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Hybrid Porsche in Siberia - Car Boom
  • Today is: Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hybrid Porsche in Siberia

Hybrid Porsche in Siberia

The two advanced hybrid Porsche. One harsh region of Russia. German premium overpower you walk many kilometers outside your comfort zone?

Black and green in the Panamera and Cayenne pasting huddled in the parking lot, shimmering red lights and motors in the manner of a tambourine grandmothers at the door. Thick cables stretched from them, lost the window of the third floor. At the moment, it is unclear who acts as a charger.

The massive rural hotel glows and hums. In the valley between the hills, he – the only source of light, heat and fried fish for kilometers neighborhood. And today we need him to charge a little Porsche.

We have a diesel Cayenne, a couple of gasoline-electric Cayenne S e-hybrid and the same in terms of the power circuit Panamera S e-hybrid – the first premium plug-in hybrid. And, except for the first (diesel), the rest to local places – a rarity, bordering unique.

Cross the whole of Siberia – task for any car. And as for the four grand-tourer for six million with charging from the mains – even more so. But such is the task. Why is that? Well, in this region too, like Porsche. However, more in big cities. In Krasnoyarsk, the official dealer Novosibe easily sell you a brilliant yellow-911 Service Sport Chrono. That’s just for us the big cities – that the check-points on the map: the start and finish. The deeper into Siberia, the better. How accurate you need to be lucky and to vouch for the safety of the hybrid premium in these parts?!

According to instagramu my colleagues, the first group of very lucky with the texture . Millions of landscape photos taken during the first part of the large trans-Siberian tour: Baikal ice, hydroelectric, sunsets in the snowy haze. Laikov not save enough. On the eve of some of the guys advised to get up early to get a key from the Panamera. “Crazy, two thousand kilometers on an almost 911-meters with four doors?”

Hybrid Porsche in Siberia

Lovely picture! Bulge dark hood merge with asphalt, quality slightly distinguishable from Europe. We Porsche decorously escapes from civilization, making stocked per night electricity kilometers silent electric drive. In the E-power can drive a couple of deserted villages in absolute silence, as 70 kilowatts and “electric” maximum speed of 135 km / h is enough to make a few quick overtaking. After all sit for vans, maintaining the bombing of gravel under the wheels, will be only the one who spit on the windshield.

The system recalls, when the battery power is close to zero. And with the precision docking modules of the ISS into the act 333 gasoline horse. No jerks, no poking – mode change powerplant delicate as much as possible. Hybrid, isolated from the noise and the Panamera pampers its refinement of corrupting.

Frankly, I was expecting something heavy, pereuslozhnennogo and, if it is fair, not polished to a shine. Waited lesson plug-in-physics unchanged, “Well, something like that, we will go tomorrow” at the end. And got …

Panamera e-hybrid can be considered perfectly tuned instrument. Taken as a basis in excellent condition, she received wire kilometers, kilograms of lithium-ion batteries and cleverly shuffled gasoline-electric propulsion, from what has become even better. And no, it’s not a toy, despite charging module, abundance of green, and the opportunity for some time to go pure electric.

Four-wheel drive Cayenne after Panamera – male dialogue after maternal care. Robustness and credibility here anymore. And on the icy highway with shiny black crust anything else I do not need. In the side mirror I see how bustling diode lights “Panamera”, try the ice on the S-shaped bend. Switch from E-charge (forced battery charging on the go) in Sport, pressed the gas – and the Cayenne with a growl a la “tiger through a pad of” staples-lit slippery substance. And gives the tear to the horizon, and even empty the first time as a peasant dining table.

The landscape in the vicinity of Abakan – a Siberia, which erased from the face of all the tabs. Even the trees. Somewhere in the steppes of the left peripheral vision of 140 km / h I catch a lonely rock. A little later – another. In the afternoon I was standing on top of a very tall power plant – and it would be like to fly and hover. And in a few hours the height of greatness replace the rule width. This area remains the same!

In the evening, again (and by chance) by bringing things in the Panamera, we get to the play of darkness and the storm. Fog lights coming ahead of Cayenne almost drowning in snow flying everywhere. A gust of wind 3D-sheet white blizzard bent in all directions and scary zmeitsya on asphalt. As if trying to break through the endless translucent tulle. Farewell Gift from Siberia, if you please.

A little more, and I lost sight of the unique landmark. Suddenly, two dim red flashlight shy right – and shoots me a white glow. Fura! Porsche helpfully switched to melee. All this time we drove on an opposite? As we all understand where to go ?! And what would have happened if there had been holes in the road?

But there were no holes. As there was them and for much of the route to Novosibirsk. If not for the rush that was causing the wheel to carry out the whole day, from morning to fatigue, I would call Siberia perfect sanctuary for such specific things as Panamera e-hybrid.

Cayenne? It is well done, but his achievements seem to be something taken for granted. Both cars have shown themselves perfectly. Here are just a sense of overcoming obstacles there, and it is eating little. In fact, I only worked Drover that delivered excellent in terms of buzz machine from one end to the other in Siberia. Although anyone who’s delivered – the question at least debatable.