cars are banned

In Denmark, to build a city where cars are banned

Danish authorities are considering the construction of completely new town the point where it will be forbidden the movement of private cars. According to the online edition of The Local, the city will be named Nye (in Danish – “New”) and will be located near Aarhus.

It is planned that the new city will live about 15 thousand people. However, Belarusians are unlikely to want to be among them, because there will not be allowed to use the car. According to the project in Nye the latest technology will be combined with the comfort of living in the country where there is no exhaust noise from cars and other problems that we have in addition to the convenience of personal transportation.

The city will prevail ” socially active atmosphere “, assured the creators of the project. Arhus new location will connect the tram. The whole city will cover the cycle paths, pedestrian zones, parks, and tramway. Is expected to be located near Nye special area for parking cars to visiting people could somewhere to leave their vehicles. They promise that the city of the future will receive its first residents in five years.

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