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How to assemble Geely GC9. Report from the factory

How to assemble Geely GC9. Report from the factory

Going far away for a short test drive Geely GC9 , we could not take the opportunity to look at the plant, where the fastback produce. Especially that the company in the Chinese Chunsyao that in the suburbs of Ningbo, today is the newest and most modern of all the plants Geely.

Strictly speaking, plant Chunsyao built specifically for the production GC9. Later there will be collected and a new crossover HL3, but there is a “one-man show.” Moreover, it is working far below capacity – only 2,000 cars off the assembly line at a potential of 200,000 per month in the year. Some departments have not all packaging removed from the machine, but it is a natural process, since the plant a few months. Even the smell of paint after the construction has not yet been eroded.

As often happens, take pictures inside the plant is prohibited, so anything that we can show you – a few pictures provided by the press service of Geely. But we have something to tell you. And the first thing I would like to draw attention – a high level of automation. Cheap labor for Geely (the brand, which in 2018 plans to begin the conquest of the European market) is no longer in vogue. The Chinese have spent 4.5 billion yuan (about 750 million US dollars) including leading hardware manufacturers – Japanese Ogihara, Spanish Matrici, Italian COMAU, as well as Bosch, BASF, ABB and others.

How to assemble Geely GC9. Report from the factory

But this does not mean that people in the shops in the afternoon with fire not find. They, of course, is there, but mainly for the control and performance of a slight amount of work that is done by hand. At the same time almost every shop has a training area with desks, posters, computers, and demonstration models of components and assemblies. In other words, the skills of its employees in baked Geely, which cannot but rejoice.

Geely GC9 production cycle starts with an automated punching. She engaged three 7-axle, four 6-axle robot and the press machine with a sealed system eliminates dust in the work area. Then it’s up to the welding work, and here, too, almost all replies appliances. Moreover, it also monitors the quality of welding the main points (a total of more than 5500), or directly on the line, or on a separate stand with a laser, and then the body is sent to the paint shop. But before the metal will gain trademark color, the body is purified, glued welds and deposited by electrophoresis protective anti-corrosion coating. The materials used for the treatment and painting GC9, by Nippon and BASF.

In the assembly shop, in contrast to the previous, far more manual labor, though here without manipulators and robots could not have done. In general, in the assembly areas has 108 main and 67 additional areas where the bolts are tightened, routed wiring, set the details of the interior and so on. At the end of the assembly line installed exhaust gas absorption device, providing clean air at the first start of the engine. Moreover, it is not the only aspect of the health care personnel and the environment. At the plant operates a wastewater treatment system capable of transmitting up to 30 tons of water daily, and two distribution stations monitored to ensure that electricity and water are used rationally.

How to assemble Geely GC9. Report from the factory

And, of course, at the plant in Chunsyao a separate line on which cars are ready all the necessary checks. They say that everyone is doing on German technology, but did not disclose details.

The plant, which we had just walked – one of the ten that Geely has in China. Moreover, three of them are located in Ningbo, which is very convenient, because in a radius of 300 kilometers is made of 90% required for the production of components, including engines and transmissions. And all this in close proximity to rail, highways, airports, seaports and gas and oil deposits.

A rational approach is impressive, but stop the Chinese are not going to. For 2017 it is planned to open another plant, which will collect the first truly joint development Geely and Volvo. Her conceptual version already shown at the Shanghai Auto Show last. The case for small – to bring to mind the model, build a factory, to start production and to invite us to see how it works.

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